Creepy playdate: can I refuse rematch? Belleville school catchment: why massive increase? Foxes deliberately poisoned on Commons?

Last Updated on : 27th April 2015

photo (1)Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And that,” said my daughter triumphantly shutting the fridge door, “should stop the Daddy Tax.”

Daddy Tax is something Mr NVN introduced as soon as the children were eating solids. No morsel was safe as he stole their last chip/sausage/Friday treat citing “Daddy Tax” as his divine right.

This Easter, however, the peasants were revolting as he laid waste to most of their egg stash. Whilst a better parent would have used this as an excuse to weave in a story about Wat Tyler, I was just relieved the chocolate mountain was being eaten by someone other than me/my children.

My daughter, however, had other ideas and spent most of the morning trussing up the remnant chocolate with pink electrical tape.

“He can’t eat anything I’ve marked,” she said.

I felt like a student, before long we’d all have our own shelves in the fridge and cupboards with padlocks.

“Do you think it’ll work?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” came the reply, “but if it doesn’t he should take a long hard look at himself.”

I think my husband has just been demoted to the third most grown-up person in the house.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Creepy playdateSleepover etiquette: what do you do if your youngest is exposed to some VERY rude words and inappropriate videos when a friend visits for a sleepover? And is it right to refuse the rematch?…click here for details

A very unpleasant story, is someone poisoning Mr Fox? Caferacer has found two dead “healthy” foxes in the last two weeks around Battersea Ironsides and suspects it’s a deliberate act…click here for details

Can you recommend a legal career coach? Balham Mum is at a crossroads with her “in-house” career and would like advice…click here for details

A nursery that interviews toddlers??? Seb reckons that asking an 18 month old to pass a face-to-face is a little tough! Wow and I thought Thomas’s was tough!…click here for details

Hol49 is returning to work in September and would like advice on the forthcoming legal changes re. flexible working hours…click here for details

Just like the battle between VHS and Betamax (showing my age), Oasis and Blur (again showing my age) or Mods versus Rockers (showing I can Google) the Balham versus Earlsfield debate just keeps going! …click here for details

3Three tooth topics! First, Malcom Gladwell reckons teeth are the new social divide. Whether or not you agree with the bouffant boffin we thought it a good excuse to check in with our friends at Glow Dental for the low down on the perfect smile (click here).  Second, KLW is looking for feedback on tooth extraction for young children (click here). Lastly, Jimjam123 is hoping to find a Clapham South(ish) NHS dentist for her two year old. Who is Nappy Valley’s top tooth treater?…click here for details

Pie81 has a five week old baby (Yay, congrats!) and is looking for a maternity nurse. She is very windy and unsettled so ideally someone who has strategies for that would be great!…click here for details

NewDoctorMum is new to NVN (welcome!) and wants share two articles. First, an insight into a parent’s (and a GP’s) experience of cow’s milk allergyand secondly some background on measles vaccinations. Do please keep the “shares” coming NDM!…click here for details

Juliantenniscoach says ‘exercise and lose weight? I don’t think so! It turns out he’s right and so says the scientific community!…click here for details

Sugarloaf Pantry is a local mum selling homemade cakes, muffins and brownies. Ooooh can you make some for me but you’d have to pretend I cooked them as I always cheat at dinner parties!…click here for details

4Claphammumsw is looking for a fortune teller in South London? I don’t know of any but I LOVE the letter that an editor once sent to Justin Toper (the Sun newspaper’s astrologist) telling him he was sacked. It read “as you will no doubt have foreseen… you’re fired”!…click here for details

Emmabridgewater wonders if anyone has used Edward James on the Northcote Road for highlights? We’ve had a range of comments in this thread and I’d like to highlight (pun intended) that EJ have been extremely keen to respond to the criticism…click here for details

TWO wedding comments (congratulations! I LOVE a good wedding!). First out the pew is Rachelsmoker looking for help to design, source fabric for and create her wedding dress (click here).  Closely followed down the aisle by Electra who would like to know where she might rent a dress. Have great days both of you! (click here).

Bambino needs a restaurant and an after-party venue in Central London for a celebratory bunch of thirty-five year olds (and upwards).  Ooooh can I try to guess the playlist? “Dancing Queen”, “Let Me Entertain You”, “Relight My Fire” and Il Divo (for the slowies)! Am I right or am I right? …click here for details

Sticking with the party theme: MOW needs to hire mini-toddler chairs and a long table for a 2nd birthday party. Ooooh can I guess the playlist? “Wheels on the Bus”, *anything* by the Wiggles and “Let it Go”. Am I right or am I right?…click here for details

“Now that winter is over,” writes MTC (where does she live, Marbella? I was FREEZING over the weekend) she has removed the footmuff of her Bugaboo Bee but her little one doesn’t look comfy! Any advice?…click here for details

Wandsworthmummy12 has an au-pair who is lovely however she is working less than twenty five hours a week and they’re worried she’s getting bored. What do your au-pairs do with their spare time, she wonders? …click here for details

And sticking with Au Pairs, Chloesmum has found a lovely Croatian au pair but they are confused by work permits and would prefer to sort this out before her arrival. Anyone already been through this?…click here for details

BatterseaSquareMum loves ‘triyoga’ and would love to see it on offer in Chelsea but currently they only work from Camden. The more requests they receive for classes “saaaarf of the river” the more chance it’ll relocate so please ask, she asks!…click here for details

