Boy chased by gang outside Chestnut Grove? What to do about “bitey” dog? Which Christmas grotto? How to cope with bullying in the workplace?

Last Updated on : 23rd November 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

When my eldest was in nursery Mr NVN was asked if he’d be Father Christmas for their last day of term.

Whilst he believes his selection was based on him possessing some innate “Christmassy” quality, I’m more of the mind that this was a girth based recruitment decision.

Either way, the end result is he’s now been thoroughly typecast and after years of school and nursery appearances he has, in his own words, just hit the “big league” with an appointment for a forthcoming Christmas shopping event.

I’m sort-of sworn to secrecy as to the location but he’s taking his promotion seriously with trips to West End costumiers and even late night studies as to how the “greats” work their grotto in terms of elf logistics, props and patter.

Whilst not quite yet in the “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeMille” zone of luvviedom, I am gently concerned that he’s taking this all to seriously. So if you feel that the Santa in the Northcote Road grotto (whoops, was it a secret?) is getting a little too big for his fur lined boots, don’t be afraid to pull his beard and tell him you knew him when he was still working the nursery circuit!

You can find details of the event here.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Boy chased by gang outside Chestnut GroveMM witnessed a dreadful incident last week, a young lad being chased by a gang out of Chestnut Grove school (click here).

In light of events in Paris, Max1966 wonders if he should continue with a planned family holiday to Euro Disney? (click here).

Your discussions about the Crossrail2 shafts show no sign of abating. Looks like the Heathfield Garden Centre would suffer if the Tooting option went ahead. There is a consultation meeting on the 23rd November at 6.30 in the Civic Suite Wandsworth Town Hall for those who feel very strongly about any potential side-effects. (click here).

In happier news, two NVN’ers asked where to visit Santa? Well obviously the Northcote Road grotto later this week but as the BBC would say, “other Santas are available” and I’ve merged a couple of these posts together. I hope you love the suggestions from NVN’ers in the “snow”! (Geddit!) (click here).

Boy chased by gang outside Chestnut GroveWe have THREE Christmas gift guide posts. The first two from small independent retailers. Lo+Behold is actually owned by an NVN’er and they’ve published some gorgeous Christmas gift ideas, thanks L&B! (click here)The Present Locker were introduced to us by Nigel Turner, the fabby local fish artist (yes really!). They’ve written up a ton of great gift ideas based for both boys and girls based on ages and I want it all! (click here).

With time running out before the big day we’ve reviewed a heap of food and wine boxes to help save you time, money and inches off your waistline. From Bordeaux Undiscovered’s wine to Field & Flower’s meat and FedByNeds children’s meals, plus a tummy full of other suppliers, I hope we can help take some of the stress away this Christmas (click here).

With all of these Christmas events coming up you’ll need a babysitter. LikeMinders can help and we’ve known them for years, they’re brilliant! (click here).

Sticking with happy news, don’t forget that there is a new nursery on St John’s Hill and their opening party is on the 28th of November (click here).

1M3 is worried she’s suffering from PND. Her youngest is only a few months old and she’s suddenly started to experience severe panic attacks. Can you help? Do you recognise the symptoms? I REALLY hope we can be of assistance. (click here).

LWG is concerned about bullying in the workplace. She’s not the victim but a colleague certainly is. How can she help? (click here)

CC is off to Australia for two years and would love advice about swapping children in and out of the different school systems. G’Day! Ok, Ok I know that’s a cheap joke that is old and unimaginative so lets see if we can help! And if not we could throw a sausage on the barbie! I promise that’s the last immature comment (click here)

Pie81 is looking for theatre performances that a three year old might love. Any ideas? Don’t go to the “Woman in Black”, I couldn’t sleep for a week! (click here). Keeping the thespian theme, SM1 would love your ideas for a pub to visit after the Wimbledon panto? Oh yes she is! Actually I was tempted to just shout at the screen “THE PUB IS BEHIND YOU!” but that might look a bit weird (click here).

THREE health posts: VS would love your opinions on HRT. She’s seriously thinking of taking the plunge (click here), FT wonders where she might receive a menningitis jab? (click here) Lastly NN would love to hear from you if you’ve had post-viral syndrome, she has two young children and hopes there is light at the end of the tunnel (click here).

5MM is looking for day spa recommendations. Take me, take me, that’s my recommendation! (click here)

BM’s husband is getting fed up with a bitey dog and is threatening to kick it. Errr, I’d suggest looking for a more neighbourly solution (click here)

TWO nightlife posts: P21 wonders which bar/restaurant around CJ would be best to meet a girlfriend? Ideally they’re looking for somewhere to sit (click here), and WM would love your sushi restaurant suggestions for date night with her husband! (click here).

LW has booked a tour of the BBC as a treat. I never knew you could do that and she would love to know if you’ve been before? (click here)

ES has a friend who has just been through a totally horrid divorce and she thinks she’d benefit from counseling. Can you recommend anyone who might help? (click here)

We LOVE First Aid for Life. Not only are they wonderful people but they do an amazing job with a literally life-changing business.  They’re offering 20% off their award winning courses to celebrate the government debating first aid. In all honesty I think it would make an amazing Christmas present (click here).

7CKW’s little one wants to learn to play the guitar? Is there a minimum age for mini-axemen? (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? Paint the Town Green have a vacancy for a brand development manager. They are LOVELY people and their paint is ace! (click here)We have tons more vacancies if you are looking for a change! (click here).

FOUR nursery posts! One Streatham nursery has just won an award for it’s food! Well done! (click here)Well done. Can I have some please? MGM wonders if your nursery uses bibs? Hers doesn’t and she’s getting through a lot of clothes! (click here). Muddywellies have posted details of their open days! (click here). Lastly, HW’s little one is refusing to eat whilst at nursery, anyone else successfully climbed this mountain? (click here)

SW11 wonders if buggy boards are a little “over engineered”? She’s just been quoted £90 for one and it has a seat. Are there any other simpler models out there, she wonders? (click here)

The Gorgeous Garden Company have posted five tips to help you prepare for the winter. They had me at bark chipping! (click here)

In travel news, LLL have posted details of their Vienna markets special trips (click here) Scottsm would love your recommendations for places to stay in Marrakesh with children (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than the north has rain!

NK would like the council to remove a tree because it could cause damage to their house but they’re refusing – any ideas? (click here). Is the “Curtain Workshop” any good asks DJB. I think we have an answer! (click here). Nina would like suggestions for basement conversion companies to use (click here) NM would love your joiner recommendations to help finish her kitchen (click here). PP has a house to rent on a short-term let. Perfect if you’re looking for somewhere next spring for a few months (click here). BB needs someone with great experience of Apple Photos (click here). MoB would like to change a kitchen worktop – is there an easy way to do it, she wonders? (click here)

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a Trunki “BoostaPak” car seat (click here) WANTED: an Isla bike (click here) and FOR SALE a Stokke Tripp Trapp (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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