30 year old Northcote Road shop to close. Excessive settling in period in schools? How to choose a hospital?

Last Updated on : 24th July 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Where are the children?”

We were in Gatwick airport, about to leave on holiday and Mr NVN had been in charge of the little ones whilst I went in search of my duty free fix.

Halfway through an exorbitant post-shop coffee in Wondertree, I realised they were nowhere to be seen.

“Remember when we were in Amsterdam in that boring art museum,” he said “and the kids said they had an ace time because we just played hide and seek?”

Ahhh that would be the Van Gogh museum and yes, I do recall my children running feral between Sunflowers and Potato Eaters.

“Well,” he continued, “we’re playing it now too, cool huh?”

It took me about five seconds to realise what he was saying and then the Wondertree Cafe could accurately be renamed the Shoutytree:


He went white and then spent the next fifty minutes tracking both of them down.

My eldest was skulking around the win-a-sports car so was pretty easy to find, but we had to page my daughter as she was almost invisible in the Superdry changing room.

My holiday bucket list isn’t based on destinations, it’s based on wouldn’t-it-be-nice-to-not-page-the-children-just-once-in-departures.


Here’s the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

After 30 years, one of Northcote Road’s best loved shops is closing. We will miss you Matt and thank you, not only for the retail therapy, but for all the invaluable work you have contributed to the fetes, events and Christmas shopping evenings (read more). 

G73 asks if “anyone else is annoyed at the excessive ‘settling in’ period for reception in primary school penalising the least well off?” Hmm I think this might run and run (read more).

Your concerns about moped muggings don’t seem to have abated. And many of you would feel happier with a more visible police presence (read more). 

This is a great question and I’m mentioning it now as I totally missed it the first time: L05 is pregnant with her first and wonders how you choose a hospital? Congrats and do please let us all know how you get on (read more).

Do you remember MS? She asked for help back in June as she had no anti-natal classes and was due in 12 weeks! (read more). Well she’s just posted an update (thank you) and is now all sorted. Phew and happy we could help!

NYE would love to know how to remove baby vomit from sisal? Any ideas? Please shout if you can help! (read more)

And on to some fashion questions: Capital LS wonders if you know of anywhere that might hire hats? (read more). It’s for a wedding not fancy dress, so the Party Shop in Clapham Junction might not be appropriate! And sticking with weddings, MSWL isgetting married (yay!) but she’s struggling to find the right dress. Do you know if pre-owned might be an option and if so where to look? (read more).

Still sticking with fashion, Amelies Folly are having a sale (read more). Lovely people and stunning bikinis!

London House is getting some great feedback – many of you really love it. I think I might have to pop down myself, once I’ve recovered from my Wondertree experience! (read more).

We love Little Voices and this summer they’re hosting THREE performing arts weeks for boys and girls aged 4 – 13 Years. And it’s still not too late to book! (read more)

FTM would love your advice: where she might continue to train whilst pregnant? (read more). We’ve had some fabby responses, including one from our friends at Jane Wake, thanks all! (read more).

It may be the time of year when a young mums thoughts turn to holidays and beaches but some of you are still planning! Av. would love to go on a one week family friendly holiday in the Caribbean in November 2017 – any ideas of locations/hotels/agents? (read more)

We LOVE Jo Alexander garden furniture and they’re having another pop-up on Northcote Road. It’s on the 5th and 6th of August and definitely worth a look (read more).

SLD was looking for secure bike parking around Balham and got some great feedback – thanks all! (read more)


And onto your school and nursery posts…

UB wonders which are the best nurseries for a Broomwood Hall school run? (read more). Taff asks whether you would choose Shaftesbury Park bilingual or John Burns(read more) Lots of you have commented on the change in the OFSTED rating for Northcote House Nursery (read more).  Apples and Honey, the gorgeous multi-generational nursery on Nightingale Lane have just announced more open days! (read more)


It may be the summer but we have a stack of “Sits Vac.”

A fairly new, local, small family business based in Clapham is looking for a part time admin assistant (read more). FHR are hoping to hire friendly guest managers for a Wandsworth based travel start-up (read more). SW needs an ad hoc person to proof read documents (read more). RRB has a bookkeeping vacancy for a Fulham based firm (read more). Belgravia are seeking a P/T HR & Administrative Assistant for a small group of companies (read more).

Finally, don’t forget it’s totally free to place your nanny/aupair wanted/offer advert here! (read more).


We have more House & Garden queries than the BBC has gender pay inequalities

M2M wonders who might overhaul their sash windows? (read more).  IB is looking for a good buildings insurance provider? (read more). UB needs more shelves – can you recommend a chippie? (read more).  CKW is still looking for benevolent landlords for a great cause, please help if you can! (read more).  SLD has a great question: “what kind of floor do you prefer for a property with babies and toddlers?” (read more).  Ecogreen have posted details of a community solar project – not sure if this is a good idea or a hard sell! (read more). 12345 is looking for a builder for a garden job (read more).  PR is looking for a peaceful room to rent (read more). Secure CH is still looking for a chimney sweep! (read more)


If you want a free copy of our Design and Build Guide don’t forget to email me your address (click here)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

For SalePool alarm – wrist band style (read more).  For Sale: Jojo Maman/Zara/Gap clothing and shoes (read more)  For sale: Beatrix Potter uniform (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week



Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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