Can you Dip n Flip?

Last Updated on : 14th October 2015
 Dip n Flip

OK, full confession, Dip n Flip is a firm favourite of the Delightful Dining Companion (DDC) and myself having been going there pretty much since it opened 2-3 years ago and it was natural that we’d want to visit it again to ensure that standards hadn’t slipped before recommending it the readers of NappyValleyNet.


This particular Tuesday night, Dip n Flip was an oasis of atmosphere on a fairly dead Battersea Rise, light and buzzing with conversation. We’d initially planned to visit the newly opened Hawkin’s Forge for a drink before dinner, but peering through the window the bar staff appeared to outnumber the customers and a mutual decision was made to bring dinner forward.

 Dip n Flip

We were seated quickly which was good. I have usually visited later in the week or at weekends when it is more common to have to wait or queue and it made a pleasant change to be able to sit straight down. The menu seemed to have picked up a few additions, for those of a hardier nature a sriracha burger was now available, which given the restaurant’s Canadian origins probably counts as some sort of fusion food.

people-992x869The Canadian connection is what makes this place different, this is why you get to dip your burger in gravy (hence dip in the name,) this is also why you can order various varieties of fries with cheese, and this is why you can get what I firmly think are some of London’s best burgers here. On this occasion I went for the house speciality a beef dip n flip burger, this is a burger served with pickles, coleslaw and slices of roast beef, having consumed it for the first time last night I have come to think of it as a symphony in a bun. The DDC had a double bacon cheeseburger and cheesy gravy fries (no longer on the bill as poutine) which she declared to be excellent.

The house recommends having the burgers cooked medium rare, which to be honest might be a tad too rare for some, for me and the DDC however this was just right. As well as the flavour the texture of the burgers is great, making what when it first appears rather a severe man versus food challenge more than easy to consume. You should be aware that the burger is so juicy that it tends to fall apart, which in my mind makes it even more delicious

On to the fries, here I always make the same mistake ordering the squeezy cheesy fries. They’re great, well-cooked fries served with squeezed cheese for a heart stopping nostalgia fest. Hate to say it though, there are just too many of them for me and the gravy cheese fries are simply better. I asked the DDC for her opinion on these. For the record she said the cheese they used had melted into a gloop by the heat of the gravy – the consistency of which was just right. Not so thick you can stand your fork in it, not like it had simply been waved at by a jar of Bisto from the corner. High praise indeed.

graveyThe drinks list is short and to the point. Craft beer is served in cans (nothing on draft I believe,) focusing on a strong list of mainly British & American ales, there is a small but well-chosen wine list and this is complimented by another house speciality bourbon. Those who like bourbon will be in heaven here, shots are cheap and for those who don’t like bourbon but like cocktails, well they don’t really do them but they can make you a hard-shake.

These days dedicated burger bars have come a long way from the combination of Wimpy’s and Macfast food joints of my youth. Today’s burger is trendy, diverse and upwardly mobile. As well the more upscale chains of gourmet burger kitchen and Byron burger, there are now the more hipster upstarts like Honest burger and Patty and Bun. I honestly think that Dip n Flip holds its own with any of them. It’s interesting that the chain is expanding, with a new location already having opened in Wimbledon and one coming soon to Tooting. I just hope that this growth doesn’t hit the quality.

The bill for two burgers, two sides and 3 drinks (yep I had a bourbon,) came to £43. The rest of the clientele seemed to be groups of friends or couples hanging out and to be honest I don’t think it’s the most child friendly place, more the sort of venue you’d come to so as to get away from  them, for that I couldn’t recommend this place enough.

For the obligatory post meal drink myself and the DDC headed over to the Northcote pub situated almost right next door. The wine was good, the pub itself though being part of the Geronimo felt a bit down at heel, this impression heightened by the dismal performance of London’s football players in the Champions League. We downed our drinks and left. So till the next time.



Flip and Dip

87 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HW




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