Can I live on a £100k in Nappy Valley? Husband asks for trial separation. Best holiday company?

Last Updated on : 23rd March 2013

This week, as opposed to my usual opening, I want to start a little “off-topic”.Can I live on a £100k in Nappy Valley

For quite a while NappyValleyNet has been trialling a new fundraising initiative for school PTAs.

It’s currently live with three schools and the results so far have been really encouraging.

We’re looking to take on three more PTAs as we grow, so if you think your school/PTA might be interested in raising some money, please do reply to this email.

It won’t cost your parents, your PTA or your school anything at all but as we can only take on a couple more at present, it’s a case of first come first served.

And now back to the usual email you know and love!

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

Little Legs sell the most amazing clothes on Northcote Road but this is not about Wandsworth’s best barrow. Helen is going into St Georges for a C Section and has a lot of questions, can you help? Free Pyjamas for the best answer! I made that last bit up, Helen didn’t mention a prize…click here for details

The DeeLight Bakery on Ritherdon Road was burgled last week but Dee tells us they’re open despite the rotten robbers. Lets all go to the world’s best bun shop and buy millions of their gorgeous cakes to make them feel better!…click here for details

Myself and a number of concerned parents and carers met with Sadiq Khan MP to discuss the closure of the One o Clock Club. Can the closures be prevented was the only topic on the agendaclick here for details

I need your help! Can I have your opinion on our new online calendar? Please help make NappyValleyNet even better!…click here for details

We LOVE the Flower Sanctuary on Hildreth Street and it turns out we’re not the only ones!…click here for details

NickyA has a much loved but slightly ancient Christening dress. Where should she have it dry cleaned?…click here for details

MrsB is one of our regular users. Her husband has just dropped a bombshell and asked for a trial separation. I am so sorry to hear your news. She asks for our help, support and advice. What should she tell her children? Should she tell them at all?…click here for details

On a similar note, Nicchat asks if anyone knows of any kind of therapy to help a 7 year old with anxiety & tantrum issues following her divorce?…click here for details

Nappy Valley has a new photo club! What are you doing this Friday? Nothing? Then join these super snappers!…click here for details

Sticking with cameras, Mrs Mac would like hers repaired. Who can help her start flashing again?!! Not THAT sort of flashing!…click here for details

Jan_B is thinking of moving to Earlsfield. Is it a nice area she asks? I should say so! They have a Carluccios AND a Cafe Nero, that officially makes it dead posh!…click here for details

“Birth” also asks for advice. She’s had two really traumatic deliveries and would like suggestions for some CBT to help her release some emotional pressure…click here for details

Has anyone been overcharged in their post offices? Some of you seem to think so on quite a regular basis…click here for details

How much money do you need to live in Nappy Valley? “Is £100k a year enough?” asks MaccaWacca. It sounds incredible but that might not be enough!…click here for details

Did you watch Comic Relief? Tooposhtopush did and was upset by both the event and how much she gave. Less than the cost of her takeway caused some reflection…click here for details

Baker and Bell want space this summer to put up a pop-up shop. Any ideas?…click here for details

Which is the best Maclaren to buy? Lots of opinions here!…click here for details

Do you want a community bookshop for the Northcote Road area? The Bolingbroke bookshop is due to close and there are plans afoot for a community bookshop to replace it. Would you like to get involved? There is a meeting *today*…click here for details

Bluebutterfly is thinking of having a fourth child. Too many or the perfect number?…click here for details

Milliemum wonders if there is basic cookery course for nannies? Turns out there are loads!″ target=”_blank”>…click here for details

Twiceasnice wonders what an appropriate food allowance for an au pair? here for details

There is a proposal “out” for a Boris bicycle hire docking station on Abyssinia Close. Not everyone is pleased!…click here for details

It’s a battle of the holiday companies. Do you prefer Mark Warner, Neilson or Club Med?…click here for details

HSD is looking for a good self catering house/cottage in the New Forest, preferably near Lymington…click here for details

Workingmother wants to hire a villa, potentially within a resort, with all the child amenities outside of the Eurozone, possibly Croatia? Recommendations?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? A heap of vacancies have been posted from finance to web design to office support…click here for details

Our great friends at Francesca Alexander have posted details of their Mummy Me Time event with the Clapham NCT. Great tips on hair and beauty AND a glass of wine. Sounds gorgeous and it’s this Tuesday!…click here for details

Our house and garden section is busier than a papal conclave!

Nooze would like to know how much does a basement conversion? (click here), The problems Mummymoo had with Style Ideas in Colliers Wood had a happy ending, that’s great news!(click here) Mumymoo also asks if it is worth doing a basement extension? (click here). JDad wonders if he should use Doran Brothers for a building extension? (click here). Cloud needs someone to install a fire sprinkler system, who should she call? (click here) Zozo would like help moving furniture (click here) Kristin would like someone to put up an aerial (clic k here) Jetsettingbaby would like recommendations for a builder and carpenter (click here) Justabloke called a lot of plumbers recommended on NappyValleyNet with mixed results (click here).

What is the collective noun for lots of nursery posts? A huddle? Well that’s us! This week…Active Learning in Fulham have an open day on March 23rd. Pop along and view the dedicated art studio, music studio, IT and Science studio, sensory room and garden. Phew! (click herePC1008 asks for feedback on Teddies in Earlsfield (click here) and the new manager of Kids Unlimited on Northcote Road has introduced herself (click here)

Gambado have posted details of their fabby weekly events for toddlers (click here) and Club Creche in Earlsfield have announced a new class with Amanda from Amanda’s Action Club fame!…click here for details

Sticking with events, our calendar had FIFTY FIVE listings for today alone! FIFTY ONE! (click here). If you have an event please POST DETAILS FOR FREE! New to the calendar this week: Easter Egg Madness in Wimbledon Village (click here), Wimbledon weekly drop in breast feeding clinic (click here) and Puddle Ducks swim school at Broadwater Farm in Tooting (click here).

Don’t forgot AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site! For sale this week:- a Maclaren Quest (click here), a BugaBoo Cameleon (click here) and an iCandy Pearl Tandem (click here).

That’s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team


PS Would you like to win a six week Booty Barre course? A Dribblebuster Liberty print bib? A make-a-bear birthday party from Gambado? Then enter our FREE competitions here!

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