Pram containing twins catches fire, High View PTA reply, best chippy in Wandsworth and nannys Christmas party!

Last Updated on : 29th October 2012

Trick or treat!

Halloween is here again so this week the pumpkins will be burning bright outside NappyValleyNet HQ and the plastic skulls filled with sweets.

We”ve had TONS of suggestions for ghoulish things to do, so if you”re still looking don”t forgot to check out our forthcoming activities right here (click here). Amanda”s Action Club, Eddie Catz, Gambado, Sammy Duder, NCT and heaps more of your favourite local friends are planning some pretty big events!

This is what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

The Battersea Flower Station is a new local independent garden centre that is opening very very soon. The founder is an amazing local mum and she is planning to throw open the doors on the 1st of December. Lisa would love to hear from local gardeners, bakers, artists, in fact anyone who might want to contribute or hear about this fabulous new venture. Best of luck, I know it will be wonderful!…click here for details

Mistletoe has posted awful details of a Battersea fire that was started in a pram containing twins. We understand that the children are OK…click here for details

The Mayor of London is planning to close a fire station in London. Claphamama wonders if you will sign a petition? Too right!…click here for details

The reCentre have posted a wonderful testimonial from a reCentre client whom they helped with tummy muscle separation after childbirth. Thanks for posting, it”s always great to hear from happy customers.…click here for details

Flatwhite has a car insurance dilemma. She would like to borrow her father-in-laws car but as a “non-resident” no-one will insure her. Can you suggest someone who might provide cover?…click here for details

After all of your comments (50 of them!) complaining about the state of the Latchmere Leisure Centre, the managers have replied to your concerns…click here for details

Mummynanny has a little one with a poor appetite. Has anyone heard of the Manage Tout classes she asks? Might they help?…click here for details

We LOVE Sammy Duder and they LOVE holding their annual Halloween party. 31st of October and it will be scarryyy!…click here for details

High View School has had a mixed press on NappyValleyNet. The PTA felt so strongly about this that they have written an open letter replying to some of the comments and they have posted it on NappyValleyNet. Thank you…click here for details

Hjm has a little one who won”t sleep in the daytime, can anyone help?…click here for details

This is SO annoying. There are parking cameras outside Sainsbury”s in Earlsfield and they are snapping many of you!…click here for details

A much happier topic. Mummypoppins would like to buy a doll for her daughter for Christmas. Can you recommend one?…click here for details

Now this is a big issue! Something that affects us all. Is M&S party food better than Waitrose asks SJHMummy? I”m not sure we”ll ever know for sure!…click here for details

SW11 has a little one suffering with chicken pox. What can she do to help minimise her itchiness and pain?…click here for details

Frenchmummy would like a short-term rent a flat for Xmas. Her family are visiting and she doesn”t have the room. We borrowed a neighbours house one Christmas and they just felt reassured someone was looking after it. You may find that you don”t have to pay! here for details

Kuki wonders which nightlight you might recommend for a two year old?…click here for details

Suki would like a relationship counsellor who will do home visits in Wandsworth…click here for details

Moxons have opened a chippy. But is it worth visiting? Of course it is, it”s a Moxons chippy!….click here for details

Ebonymummy is an accountant with a dream, will you follow her?…click here for details

ElizaD needed a private GP, I recommended Battersea GP…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Can anyone recommend a house-sitter who likes dogs? asks Trifit?…click here for details

Hattie needs a heating engineer…click here for details

Suki would like recommendations for a new cleaner?…click here for details

Northsidemum has a pretty rubbish experience having the outside of her house painted. She wonders if it is bad workmanship?…click here for details

BL99 needs a firm who can service an intruder alarm?…click here for details

Widger is having the loft converted. Some fabby tips about windows, balconies and wood versus PVC, thanks guys!…click here for details

Turn your papers over, here come the school”s questions!

Twice as nice has posted 3 times asking for any feedback on Beatrix Potter (click here), Swaffield School (click hereand All Farthing (click here)

The new South London Jewish Primary have posted details of their open days with the head “designate”…click here for details

The Shaftesbury Park School have posted again, thanks guys!…click here for details

Mrs Barlow tells us that some of the school open day dates on the Wandsworth Council website are wrong, please check first!…click here for details

AliW is surprising her husband with a 40th birthday trip to Marrakech. Ahhh! “What”s it like for children” she asks?…click here for details

Fancy some culture? “The Good Neighbour” at Battersea Arts Centre gets HappyMama”s vote!…click here for details

HEAPS of nursery questions this week! Allsmiles needs your advice. She cannot get into any  local nurseries and is now wondering if she really needs to move out of London? Drastic steps but she is considering it! (click here) Bright Horizons are opening a new nusery in Wimbledon (click hereThird Door are mentioned lots! They”re opening on Saturdays in the run up to Christmas. Annotk a says how much she loves them AND Supergirl spotted them on Dragon”s Den (click here

Most of us in Nappy Valley are aware of the tragedies that can be the result of Post Natal Depression. The Cedar House Support Group is a national charity that provides support to those suffering from PND. They are starting a weekly support group in 2013.…click here for details

Nannies are getting their own Christmas party! Yeah! If you have a nanny or an au pair, buy them a ticket and pack them off to party! here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling website. For sale this week:- a Range Rover Sport (click here), a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Active (click here) and a bike for a nine year old is WANTED! (click here).

That”s it, have a great week!




Annabel and the Team

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