Bed bugs hit SW London. Warning: TV delivery scam. Grief: helping my au pair with loss?

Last Updated on : 16th January 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“When do I get my trust fund?”

We had been enjoying a family breakfast when my eldest dropped this bombshell like it was the most natural question in the world.

My husband, judging by the bright red colour of his face, felt rather differently.

After asking “what trust fund?” (he was almost squeaking by the question mark) he proceeded to give her a long lecture about entitlement and making her own way in life.

As opposed to taking this on board my daughter retorted with an even longer speech about the how “promises should be kept” and “all grown-ups were fibbers”.

Ahhh, she’ll be referring to the government’s Child Trust Fund then.

The one which all children, born up until 2011, were given free-of-charge and not Mr NVN’s “Made in Chelsea-esque” misunderstanding of a free-ride-for-life.

Although next time she misbehaves in Waitrose, I’ll loudly threaten to cut off her trust fund, just so I can watch the reactions of my fellow pesto purchasers.


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Bloomers would love to recruit an au pair from outside the EU – is that legal she asks? Ooooh I can feel a Faragey/BREXITY discussion rearing its gurny head! (read more)

Just before Christmas we mentioned the lovely Blackbird on Webbs Road and now they’re hosting an epic sale (read more). Check them out if you would love up to 60% off their beautiful designer jewellery, homewares and gifts.

G73 would like you to object to a “heinous” development in Wandsworth Town”. It’s “dense and high rise” which I know is a genuine concern but only seems to remind me of Mr NVN! On a serious note, please do check out his post. (read more)

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How are those New Year resolutions going? If fitness and exercise are on the list then do check out Northcote Road’s HydroFit special offer. Quote NappyValleyNet and there is 20% off (read more).

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VH wonders if you only pay a mortgage broker a fee if they’re successful? (read more)

weekly1-copyOn the subject of saving lives: a brand new post natal depression support group has been set up covering the Balham and Battersea areas. It has a complimentary creche and I know the Cedar House people do incredible work. Please please do get in touch with them if you think you need their help (read more).

Lambeth Council has responded to the petition for better playground facilities on Clapham Common (read more).

We LOVE Nappy Valley Nannies, we’ve known the founders Amanda and Diana for a very long time. They’re currently offering a placement fee discount for anyone who mentions NappyValleyNet (read more).

Our friends at the Parent Practice are running another of their popular Core Parenting Skills Course but in the City. Perfect location if you’re struggling to get back to SW London in time (read more).


I can tell it’s January as you all have a heap to travel questions!

KC is off to Canada skiing with a toddler and would love some advice (read more). SL would love your recommendations for an Easter beach holiday with young children (read more). DHC asks the same but for the Lake District, and without the beach bit obvs.! (read more). SP wonders where she might stay in West Wittering? (read more). Lastly, GC is hoping to find a hotel near London for a family gathering (read more).


We have more reviews than Southern has strikes!

Our resident foodie Rob visited The Ivy “up West”. Dining with the stars? Was it worth the trip the Northern line? (read more) Basement planning laws have been in a state of flux with local authorities threatening a crack-down on the iceberg “big digs”. Georgie Blaskey has been finding out what this really means for the Nappy Valley resident (read more) Sticking with design and build, our friends at Landmark have outlined how to make your loft more child friendly, thank you! (read more)

Don’t forget to check out all the local open mornings (read more) and if you’d like a print copy of our Schools Guide just send me your postal address.


Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than London has snow. Well maybe more.

Those lovely people at the reCentre are recruiting a receptionist (read more)Trinity Fields (yes – the big space opposite Indian Ocean) need a P/T office/admin. person (read more) Puddle Ducks are hoping to hire a swimming teacher (read more). A Fintech F/X firm are filling a graduate position (read more). A Clapham North investment research firm need to recruit a compliance officer (read more). Darbymade need Japanese speakers (read more). Lastly, we have a stack of nanny and au pair vacancies! (read more).


We have more “House and Garden” questions than turkeys wishing they were something else!

The New England Shutter Company have posted details of their special winter offer: 35% off their White Collection shutters (read more).  Pod would love your recommendations for a firm to measure up, make and fit blinds and curtains (read more)SK is looking for a firm to supply and fit a splashbacks (read more). Shopper needs a grouter to make good the tiles in her bathroom (read more). M has an ace carpenter she wants to recommend (read more). Kayleigh would like torent a flat directly from a landlord (read more)! Lastly, GP asks if anyone has experience of converting a side return in a ground floor flat? (read more)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a huge selection from Broke Blond’s house declutter! (read more). Sask is selling maternity jeans from Seraphine (read more) and AGL a Lindam baby gate (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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