Cockroaches spotted in local pool. Cashpoint scam at Clapham Junction. Did basement cause total house collapse? New consultation on changes to sibling policy for local primary.

Last Updated on : 30th November 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

On Saturday afternoon Northcote Road was home to the White Christmas Fair and, as I wrote last week, Mr NVN was on duty in the grotto.

Although he loves playing Santa Claus he finds some elements a little daunting, especially when over excited children tell him what they want for Christmas and he has to acknowledge that Father Christmas has taken note, without actually promising to deliver.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” he rather pompously explained over a post-grotto beer in the kitchen and although a part of me was listening I was also hoping he’d hurry up and get changed. If our children returned early from their respective parties I wasn’t looking forward to explaining why Santa was sat in their father’s favourite chair drinking his beer.

Then the phone rang.

“That’ll probably be your brother,” said Mr NVN and his accompanying grin was a touch sly, “he may be a little cross.”

As we’d all spent the day together and my nieces had even popped into the grotto, I couldn’t imagine why he’d be grumpy.

“Well, I did tell ONE child they could have everything they’d asked for,” he continued, sporting an it-looks-weird-on-Santa-evil-grin, “so I think your niece will keep screaming for a pony until one gets delivered!”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Cockroaches spotted in local poolIn light of Wandsworth Council’s recent school admission changes, it looks like another popular local primary is about to change how they treat siblings (click here). On a similar theme, Picklebear wonders if the new Belleville School at Clapham South is going ahead? (click here).

A SW London house has “collapsed like a house of cards” and it looks like the basement extension could be to blame (click here).

We’ve featured this discussion for a good few weeks and it STILL shows no sign of dying down. Yup it’s the Crossrail2 route. (click here). I’ve also been asked to clarify that the correct petition is here. Thanks all!

Formula E is returning to Battersea Park, those electric dream machines will be with us for another two years. At least. (click here).

Thinking of trying some food and wine boxes? The NVN team ordered a bunch and have written up their findings here.  We’ve sampled wine from Bordeaux Undiscovered, Riverford Organic’s veg boxes and even Jane Plan to stop the pounds piling on! (click here).

Cockroaches spotted in local poolHas anyone lost a kitten? An eight week old one has been found by Clapham Common. (click here).

BMUS wonders how much a nanny share would cost? What might affect the “shares” between the families, she wonders? (click here).

Do you have an au pair? Would they like to come to the NappyValleyNet complimentary au-pair Christmas drinks? Our lovely friends at Ayrton Bespoke have offered to buy them all a cocktail so please do tell your au pair and her friends! (click here).

H78 is considering a change of career. Could she be a teaching assistant? She doesn’t have any relevant qualifications but is there a way around that, she wonders? (click here).

H78 would also love your suggestions for a non-toxic paedatric humidifier for a baby’s bedroom. As well as asking about an extremely important piece of kit I think H78 has discovered a new tongue twister!  (click here)

Looking for a stocking filler? Check out “Urban Turbans” I bought one last week and it’s ace! (click here)

2Bel35 wants to warn you all about ATM scams around Clapham Junction. Her father-in-law lost a lot of money in a card-swap incident last week. Thanks for the heads up Bel35! (click here)

Cockroaches spotted in a local swimming pool. Euurrgggh! And they weren’t wearing swimming caps OR paying attention to the “no petting” signs! (click here).

Tinkertoo needs to write a will. Can you recommend a solicitor, she wonders? (click here)

SW11mum is searching for a *local* post-natal physio for neck and back pain. She’s tried the NHS but the trips to St Georges make it worse. I can see one suggestion already, come on everyone do we have any more? (click here)

Looking for office space? MW has SIX desks to rent on Nightingale Lane (click here).

MM would love to know if the movie Spectre is suitable for young (ish) children? She’s keen to check out Mr Craig (I bet you are!) but doesn’t want to scare her little ones if it is a bit graphic! Why don’t you book a baby sitter, buy a bottle of Lambrini, ditch the kids and we can go together! I LOVE Mr Craig (click here)

Papinian wasn’t impressed with the Tooting tory candidate in the 2010 election. Turns out he’s in the news and you know when they say “all publicity is good publicity”, not sure it applies here (click here)

In travel news, Cannock is looking for ideas for a Baby Moon, any suggestions for somewhere with no flights? Devon? Lake District? So jealous! (click here).

2Last week’s question as to whether you’d still travel to Euro Disney in light of the recent attacks has generated a huge response. Gateway House nursery have recently been and loved it. Thanks for all your feedback everyone! (click here).

Sarah 33 has just moved to Nappy Valley from North London (welcome!) and is looking for restaurant ideas. I think we may have some for you! (click here). And on that note, a month or so ago I went to a gorgeous supper evening at the Skylark. They’re hosting two evenings but this time they have a Xmas theme. It is SO worth a visit, we had an amazing meal in a lovely lovely location (click here).

Sheel would love your suggestions for a small nursing chair. Fingers crossed we can help! (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than the GB Davis Cup team have winning points

We asked our friends at Gentleman and a Van for some moving and removal tips. Love the “eat your freezer” comment, sounds obvious but I have to say I’ve never heard it before! (click here).

NM would like a handyman or firm to apply silicone to a shower tray (click here). Sparkle Tiger would love electric garage doors but the companies she has contacted aren’t coming back to her. Any recommendations? (click here). Kcb asks if anyone has ever sanded and sealed the wooden boards a the carpet? (click here) Steffie wonders if anyone has ever used self-cleaning glass for an extension (click here). HTD needs her front garden wall rebuilding – any suggestions? (click here). Poppit has a neighbour who is ignoring the fact they need a party wall agreement. What might she do? (click here). ZB would love reviews of any great builders. Have you used A1 or SMA? They’re about to embark on a new project! (click here) Lastly, SW18 isconsidering noise reduction windows. Good idea? (click here).

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a Mountain Double buggy (click here) WANTED: a Baby Bjorn carrier (click here) and FOR SALE a wooden shelf (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!!


Annabel and the Team


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