Burglars use stickers to target houses? 12.5 metre phone mast for Wandsworth Common? Amelies Follies break in

Last Updated on : 22nd May 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NVN has a new job.

It’s for one of those young tech companies, the sort that serve free yogurt all day and have hover board races along the corridors.

And on Thursday he called me in a bit of a panic.

‘Help!’ he whined,  ‘they have yoga classes every afternoon and I said I couldn’t join because I’m more of a Pilate’s man.”

Ok, so that was a total lie but I couldn’t see how it was worth getting quite so het up about.

“Well everyone is so bl**dy nice they’ve now swapped out yoga for Pilate’s and it’s tomorrow and I feel like I’m going to have to be brilliant.”

It’s true he tried Pilate’s once, but that was three years ago and he never progressed beyond attempting to touch his toes.

And I promise this next statement is true.

“Could your designer person mock-me-up a doctors note?’


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

A new anti-BREXIT party has just been launched, you may have seen it all over yesterday’s papers. Battersea is one of it’s prime targets and one very well known NappyValleyNetter has just come back from a meeting with them (read more).

And BREXIT is keeping many of you busy in THIS debate! (read more)

Our lovely friends at Amélie’s Follies have been broken into. They’ll be back to normal very soon but are obviously a little shaken (read more)

Sticking with break-ins. Rumours that burglars are using stickers to identify easy targets have surfaced again. Thanks for the tip off NorthcoteBlondie and Done and Dusted both of whom posted details. Please do take extra care everyone! (read more)

In happier news, we’re having a NappyValleyNet Meet-Up at La Petite Bretagne in Clapham this Thursday.  They make delicious crepes (and great coffee).  Enough said?!  Please join us – it’s free, but do sign up to avoid disappointment (and a shortage of pancakes) (read more).

And in happier happier news: NappyValleyNet is now on Pintrest!  Tell us what you’d like to see featured and follow for inspiration, ideas and all round gorgeousness! (read more)

RHOB has visitors from The Big Apple in town and they’re asking what to do with a pre-schooler on a rainy day? (read more)

KH has posted about a new 12.5 metre telecoms mast going up opposite Trinity Fields – have your say! (read more)

Remember last week’s question about mothers/solicitors and work-life balance? Lots of you have VERY strong opinions! (read more)

Mum2Monkey asks whether anyone else has had hassle and pressure from a flower delivery service. She’s been bunched (and really doesn’t want to be). (read more)

Now this is a REALLY interesting post. A local mum is selling her VERY well known and VERY lovely creative business. Get in touch if you want to know more! (read more)

We LOVE Exceptional Academics and they’re running an 11+ booster course for Y4 & Y5 at Belleville Primary this half term (read more)

WestKenMummy is looking for the perfect space to hold a first birthday party. Errr- someone else’s house? (read more). Sticking with parties: Writerlady asks whether you know where she can find a fun photobooth to have at a party? (read more)

MMM original post asking for help on where to shop for clothes now she’s reached the 40 watershed has come up with lots of suggestions (read more)

“What do we want on Northcote Road” has taken a decidedly Indian turn in flavour – pass the poppadoms! (read more)

MML would love some gift ideas for a mid-forties friend’s hen party? (read more)

LM3 would love to hear from you if you have any experience of the child development clinic on Webb’s Road. (read more)

ML has posted details of a new French playgroup – bienvenue! (read more)

BatterseaSquareMum went along to an art history talk at Fresh Ground recently and loved it. Did they have that picture of the Dogs Playing Pool? It’s ace! (read more)

C. would love to recommend a removal company recommendation. Thanks C! (read more)

London has been rated the worst city in Britain to raise children! But where could be better!? (read more)

We LOVE Role Models and their Confidence & Resilience courses in June (and over the summer) and perfect for little ones who need a little boost (read more)

Avenuecookery are offering 15% off their Dinner Party Dining Cookery Class next week. (read more)

Royal Trinity Hospice has just announced the launch of their online Wedding Shop where they have dresses from Jenny Packham and Sassi Holford among others (for the brides) and suits and more (for the grooms). (read more)


We have more health and fitness posts than Pippa Middleton has wedding presents!

FlorenceRose is looking for a gym with a creche – any recommendations?  (read more)  L88 is hunting for gymnastics and karate for her 3 and 6 year olds (read more)  Janet14 asks is anyone can recommend a local swim teacher for a private crash (or is that splash!) course? See what I did there? (read more)  Fancy shaking your tail feathers down Wimbledon way? Yodas mum has posted about an adult dance class. (read more)  Edel Flying have more of their popular Family Aerial Workshops. Yes, you read that right!  Take to the trapeze with your little ones – eek! (read more)  Open Air Fit have posted details of a new early morning 45 minutes Mixed Circuits blitz (read more)  Lily pomme would love recommendations for where to have a cortisol test(read more)


We have more travel posts than Pippa Middleton had wedding favours. Probably

DW needs help planning a multi-generational holiday in Thailand (read more)  NP1981 would love any top tips you may have on Italian holidays.  Just eat piles of pizza in their plazas? (read more)  Bramble asks whether anyone has been to the Terre Blanche Hotel on the Cote d’Azur? (read more)  Jane has last minute availability at a child-friendly villa near St Tropez – go star spot on the beach! (read more)


Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Pippa Middleton had confetti. Maybe!

Our friends at Paint the Town Green have posted details of a part-time role to cover maternity leave. They are lovely lovely people. In fact I might apply! (read more).  Aspire estate agents are looking for a Saturday receptionist for their Battersea office (read more).  Brixmomma is hoping to hire for a part time nanny on Brixton Hill (read more). Gas is searching for an after school nanny to collect from Beatrix Potter from September (read more)Home-Start Lambeth ask whether you have 2-3 hours spare a week to help local vulnerable families? (read more)


We have more schools questions than Pippa Middleton had embarrassing wedding speeches. We imagine.

B. is baffled by the school choices out there and questions the differences between Finton, Thomas’s and Hornsby House (read more). V has registered at Eveline Day School and would love your views (read more). Lilybetta1 has heard a rumour that Rutherford House was thinking of opening a nursery – does anyone know if that’s true? (read more). Auro is really interested in the bilingual section of Shaftesbury Park Primary (read more).  F would like your recommendations for nurseries in the Balham, Clapham South, Nightingale Triangle area (read more).  Yellowbird Education will be bringing its 11+ mock exams to Battersea this autumn (read more).  Magic Link Handwriting will also be coming to the area in the autumn (read more).  SJ has posted about the Wandsworth Test Club to help prepare those currently in Year 5 (read more). HS posts about Wandsworth School Assembly next week to campaign about the funding cuts across Wandsworth (read more).


We have more House & Garden queries than… hmm we can’t think of anything else weddingy!

CMR would like any recommendations for a company to supply and install electric gates (read more). MM is looking for a short term rental while their house is renovated (read more).  WM needs a surveyor (read more)  I’m hunting to find somebody who’s a dab hand at brick pointing. Any pointers? (read more) Fruisli is desperately seeking a window cleaner (read more)  TS asks what’s the going rate for regular cleaning and any recommendations please. (read more)  J123 wants to change her garden to plastic grass because it’s just easier that way…any top tips on how and who?  (read more)  GW Cabinetry has posted some fab photos of how their carpentry meets interior design (read more). Bramble would love advice on whether her architects’ PI insurance is sufficient for a major hour refurb (read more)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

TS has a green Puky Balance Bike for sale (read more)  GH is embarking on a carpentry project and would love to buy any spare tools in your shed (read more)  WE is looking for a double pushchair (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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