13 year old girl raped on Tooting Common. Please warn friends and family.

Last Updated on : 16th November 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

I normally write these emails on a Friday evening when the rest of the house has gone to sleep.

The terrible events that unfolded in Paris were so upsetting that I, like everyone else I know, could do very little other than watch in horror and hope that the casualty figures quoted in the media were wrong.

Later on Saturday, when I tried to restart this email, one of our regular users then posted the dreadful news that a thirteen year old girl had been raped on Tooting Common and a link to a request from the police for more information (click here).

I can’t imagine what any of our users, who might be affected by either of these events, might be going through and I won’t attempt to do so in writing here.

However as far as the awful local incident is concerned can I please ask you to warn any friends and family to be extra careful and then perhaps we can reduce the chance of a recurrence? For our French friends, if there is anything NappyValleyNet can do to help publicise or promote any initiatives or events in support, then please do not hesitate to ask.

It goes without saying that our thoughts are with all of the victims, their families and their friends.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

2In light of events in Paris, MPS Battersea has posted a policing update (click here). We have also been in contact with local officers regarding the Tooting Common incident and MPS Battersea were ready to post but couldn’t add any more to the publicly available information already on the site (click here). Thank you to everyone for keeping our community updated.

Turning to your other posts, HaH is looking for a hairdresser for a housebound pensioner (click here).

NVN’er Sarah visited a new Italian restaurant on Lavender Hill and would like to recommend it to us all (click here). Thanks Sarah and if it’s that good, perhaps our new roving food reporter Rob should pay them a visit? (click here).

Sticking with openings, there is a new nursery on St John’s Hill and their opening party is on the 28th of November. Not so much bruschetta and truffle oil but if face painting, cooking lessons and a free lucky dip are more your bag then do check them out! (click here).

*Still* sticking with openings there is a new “children’s creative shop” opening on St John’s Hill (yes you read that right!). If truffle oil and daycare are not your thing but craft events, book launches and readings are on your Christmas list then pay them a visit! (click here).

2Canuck wonders if you can recommend a local nappy laundry service? (click here)

On a cleaning theme, J. wonders how you can remove poo from a carpet? (click here)

FOUR TAX QUESTIONS. We don’t usually have one and then four on the trot! So…T&R has a query on the tax implications of a property sale? (click here)MM wonders if you cansuggest an accountant for a tax return? (click here) KAH has a query about Gift Aid and tax for a small nursery (click here)  and FT is looking for a property tax expert? (click here).

Mertony wonders if you know anyone who can help with an Access Database? (click here)

Sticking with tech, ST asks if you can recommend which tablet is most suitable for children? iPad and Kindle, not medicinal! (click here)

THREE lost and found posts: first off the WSJ found a toy Red Arrow on Clapham Common (click here), MM lost a blue and white cashmere hat around Taybridge Road (click here) lastly Julian Tennis Coach FOUND a bunny wearing a dress by Clapham Tennis Courts (click here). If it’s yours please do let him know. I’ve no idea why I find that funny but I do!

2TWO nightlife posts: P21 wonders which bar/restaurant around CJ would be best to meet a girlfriend? Ideally they’re looking for somewhere to sit (click here), and WM would love your sushi restaurant suggestions for date night with her husband! (click here).

MM is struggling with managing homework as a working mum, how do you do it, she asks? (click here)

Pod won an NVN competition and the prize was Sammy Duder. Well not actually Sammy but a trip to her emporium! Pod loved it and loved Sammy. We all do! (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? Our good friends at Paint the Town Green have a vacancy for a brand development manager. They are LOVELY people and their paint is ace! (click here) and we have a tons more vacancies if you are looking for a change! (click here).

Can you help with a family friendly New Year’s Eve suggestions? (click here)

Pixie would love you recommendations for a flyer designer. That’s someone to design flyers and brochures. Not a creative Peter Pan! (click here).

Cupcakemum wonders if you’ve been to the Toothbeary dental practice? I’m guessing that’s a child friendly place! (click here)

2Our great friends at Tin Pan Annie have posted details of their Christmas show on the 19th of December. It’s in SW4 and with a ton of festive sing-a-longs from Frosty to Rudolph it’ll be brilliant! (click here)

Sticking with festive events, The White Christmas Fair is on the 28th of November!  It’s going to be a fabby Christmas shopping event including Webbs Road, Northcote Road and the big Christmas light “switching on” is the night before. We will SO see you there! (click here).

The Gorgeous Garden Company have posted five tips to help you prepare for the winter. They had me at scarifying! (click here)

We have more travel questions than Battersea Dog’s Home has dogs!

SGM is taking her little one to Iceland (the country not the store) on holiday and wonders if you can share any advice on what her five month old should wear? (click here) CACmight be off to Sydney for a few years and has a ton of questions about transferring in and out of the school system? (click here). SP is going to Thailand with her children in a couple of weeks and has questions about using DEET? (click here) Greyingmum would love to rent somewhere for up to ten people for a couple of days between Xmas and New Year around Norfolk/Suffolk? Know of anywhere? (click here).  MM wonders if Mexico with children is a good bet for Xmas? (click here). Meriski have a stunning chalet available over Christmas in Meribel! Can I have it??? (click here).

We have more schools posts than Battersea Cat’s Home has cats!

BM wonders if you can share your opinion on the Eveline Day School? (click here) LGC would love any feedback on Merlin House or Lion House? (click here)LivieB asks the samebut about the Ecole Du Battersea (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than the north has rain!

Mummy23 wonders if you’d recommend a Roundhouse kitchen? (click here), a number of you have great advice as to what can be burnt in your fireplace. Thanks all! (click here). Nightingale had a question about subsidence and how one can minimise the affect on your buildings insurance. I think we have an answer! (click here) LM wonders if a loft height of 190cm after a loft conversion is OK? Hmmm, maybe for an Ooompa Loompa but not sure about everyone else! (click here). Steffie asks if it is usual for a builder to charge extra for a recess? (click here). BB needs someone with great experience of Apple Photos (click here). MoB would like to change a kitchen worktop – is there an easy way to do it, she wonders? (click here)

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a girls Hackett polo shirt (click here) East Coast wooden high chair (click here) and WANTED a White Company sleigh cotbed (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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