Bomb threat evacuates Wandsworth school. One Direction star to buy £20 million Nappy Valley home? 2017 local school registration list already closed. Ken Hom Chinese New Year event

Last Updated on : 1st February 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And if I’ve timed it correctly, those will be her new shoes.”

Every now and again Mr NappyValleyNet likes to interfere with the running of the house.

His motivations are not unkind, he just labours under the misapprehension that his ideas might make a positive difference.

This week his “I’ve got an MBA let me help you with organisation” pompous attitude reared it’s head again whilst my youngest was complaining about her ill-fitting school shoes.

Admittedly I probably should have bought a new pair by now but I’d been too busy and in my defence was sure they’d last until half term.

So my husband promptly ordered a pair online to prove how easy it was and the next morning, as the DPD driver roared off into the distance, he made an exaggerated show of dropping the old pair into the dustbin ready for the binmen.

Then my daughter made me feel like a million dollars.

“They’re the wrong colour.”

I’m not religious but every now and then I think there has to be someone looking out for me. I’m not sure what I enjoyed most. His utterly futile attempts to persuade my daughter that she could wear brown shoes instead of the regulation black or his picking potato peelings out of the old pair when he realised it was an argument he’d never win.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

A number of London schools were evacuated last week due to bomb threats, an award winning Wandsworth secondary was one of those affected (click here).

On that note, JB wonders what security plans our local schools might have in place? (click here)

Balham High Road was closed on Saturday afternoon due to a “hit and run”involving a van. Our thoughts go out to those involved and we’ve asked Battersea Police if we can help find witnesses (click here).

In happier news, a VERY famous global celebrity might be moving to Nappy Valley. I wonder if his house will have a carriage drive as there might be more than ONE DIRECTION from which he might approach it? See what I did there! (click here).

Our great friends at the Baby Care Company have just announced more of their fabby courses. If you’re preparing for the arrival of your second child please do check them out. (click here).

You know Lords of London who have that lovely shop on Northcote Road? They’re only hosting an event to celebrate Chinese New Year featuring Ken Hom. I wonder if he knows more than ONE DIRECTION to stir a wok (OK, OK, I’ll stop now!). (click here)

OM needs a tooth implant. Can you suggest a demon driller who doesn’t cost the earth, she asks? (click here)

B3 has been priced out of the private rental market in Wandsworth/Lambeth, do you know anyone who has managed to move into council properties from this situation, she asks? (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than the National Lottery has bogus claims!

Broomwood Hall is looking for a P/T school secretary (click here) the lovely Jonathan from Hamptons on Northcote Road is searching for an office manager/P.A. (click here). A charity is SW11 is on the hunt for a service manager (click here) Wimbledon Hill Pre-School is recruiting very special teaching assistants (click here) The GaGa Theatre Company needs a sponsorship manager (click here) Little Red Hen would love a P/T adminstrator (click here) and a local start-up called LifeShifter is looking for online recruiters (click here)Still looking? We have TONS of other positions from property PA’s, P/T accountants and even mandarin teachers! (click here)

Now this is a lovely idea, the BabyList company have pulled together a whole heap of babylists. For example, what to pack for the maternity ward. Great idea and good luck! (click here)

EC is an accredited French teacher so if you need some tres bon lessons, do let her know! (click here) SF is looking for a parking garage BTC? (click here)

MJEL has heard that some churches may offer free childcare to members. Has anyone else heard this, she asks? (click here)

Another stack of nursery posts! First off, KM would love your advice on theAnglo/Spanish nursery as she is considering it for her youngest (click here). The Fruity tree nursery in Balham has an open day (click here) YM2 tells us about new POP-UP nursery sessions in Wimbledon Park (click here)Lastly, CL asks if you can suggest any nurseries in Southfields? (click here)

We have more school questions than Google has tax problems! 

Emanuel has ALREADY closed it’s registration for 2017 entry. We’ve uploaded their latest inspection report which was released last week and it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular (click here) WNYV asks which she should choose, Alderbook or Fircroft? (click here). Catman us moving to Balham/Tooting/Streatham and asks which state schools they should consider? (click here) Lastly, WMS has linked to a Guardian article, is it time to end the favours shown to independent schools? (click here).

I asked the wonderful Forkfull Foods to cater for a friend’s “landmark” birthday and they were brilliant. They’ve just released a February Canape offer and I SO recommed you take a look if you’re planning on entertaining (Disclosure: we paid in full) (click here)

We have more travel posts than the Kardashians have “selfies”

AB asks if Scotland is good for skiing and deep fried Mars bars? OK, I made up ONE of those questions! (click here) MM is pondering “Cuba or Jamaica? I’m so jealous! (click here).  SMills1234 brings the subject back to Scotland – any suggestions for accomodation she asks? (click here) G. is hoping hotel recommendations in Florida for Disney World (click here). Take me, that’s an idea! SS is off to Japan with a four year old and would ALSO love your hotel suggestions for Tokoyo and beyond! (click here)

On the subject of holidays, I recently visited one of Val D’Isere’s top chalets as a guest of Scott Dunn. If I win the lottery I am SO buying this! (click here)

There must be something in the air! We’ve NEVER had so many “House and Garden” questions…

Astolat’s fence has blown down, know someone who can build a REALLY strong one? (click here) Schrumpy’s had a shower disaster which probably needs a tiler. Suggestions? (click here). LC needs an interior designer (click here). Jen is really quite cross with workmen who do “no shows”. Agreed! (click here). D. is looking for a conveyancing solicitor (click here). LL really needs an affordable moving company (click here) SS needs an upholstery firm (click here). Finally, LF would love suggestions for grey paint for a west facing sitting room (click here)

Do you remember our recent piece on local female entrepenuers? Well, we’ve just added to it with an interview with the Sadia from Lifestyle Design and Build. From banking to design guru, what a journey! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Stokke Xplory red (click here), Philips Avent electric bottle sterliser (click here)and Mana hi-fi support stands (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the Team

PS the sharp-eyed amongst you will have realised that although we mentioned Grand Design tickets in our latest offers email we didn’t actually link to it. Apologies. The link is here.

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