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Last Updated on : 31st August 2016

New school, SAME schedule.

HuggingSteadyHeadsIs your child starting school this September? You may have been frantically organising school uniforms, attending open days and lamenting the ‘baby’ days when it seemed like an eternity away that your little one would be starting school * sniff *. 

Depending on the school, you may have had LOTS of information or really rather little and are consequently fretting about how tired your child is going to be come September. You’ve cancelled activities and play dates right, left and centre to encourage your child to RELAX when they come home from school, if that is ever really a possibility!

So, the team at The Little Gym Wandsworth and Fulham would like to help keep you calm and impart some words of wisdom in relation to planning your child’s calendar of activities for September.

We have had approximately 8000 children benefit from our motor-skill and gymnastics development programme since 2003 and have had approximately the same amount of conversations with nervous parents facing the familiar ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ re-enrol my child into their classes in September. Take some advice from us….

Keep as much the same as you can! We have many parents that have been bringing their children to The Little Gym for years since they were 6 months old but once they start school, they stop, in order to not overload the children too much. This is totally understandable and ofcourse for some children, this is absolutely the right thing to do. However for many others, they have been surprised at how much energy the children still have, and are still bouncing off the walls after the school day.

ParachutePhysical activities are particularly good to continue as the children may have been getting used to sitting for longer periods in classrooms, concentrating hard and staying indoors for longer than they are used to. Starting or keeping up a regular sporting activity such as gymnastics will encourage them to burn that physical energy before bedtime, whilst providing a much needed flow of oxygen to the brain for digesting all that new information.

PreKMarchingOffBeamFinally, play it by ear!
Many activities will offer a refund if it doesn’t work out, or another solution that we offer at The Little Gym Wandsworth and Fulham is our ‘Reception refund’ opportunity in the first 4 weeks of term. Enrol your child into classes at the end of the Summer and choose the most suitable class. If your child struggles to settle into the class come the end of September, you can receive a full refund for the remaining classes of the term. We’ve got it all covered!

And finally….good luck for this new stage. Here’s hoping it’s the start of a fulfilling and stress-free academic journey for you all. Hope to see you soon for some ‘Serious Fun’!

To register for classes at The Little Gym Wandsworth & Fulham, call on 0202 8874 6567 and speak to a member of our team.


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