Stylishmom is looking for recommendations for social media training. By an amazing coincidence NVN’s Charlotte went on a Gertrude and Ivy course last Friday with several well known local business peeps. I think that proves “G & I” are the “go-to” guys for social media workshops! Only downside is you have to wear a bobble hat, have a beard, drink flat whites and pedal a “fixie” (OK, that last bit isn’t true)…click here for details

HappyMumSW11 is currently on maternity leave but is looking for a place BTC where she can print and scan documents?…click here for details

5Gurgle has a Roberts radio she’d like repairing. It was her mothers and she’d like to personally deliver it to any workshop as it may get lost in the post…click here for details

PTA-HighView would like to give a shout-out to for their kind donation of organic/heirloom seeds! Consider it shout-outed!…click here for details

Writerlady needs an extra car for a weekend. Best local options?…click here for details

“Pimp My Stroller” is a new company that sells hip, hand-made toy strollers for kids!…click here for details

Do you like lavender? We LOVE it and so do the Battersea Flower Station! They hosted a lavender weekend yesterday/Saturday but I bet they’ve still got some left over if you’re quick!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Cameron has embarrassing football anecdotes!

Aspirebattersea are looking for someone friendly, professional and reliable to work Saturdays (click here).   NotAMumOnNorthcoteRd is searching for ad-hoc help them with admin and creative tasks (click here).  Mertony needs an au-pair to replace their incumbent who is leaving soon. It’s essential you have a clean driving licence and a good understanding of English, she adds (click here).  Furzedownfamily are looking for a lovely nanny (click here).  Dumcharlotte also needs an experienced caring and friendly part-time nanny Monday to Wednesday (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Poldark has scythes! 

Join NappyValleyNet for ‘Race For Life’ in Battersea Park: Cancer Research UK is urging women across London to stand together and unite against cancer this summer, so we at NappyValleyNet thought we’d take part in the Battersea Park Race for Life on Wednesday 10th June. Will you join us? Please! (click here).  The “Raw Food and Yoga” workshops at the Nature Centre on Wandsworth Common are now taking bookings for their May courses. Oooh I bet that’s tough if the Skylark next door are frying for their lovely bacon butties! (click here).  Dhass has just moved here from the United States  and is finding it difficult to figure out play groups or meet other mums. Is there some place to find a master list of play groups or some general guide or map for the area? (click here).  On a similar theme, Akirky was just wondering if there are any new first time mums to be in the Clapham/Battersea area due in or around June? (click here).

And now for your travel questions! We have more than Kim Kardashian has selfie-sticks!

Jane74 is looking for a family hotel with access to a beach in Ibiza (click here).  Coombe Farm Holiday Cottages want to tell you about their family friendly holiday cottages with heated pools in lovely North Cornwall (click here).   On a similar theme, May Simpkin has fabulous 19th century chateaus and gites (click here).  W17mamma has just returned from a fab ski holiday in Alpe D’Huez and wants to shout about it! (click here).  Hworsley is flying next week with her two year old and wants suggestions for iPad apps for her daughter. Ideas? (click here).

 Here are your school questions! We have more than a Marathon runner has blisters!

Mats03 has been allocated a place at Belleville now that the catchment area has expanded but should they take it? Is it still a great school? (click here).  On a similar theme, WandsworthPrep asks are you disappointed with your child’s allocated school place for September? (click here).  Allsmiles asks what are they building next to Alderbrook school?  (click here).  LondonDwarf is looking for some up to date views on The White House School? (click here).  Starter_knit is moving to New York and as they have two young sons she is trying to work out the differences between the US and UK systems? (click here).  Monaco is considering a move to China for 3 years. Does anyone know if a pupil abroad can apply to UK secondary schools? (click here).  Mumboo would like to hear from anyone with a son or daughter starting Alderbrook reception in September (click here).  Westhorpe is looking for any reviews, feedback or insight of any kind into Gwendolen House nursery or Noddys nursery (click here).  NWM has recently been offered a full time nursery place in September for her daughter, she would like her to attend every day from 9am-3pm. Is that too much for a child who will be just three? (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than Hatton Garden has security problems!

Distressed! is wondering whether anyone can recommend a property lawyer for a dispute with the council? (click here).  Chapel Lane Sash Windows havehad some great reviews, congratulations! (click here).  Daisy02 needs help to stop water leaking from their balcony into the room below? (click here).  Claire M needs suggestions for a company to provide an electric blind for a skylight? (click here).  LucyLou is looking for a local carpenter (click here).  Tinkertwo needs help to find a gardener! (click here).  Coco_tallulah has exterior stairs at the back of their house and they need refurbishing, who might be able to help? (click here).  Steffie was wondering if anyone has experience using Open Space London for their extension and refurb work? (click here).  Glennmama has a child’s table and two chairs that belonged to her mother-in-law when she was a child that she needs to have restored, are there any local restorers? (click here).  Movingabroad wondered if anybody has experience of moving abroad and would you recommend any companies for packing? (click here).  Electra2 needs a couple of large boxes to pack their stuff (click here).  

Not really “House and Garden” but it’s sort-of linked! Well done to Robert from Ayrton Windows for running his TENTH London marathon, it’s a bit ironic as I couldn’t run a tenth of one!

Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

A baby warmer wetsuit, pink, JoJo Maman for sale for £8 (click here).  a £100 voucher for Opus for £75 (click here). and a Vintage Grey Desk for £50 (click here). and in our items wanted section: Maclaren buggy or lightweight buggy (click here).   swing suitable for a 5yr old (click here).  and a forward facing car seat (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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