Child “thrown to ground” should I intervene? Why is this primary school unfashionable? Are your children using Minecraft safely? Half-term activity recommendations

Last Updated on : 11th January 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Back in September we published our very first print publication: the NappyValleyNet 2015/16 School’s Guide (click here for the digital version)

It was such a success that we’ve decided to extend the concept to building and interior design, subjects we know from all of your posts and questions are of great interest but fraught with uncertainty and stress. As a result the very first “NappyValleyNet: Design, Source and Build Guide” will be door dropped to over fifty thousand local homes at the end of next month.

Why am I telling you this now?

Well, the main “source” (pun intended!) of content for this new guide has been your questions on NappyValleyNet.

So expect to read articles covering “Things I Couldn’t Live Without in My Kitchen!” alongside “How much is a double height basement?” plus a whole heap of builder, architect and supplier recommendations.

And that brings me on to the real reason for this opening.

If there are any questions/topics/features you’d love to see covered, but haven’t seen on the site to date, please do let our amazing editorial team know by posting on this thread (click here).

You never know, you might just see your questions in print!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Child thrown to ground should I interveneWhat would you do if you witnessed a child being badly treated by a parent? One NappyValleyNetter saw a child “thrown to the ground” and asked what she should do. A variety of responses ranging from “get involved” to “steer clear” (click here).

You know those FitBits? The ones that measure heart rates and stuff? Have you had a faulty one, asks MrsK? Mr NVN wore one last week. He was on a night out with friends and they used it to track their pulse rates whilst eating the hottest curries the Indian Ocean could provide. I SO should have seen that coming! (click here).

A long-running and fascinating discussion on whether one of our local primary schools suffers for being unfashionable? Thank you to everyone who contributed! (click here)

Speaking of Indian food (now that IS a link I’m proud of!) Munchme was looking for Indian desserts and Poojahs in Tooting was recommended. I know and love them! (click here)

Last week we featured a post from a user who was worried that her husband was turning into her father-in-law. It really turns out you are SO not alone! (click here)

Child thrown to ground should I interveneCannabis in a flooded flat and a dangerous dog! It can only be an update from our favourite local police person PC Shickle! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! (click here)

One of our monkeys is missing! Ok, it’s not a REAL monkey, well it is but not a living breathing one, and SW11 Laura would love to know if you’ve seen the missing mammal? (click here).

Petal would love your optician recommendations. Once you’re kitted out with your new spectacles, Petal, perhaps you can help Laura find her slippery simian? (click here).

Now we have TWO posts that begin with “W’. I have to say I’m not sure if it’s the Christmas break or my new fitness regime but these links are feeling effortless today! Snowpea would love suggestions for somewhere to stay in West Wittering? (click here) and Fernando would love your recommendations for a solicitor to create a Will (click here).

3You know Minecraft? And if you don’t one day you will: there is a really lovely guide for parents outlining how it can be safely used by your children (click here).

Is it possible to remove the front wheel from an iCandy? Julia wants to deep clean hers and is having some wheely big problems. (click here).

BurntoutParent (great user-name, I have a mental image of you right now) would love to know if you’d recommend Kathryn Mews? I have only heard great things about her and Hattie Weeks! (click here).

On a similar(ish) theme, our great friends at The Parent Practice have announced a massive “30% off” New Year special offer. Thanks guys and well worth a look if one of your resolutions is a more harmonious home! I know SO many people who think they’re amazing. (click here)

4D20 is looking for a nanny to take to New York for a week! Take me, take me! Seriously, if you’re a Mary Poppins who fancies the Big Apple then this is your dream-job! (click here).

If you place your children in a private school are you paying for their education twice? Once via taxed income and another via the independent fees? (click here)

J2803 is looking for half-term sports camp recommendations. Any ideas? This one time, at band camp… (click here)

Muddlemoo would love to recommend Vern Hill fitness. I would too! Mr NVN went to one of their spin classes just before Christmas. I’m saving his comments from next week’s opening! (click here)

And from one recommendation to another…ActuallyaDad has posted two glowing reviews of businesses he loves. Thanks AAD and if anyone wants to add to the list please do! (click here).

Supergirl is done with her chemo (yippee!) and is looking for post-chemo shampoo suggestions? A ton of responses – thanks everyone! (click here)

5I’ve just had an email from the National Autism Lambeth branch outlining details of their monthly support groups. As luck would have it their January meeting is TOMORROW! Please do check it out if their work applies to your family (click here). Thanks for the email Anna and keep them coming!

We have far too many school posts to call out individually. If you’re interested in the Wandsworth Prep open day, advice on pick-up and drop off for the Belleville Meteor site, a new engineering school in the South Bank,Honeywell admission criteria, Putney Oasis admission criteria and the deadline for Wandsworth Primary applications then be sure to check out our schools section! (click here).

THREE nursery posts! MTC has a query about the Mouse Hole schedule, can pick up and drop off work for busy professionals? (click here)! BC wonders if anyone has heard of the Belmont French speaking nursery? Apparently its very close to Wandsworth Common? (click here). LJ has recently been made redundant and would love suggestions for nurseries around Latchmere Road that offer part-time places (click here)

In travel news, ZZZ would love your Ireland travel recommendations (click here) SP wonders where she should stay in West Wittering? (click here) and the Baby Care Company want to make sure you know that children from five to ten years old can now travel free on national rail. Thanks BCC, that IS caring of you! (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than alps have snow (finally!)

Clapham Chick is thinking of a steam room. One user already has one AND it has an “on” switch in the kitchen. Wow! Sounds like the Bat Cave! (click here). Cookie wonders if you’d recommend underfloor heating? If so, electric or water? (click here). NH99’s neighbours are planning a basement dig. Are there are details they should be looking out for on the planning application? Underground zoo and fifty space car park would be top of my red flag list! (click here) MB wouldlove your space moving boxes? (click here). OAB would love suggestions for someone to service a boiler (click here). A “good AV guy” gets some lovely feedback (click here). Can you recommend someone to create architectural drawings asks SW Poet? (click here). Finally, Wuddle would love ideas for someone to handle a bathroom update! (click here).

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: an iCandy strawberry carrycot and pushchair (click here)a John Lewis Noah dining room table (click here) and WANTED Ugg boots! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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