Cheating husband in denial, advice please. Is breadwinner excused from chores? Trendy Chicken Shop to open Balham? Juicer recommendations!

Last Updated on : 7th April 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“So it’s safe to say you had a fun sleepover?”

My youngest had been staying overnight with a school friend and in that cute-small-person-way was now contrasting, in granular detail, the differences between our household and her recent hosts.

We’d heard about the different bedtime routines, the different televisions and even the different breakfast cereals.

“And,” she continued, “her Daddy is a member of the Mafia.”

At this point Mr NVN, who’d only been half-listening, sprayed a little coffee over his iPad.

“I thought he was an accountant?” he mouthed to me over his slightly damp tablet.

“It’s true,” replied my daughter undeterred, “it’s a really big secret and no-one is allowed to mention it as he gets really cross and embarrassed but sometimes he gets together with everyone else who is in it for meetings in London.”

Then she paused, we could see the doubt begin to creep into her eyes.

“The Mafia is that group where you have to be really clever and sit a test isn’t it?”

The penny dropped.

“You’re not thinking of MENSA are you?”

“That’s it,” she replied without missing a beat, “it’s sort-of the same as Mafia, right?”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Cheating husband in denialThis could be a little controversial. Toddy has a question about men and women sharing chores: do the breadwinners in couples feel that money is a justifiable contribution instead of spending time helping out?…click here for details

I really hope we can offer some advice to GP. She’s just found out her husband is cheating (her words) but he is in denial that anything has actually happened. Has anyone else been in this situation, she asks? How might she deal with a partner who refuses to admit he’s been unfaithful?…click here for details

Cheating husband in denialMealsonwheels wonders if the speed bumps on Grandison Road are a little severe? She’s been going slowly but still “bottoming out” her car. MungoMuffit reckons there is the potential to “launch into space” on the same stretch so something might be a little amiss…click here for details

Sparkles is looking for recommendations for a good driving instructor. If you do find someone can I suggest you stay away from Grandison Road unless they’re flying instructors as well!…click here for details

Yellowtail1 asks if there are there any plans to hold a local debate with the candidates for the Tooting constituency? Oooh is there an election? I hadn’t noticed!…click here for details

LJ is relocating to Clapham (welcome!) and would love some “where to live” recommendations!…click here for details

1cSingingkettle’s son is just over two years old and he’s having real trouble going to to sleep after they moved him into a toddler bed. She has another due in two weeks (a little one, not a toddler bed) and so is really really keen to help him settle. Come on NappyValleyNet, let’s see if we can help!…click here for details

Greyingmum reckons she is probably the last to know but just found out that Poulet Rouge has been sold to The Chicken Shop! I also LOVED Poulet Rouge but I hear Chicken Shop is totes trendy (I think that’s how Hipsters from Hoxton speak/write and I think that’s where the original was based!)…click here for details

On a similar note, there are MORE changes on Northcote Road. Two shops to close and a whole block for redevelopment…click here for details

Again, on the same theme, an older post which I missed the first time, from the Inside Man explaining why they’re leaving Bellevue Road…click here for details

MrsSPC has been reading some mixed reviews on buggy boards and would appreciate your thoughts. Do toddlers enjoy staying on them for long periods of time? Are they a good idea?…click here for details

Qualifiednannybalham is looking for semi-permanent makeup artist who doesn’t charge extremely high prices. Isn’t semi-permanent the same as temporary? Either way I hope we have the answer!…click here for details

1dJjls412 daughter is looking for a local children’s hairdresser. Who is Nappy Valley’s top toddler trimmer?…click here for details

JosieJAY needs recommendations for a “good kids shoe shop”? Who is Nappy Valley’s supreme supplier of shoes to shod, errrr, children? I can’t think of a word for children beginning with ‘s’. Answers to both questions gratefully received!…click here for details

Petal is on the look out for cute flower girl dresses for under-fives. Who is Nappy Valley’s perfect purveyor of pretty frocks?…click here for details

Allgood needs help! I think we’re probably too late but just in case…she accidentally deleted an Excel sheet! Can she get it back?…click here for details

Does anyone know Adam and Mia Moy? FirsttimerSW11 has their post!…click here for details

1eLittlebabysmummy needs a “Frozen” themed cake for their daughters 4th birthday party. All together now, “Let It Gooooooo…”…click here for details

Londonlady14 is currently looking for work and is open to part time and full time…click here for details

Looking for a new juicer? Our friends at Lords of Notting Hill have three fabulous recommendations!…click here for details

It’s not only “Number Ten Downing Street” looking for a new leader, check out these vacancies!

Srdlofts are looking to hire a virtual assistant for approximately 2-3 hours per week (click here)  and our friends at The Parent Practice need a part-time office manager (click here) 

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Boris Johnson has bicycles!

MTC asks if anyone knows of weekend tennis classes? (click here)   Stayathomemuminsw11 is looking for information about the Fair on Clapham Common (click here)   Lastly, Teddy Bear’s Group at St Anne’s Church Hall is moving to both a membership and a drop-in scheme (click here) 

Been bitten by the travelling bug? Can you help with these questions?

Doogsw18 has a week booked in Suffolk from the 10th-17th April. She now can’t make it so if anyone would like to take the house instead then please drop her a line (click here)  MTC parents are visiting from their home country and are hoping to do a little sightseeing across the UK.Where should she take them? (click here)  Lastly, Pepper is looking for recommendations for family resorts in Dubai(click here) 

“School’s Out” but unlike Iggy Pop we want to stay on the subject, at least for these questions…

Hytnen01 son will be starting at Swaffield school this year and she’s looking for feedback from anyone who already has children there?  (click here)  Vanilla is keen to teach her youngest German and is thinking how to increase her exposure to the language? (click here)  Schoolstartup is based in Wandsworth and as an education business is desperately keen for your feedback (click here) KL is planning to move to SW4 and researching primary schools: does anyone have an opinion of Clapham Manor Primary? (click here) 

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions!

ExitPursuedByABear asks if anyone has any experience of selling a property in Tooting Bec? Which estate agency would you recommend? (click here)  On the same note, Movingabroad wonders what’s a reasonable percentage for an agent to charge? (click here)  Letjensing is relocating to London and would like to be near the school the boys will be going to in Clapham. As they don’t know the area they’re looking for “where to live advice/recommendations”. (click here)  SunnyDay needs to purchase new internal door handles. She is looking for a contemporary style with a chrome/brushed chrome finish. Where should she shop? (click here)  ROOMWANTED is looking for a light and airy flatshare/room to rent. (click here)  Wala is looking for a 2 double bed flat or house to rent for 6 months starting May. (click here)  Matthew Whitworth has smart office space available for a small business of two or three people on Northcote Road. Three options  available (click here) 

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

John Lewis ‘Rachel’ cotbed – white for £80 (click here)  Maxicosi Pebble car seat, cover and Isofix base for £90 (click here)  Phil & Teds Cocoon red carry cot for £20 (click here) 

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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