Can I gazump my lovely family buyers? Help: au pair almost naked around house! Nanny eating all our food! Beware: door-to-door burglar alarm “scam”

Last Updated on : 7th October 2013

Dear South West London Mum,

Today, Monday the 6th October, we will be hosting a live “chat” on NappyValleyNet with Councillor Kathy Tracey.

The session will start at 2pm and Councillor Tracey will both reply to any questions posted on this thread up until 2pm (click here) and also any subsequent follow-up questions you may have until 3pm.

As Councillor Tracey is the Wandsworth Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, I am sure many members of the NappyValleyNet community will have questions relating to schools, nurseries and One O Clock Clubs!

See you all at 2pm this afternoon!

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

ColdatChristmas has accepted an offer for her house but has now been offered more by another family. Should she accept this new one and become a gazumper?…click here for details

SourSecretMum has an au pair. Yay! But she walks around their house virtually naked. Boo! What can she do to ensure she’s dressed appropriately? The au pair that is, not SourSecretMum!…click here for details

From an au pair who wears nothing to a nanny who eats everything! Tibby wants to know how she can stop her nanny eating her out of house and home…click here for details

Tamara wants to know how she can keep her relationship with her husband “fresh”? Errr…dress like SourSecret’s au pair?…click here for details

An incredibly sad post. Mojenko31 used to be an au pair and lived with a host family for four years. The mother has just died and Mojenko is dreadfully upset. So sorry for your loss. I hope we can be of some support…click here for details

Rutherford House is one of Nappy Valley’s new “free schools”. Sunshine’s son is a pupil in the first intake and she is extremely unhappy with the school. A number of other parents have replied to say how much they love it. Thank you everyone for sharing…click here for details

Petal will be eight months pregnant at Christmas. She really isn’t up to having her family visit over the Yuletide season but does that make her a Scrooge?…click here for details

VM has four etiquette questions! Here are just two! Her little one is of the age whereby her whole class would expect to be invited to birthday parties. But what does she do about party bags for those who can’t make it? How much should she spend on a gift? here for details

Annette is looking for a driving instructor for her seventeen year old son. Any recommendations? How about waiting until he is twenty one? Actually I *did* suggest the brilliant Claire in Southfields!…click here for details

Writer Lady asks if you have ever considered writing for children. If so she wants to hear from you! I know I have!…clicklick here for details

This MIGHT be a particularly nasty scam. NorthcoteDad tells us of potentially bogus ADT staff knocking on doors and asking about your alarm and security details…click here for details

ARR is moving to Nappy Valley from Munich and needs tons of help with where to live, schools to enrol, nannys to recruit, au pairs to dress (OK, I made the last bit up). Welcome to Nappy Valley and I hope we can help!…click here for details

Lilymum would like some advice with regard to which foot muff to buy for a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and her 10 month baby?…click here for details

KatherineHepburn wonders if there is any more news about sections of Wandsworth Common potentially being “eaten” by a new development?…click here for details

MillyMoo is looking for restaurant/bar recommendations for a group of girlfriends around Northcote Road/Clapham Junction. One of the group is pregnant so something local would be best!…click here for details 

Pens at the ready, it’s our schools section!

Wandsworth Prep have posted details of their year 3 scholarships…click here for details

LBB wonders which school should she choose between Ravenstone, Henry Cavendish or Telferscot?…click here for details

Wheresmyschool wants to tell you that assisted places create wealth…click here for details

Outsidemum asks if you know the passmark for a number of papers for the Tiffin School exam?…click here for details

Lauren is looking for French Saturday morning classes so she can raise her youngest to be bi-lingual…click here for details 

TinkerTwo wonders where she might hire a hall in Clapham for a birthday party for a four year old?…click here for details

This is the most wonderful story. Gubbo40 lost her watch. It was found by Zulusmith’s children so she posted details on NVN. Now Gubbo has been reunited with her watch and the strangest part? Gubbo40 is a friend of mine! Thanks Zulusmith! here for details

Bonniijump is looking for an advanced riding buddy. She’d like to share group horse riding lessons…click here for details

Monkeymama  asks where she can get car seats steam cleaned?.click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Fiona has posted details of an office manager vacancy at The Haven in Fulham (click here) Lucy needs a book-keeper (click here) and JamOrganic need a junior web designer…click here for details

And not quite a vacancy but a request for advice. Gillak would like someone to help her with her tax return…click here for details

Children’s Therapies have opened a new clinic in Putney and now offer Occupational Therapy & Family Therapy. We’ve known these guys for a long time and they’ve helped a huge number of families…click here for details

Wuzzaleena is looking for a taxi company that can supply car seats for a run to Gatwick?…click here for details

Aziaila wonders why the traffic by Wandsworth roundabout has been backed up most morning? Something going on?…click here for details

Twiceanice needs restaurant recommendations in Morzineclick here for details

Sticking with an overseas theme, Northcote Road has a new retailer and it’s Turquoise Holidays. I dropped in for their grand opening on Thursday night and they’re hosting a “family day” THIS SATURDAY. Face painting, treats and tons more!…click here for details

A HEAP of nursery questions. Can you help give feedback on…Noah’s Ark in Endelsham Road (click herePixies Nursery (click here) Mace Montessori in East Putney (click here) and Parkgate House Nursery? here for details

Before we move onto your House and Garden conversations please be aware there was another burglary between the commons on Wakehurst Road…click here for details

And here it is! Our house and garden section is busier than Paul Dacre’s Spin Doctors!

Stef has had a quote for her bathroom to be refurbed but wonders if she is being ripped off? (click here)Moras Mum would like recommendations for someone to build in closets and cupboards (click here), Magnificantseven would like advice on fitting double glazing into a Victorian or Edwardian house (click here) Gail needs someone to fit a dish and chase wires into a wall (click here) Luvnryk would like a plumber of install a wet room (click here). Nightingale would like shutter recommendations (click here) and SFMC is searching for suggestions for someone to clear garden waste…click here for details

Sticking with houses, our friends at Lifestyle Design and Build have just moved to a brand new showroom in Abbeville Mews! Well done guys, we’ll come and see you next week!…click here for details

NappyValleyNet now carries more events listings than any other website!

DON’T MISS Fancy Footwork! They are now at Earlsfield Library and you can book a FREE trial class! All together now “Pointe!” (click here). Amanda’s Action Club have published their new classes and times. From Mayoral to The Baby Drop to The Common Ground, she gets EVERYWHERE! (click here). Trinity Hospice are hosting their Christmas Fayre on the 13th of November in the Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre. A wonderful cause, a wonderful evening with wonderful people (click here). Last, but certainly not least, NCT Clapham have posted details of their breastfeeding clinic on Monday lunchtimes in Balham…click here for details. 

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a Phil and Teds Explorer double buggy (click here), A baby cashmere set (click here) and a white single bed from John Lewis (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.






Annabel and the Team




PS would you like to win £150 of John Lewis vouchers from Lifestyle by ASQ or a free term of ballet for your little one and a friend from Fancy Footwork then just click here!

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