Basement intruder whilst I’m in kitchen? Crossrail2 comes to Balham? Which local GP surgery to star in TV show? Local school wins national architects prize!

Last Updated on : 19th October 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NappyValleyNet is on a health kick at the moment.

My youngest pledged moral support by announcing that she would only eat chocolate whenever he drank a beer.

Which means, because he is on this health kick, that she is eating about one chocolate a fortnight and is, in her words, “not liking the deal one bit.”

As a result she’s taken to monitoring his drinking like a hawk.

With a view to trying to increase it.

Early last Saturday morning we were in the Skylark. The sun was shining, the air was fresh, it was a perfect autumn moment.

This tranquil scene was interrupted by my daughter shrieking across their patio.

“Hey Daddy they’ve got that beer you really like! Shall we get you a few?”


So half the people within earshot probably think I have a husband who “lines them up” on a family morning out and the other half think I have a daughter who has been trained as his personal beer sommelier.

I’ll just wait for social services to come knocking then.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Basement intruderOur autumn meet up is almost here! It’s on the morning of the 4th of November with our lovely friends at the Skylark (no beer sommeliers I promise!) and it’s free…but you have to register so follow the link to secure those rare, complimentary and coveted tickets! (click here).

Muddyboots heard a click from the front door lock and her husband subsequently discovered someone had stolen his saw. From their BASEMENT. She’s “freaking out” at the idea that they had an intruder and wonders if it was an opportune thief or something more sinister?…click here for details

Which local GP surgery is featuring in a Channel Five fly-on-the-wall documentary this week?…click here for details

Oooh, I can imagine this is VERY frustrating! If you accidentally pay a registration fee online for the WRONG nursery (but tell them within a few minutes) should you get a refund? Bean isn’t having much luck!…click here for details

Basement intruderYay it’s almost Christmas! We have two Yuletide posts to mention: firstly, Lemonzest wonders when the Northcote Lights will be switched on? (click here) and SW_1234 is wants to share the love and take her little ones to the Christmas Markets. Any suggestions? here for details

From Northcote Lights to street lights (see what I did there!) Jen 66 wonders if they’re being dimmed?…click here for details

Bonfire night and halloween are almost upon us. Our friends at First Aid for Life have put together some handy hints to help you and your loved ones have memorable evenings for all the right reasons. Thank you! (click here).

Wandsworth Council are asking all of our users to get involved in the Springfield site consultation. Would you rather have a running track or a helicopter pad? Ok, Ok the running track isn’t an option…click here for details

1Crossrail2 might now be coming via Balham and not Tooting. Good idea or a broken promise as far as Tooting residents are concerned? here for details

If we can help with this post I’d be really grateful: Vsparkles has endomitriosis and is not getting pregnant. Have you had a similar experience? Any advice you can share gratefully received?…click here for details
A verdict was announced in the case of the SW London mother who drove her 4×4 at a cyclist and ended up inside a shop…click here for details


We have more FOOD posts than the Welsh rugby team commiserations:

1. Our “Top Ten Places to Eat” has another entry. Thanks all!…click here for details

2. NappyValleyNet’s brand new roving food reporter is amongst you. He’s just reviewed “Dip N Flip” by Clapham Junction (click here).

3. Mum2monkey wants to recommend the Wheatsheaf for their fantastic roast dinner. Consider it done!…click here for details

4. Forkful Foods are a fabby local business and I can personally recommend them because they catered a dinner for me last week. They were ace! Highly, highly recommended…click here for details

W86 has her first appointment coming up with a fertility consultant – what should she expect?…click here for details

KateD asks if you’re struggling through separation or divorce. If so she may be able to here for details

Owenwe is really unhappy with their buildings insurance. They’ve tried to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and their broker is still demanding his commission. And it is a LOT of commission!…click here for details

Cleod has decided to do something about the situation in Syria and has organised a charity dinner for the 8th of November. It’s an amazing cause at an amazing venue and if you want to take part all of the details are after the link (click here).

MyHealthCareClinic are a wonderful private GP service based down at Battersea Reach and they’ve posted a special offer. Their Dr Flor Kent is offering free skin consultations to those who have concerns about acne, scarring, wrinkles and aging (click here).

1THREE TRAVEL posts…Petal would love your advice for a venue for a special family weekend away. TPTP suggested the Cotswolds. Anyone else? (click here), CatintheHathas a Hawaii holiday home to let. Wow! (click here) Lastly, DW realised she needed a visa for Australia. Within 24 hours! Did she make it?…click here for details

Meriski have posted that they’ve had an last minute cancellation for a gorgeous chalet in Meribel so it’s vacant. Over New Year! Wow! I can’t imagine a better place to welcome in 2016! (click here).
Mummyabc would love your recommendations for a GP around St Johns Hill, Allfarthing or East Hill – can you help?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have PA roles, tutor vacancies, sales positions and office manager appointments!…click here for details

We have more schools posts than Princess Kate has hair bangs!

Burntwood School has won the RIBA Stirling prize for it’s new building. It’s the top architecture prize in the UK. Really really well done everyone! (click here).

BB would like to know your thoughts on Alleyns School for a sporty and bright child? Do they offer enough sport as well as the academic curriculum? (click here).

Wandsworth Prep have posted details of their Promoting Positive Behavour for local parents. Thank you!click here for details

Our friends at the Independent Schools Show have posted their take on league tables, school performance and “value-added”. Thank you and don’t forget their show is coming up on the 14th and 15th of November (click here).


Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Mars has water!

SW11 asks if you’ve had Easigrass and you’re happy? (click here), Mummymoo is looking for sawdust for a school lucky dip (click here). iLaria has posted details of herchildren’s murals for bedroom walls, they look lovely! (click here) AB would like to recommend an architect – thanks AB! (click here). A ton of suggestions around who to use for lofts and architects – thanks all! (click here). DJB would love a quote for her sash windows to be restored (click here). SW18 wonders if brick cleaning with acid is damaging and/or effective? (click here) OAB needs an upholsterer (click here) Gingercat2 is about to buy an Edwardian house but the survey suggests a lot of work needs doing to it. Can you recommend a great builder who can unpick the report? (click here) Velux Windows: are they best centre hung or top hung, asks Bexsouth? (click here).


Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a ballet character skirt and shoes (click here) a natural pine cot (click here) and a Phil and Ted double buggy (click here)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!

Annabel and the Team


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