8 Reasons a summer camp might be right for your family

Last Updated on : 6th May 2016

A look here at why more and more parents are following the American Dream and sending their youngsters away to summer camp.

Active bodies, active minds! Keeping your kids busy and active throughout the summer can only be  a good thing! Climbing mountains, husky rides on glaciers, hiking, biking, singing, dancing and more, there are camps to keep even the most active youngsters occupied!

8 Reasons a summer camp might be right for your family

Learning outside the classroom is now widely accepted as an essential part of any well-rounded education. Your youngsters will blossom in an environment free from familiar adults. No parents, no school teachers – just them against the world. It’s never too soon to consider equipping our young people with tools like strong decision making, negotiation and leadership skills.

8 Reasons a summer camp might be right for your familySocial skills they don’t teach at school
Unless your child is in a boarding school environment they may not have the opportunity to truly manage their own personal affairs day to day.

Youngsters away from home will learn to manage their own resources, from clothing and pocket money, to time and energy. They will forge meaningful relationships with those around them without the usual structure provided by parents, school, regular clubs. Social dining, socialising and sharing all serve to strengthen friendships and shape who we are. A relevant and rewarding cultural exchange at a crucial stage of development will help to improve our understanding of the world around us.

Travelling like never before
Travelling the world has never been so easy, accessible and affordable. Travelling provides powerful real life experiences in dealing with the unexpected, accepting differences, problem solving and resourcefulness. This is all good stuff to get to grips with at an early age.


Tech savvy international youngsters
Todays globally-minded youngsters use technology to connect with their friends in all corners of the globe. An international summer camp offers the opportunity to mingle with like-minded youngsters and to cement friends on all continents. Of course parents too can feel connected by keeping up with their youngsters at camp on social media, image sites, blogs and vlogs.

Skills for lifeCamping22-300x200
In a competitive world, universities and employers are increasingly looking for the co-curricular pursuits that may serve to set a youngster above their peers. Skill and attributes in sports and languages, involvement in schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and other residential projects all add strings to that bow!

Peace of mind for you
Kids being taken care of full time, really full time, for a chunk of the summer will simplify your schedule! Let someone else do the logistics, the meals, the activities and the wrap around care for two weeks or more and allow yourself the space you need to get on with your stuff!

MAD-300x200Language skills
No-one enjoys language learning at school, right? Make it relevant for your youngsters by immersing them in a multicultural environment with friends and co-campers from around the world. Let your child be an ambassador for their country and the same time learn about the lives of others. Language learning the natural way, to facilitate real life situations.

Camp Suisse offers international camp programs from June to August in the safe and serene setting of Torgon in the Swiss Alps. Youngsters from nearly 40 different countries attended in summer 2015. Prices start from £1000 per week with sibling discounts available.



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