Can I discipline other people’s children? Please help my friend cope with his wife. Maternity pay reduced, employment lawyer needed. Best Indian takeaway?

Last Updated on : 13th April 2015
Dear NappyValleyNetter,“Hey mummy, now I know what O.C.D. is!”

If I’m entirely honest I wasn’t expecting my eldest to pipe up with this observation whilst I was tidying up the living room but, in my defence, I wasn’t entirely up to date with what had been going on behind the scenes.

It transpired my eldest had heard a reference to it on television (I can dream it was a BBC2 documentary but I suspect it was YouTube) when he’d asked Mr NVN what it meant.

As opposed to simply explaining the definition using words and perhaps an example, the technique employed by almost everyone else on the planet, my husband and son decided to conduct an experiment.

With me as the guinea pig.

“So we’ve been moving photos, vases and ornaments around for a week and seeing how long it takes you to move them back.” he said.

“It’s usually minutes,” he continued, “sometimes you don’t even know you’re shifting them back.”

“Is that why your bike was on the playhouse roof yesterday?” I asked. I couldn’t understand how it had ended up there and thought it odd at the time.

“Yeah, Daddy says that was a bit too obvious but I’m learning.”

I honestly don’t know what was more annoying, the fact I’d been the unwitting subject of their stupid experiment or the fact that they’d spent a week discussing the finer details of what would, or wouldn’t, trigger my tidy-up reflex.


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Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Andy Murray has wedding presents!

DBI is looking for a senior hair stylist or beautician to manage a beauty salon (click here).  DavidThompson is a very busy local Financial Adviser searching for a clerical assistant on a part time basis (click here).  TheParentPractice need a part time office manager (click here).  HappyinSW18 WLTM someone special to join a team of two at a small property management company based in SW London (click here).  AmandaC is on the lookout for a childminder for their daughter (and potentially her little friend who is around the same age) from early June in Battersea (click here).


Searching for activity ideas? We have more than the new Mrs Kim Murray has confetti!

Brixton Acupuncture and Shiatsu Space are holding an “Open Day” (click here).  Yelena is a French Au Pair and would like to meet another for coffee/museums/walking (click here).  017hnoor wants to recommend a brilliant playgroup (click here).  Carosandyselmi is hosting a “well-being morning” in a month’s time and would like to know your opinions on when might be a good time to do this? (click here).  Saskia_gregory is a success coach specifically helping other ambitious modern mothers (click here).


Last week I wrote “School’s Out” was by Iggy Pop but it wasn’t, it was by Alice Cooper (thanks HG!)…

Kidsunlimited Wandsworth want to tell you that they’ve now had their “Outstanding” rating for six months, well done! (click here).  By the Beach recently applied for admission into the reception stream at Parkgate House, does anyone know the timescales to receive a confirmation letter? (click here).  Mum_business sells Yumboxes (the leakproof, nutritionally designed, lunchbox), they would love to help PTA’s fundraise (click here).


Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than Hillary Clinton has cardshops!

MNVN is gently exploring the idea of fitting solar power to their home and wonders if anyone else has tried? (click here).  JulieA’s kitchen needs to be refurbished and would like advice or recommendations as they have no idea where to start! (click here).  Chanchipolli has raised decking in their back garden and wants to convert the space below into storage? Good idea? (click here).  Newtoclapham is looking for a good plumber? (click here).  Steffie is planning a kitchen side return, loft extension and full renovation and wonders what is the best way to control the cost? (click here).  Art1234 needs recommendations for someone that can replace/repair some damaged/old fence panels (click here).  Adubs needs ideas for good carpet brands for the bedroom and any good suppliers in Balham?

 (click here).


Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Elegant & beautiful swing crib plus accessories for £50 (click here)  Extra tall pet/baby gate, still in box unused for £35 (click here).  a gorgeous Cariboo folding crib in white for £60  (click here).  Lascal Maxi Buggy Board for £20 (click here).  and a free HP photosmart 7960 printer (click here).





That’s it, have a wonderful week!!







Annabel and the Team



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