Crossrail 2: building on Honeywell Road? Police appeal: violent disorder. Where to buy Christmas trees? New Wandsworth nursery opening

Last Updated on : 9th November 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And Daddy has a hazel voice.”

We were having dinner and the conversation had turned to accents.

With relatives in Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire and France my children were not short of handy examples for regional differences.

“Hmm, hazel,” said Mr NVN puffing out his chest with delight at my daughters comments, “I can imagine that I often sound rich and deep.”

He then continued to speak, but in an affected tone that I can only imagine was inspired by Carson from Downton Abbey but sounded a little squeaky, as though Carson was squealing whilst being chased by a bear.

“No, not like that,” my youngest replied and then she continued speaking whilst holding her nose.

“HAZEL, like when you have a cold.”

Ahh, that’ll be nasal then.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Crossrail 2: building on Honeywell Road?Crossrail2 has been one of our hot topics this week. I hear Streatham might now be in the mix but it’s the potential ventilation shafts on Wandsworth Common that have many of you worried (click here).

Scared of spiders? Then don’t read Schoolmum1’s post. She reckons she’s just seen Britain’s BIGGEST EVER eight legged freak show (click here)

Last Wednesday the Skylark hosted a lovely meet-up for almost thirty NappyValleyNetters (click here). Thanks you SO much – we felt spoilt!

Sticking with parties, there is a new nursery opening on St John’s Hill and they’ve posted details of their own opening party on the 28th of November. Face painting, cooking lessons, build a caterpillar, a free lucky dip and more! See you there! (click here).

Crossrail 2: building on Honeywell Road?You know how those road movies always start? Firing up a Harley, kicking it off the stand and then cruising down Route 66 looking cool? Well on the same theme Amelia CH would like to know which is the best two wheeled scooter for her five year old? Happy cruising Easy Rider! (click here).

Sticking with Route 66, The Everyone Bikes shop gets amazing feedback. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a kick (by that I mean pedal power!) (click here)

MM is looking for a dermatologist suggestion. Is the Glass House a good bet? (click here)

Two questions I really hope we can help with as I know that they can have massive affects on self-confidence. T&B wonders if you can help with female hair loss? (click here) and Poi1 wonders if anyone has tried electrolysis for hair removal? (click here).

You know the Clapham Baby Show? It’s THIS Saturday. Just of Northcote Road. It was brilliant last time! I’ll be there! (click here)

Crossrail 2: building on Honeywell Road?Looking for school open days? We have lots on our calendar (click here) and if you know of more please do let us know.

TWO lost and found posts: first off the Battersea Flower Station lost their house keys on Bonfire Night by Trinity Road. We MUST help to find them or none shall have Christmas trees! (click here), and GLTC lost her house keys between the commons. I hope we can help you both (click here).

TWO MORE party posts: AK is looking for an entertainer for a two year old’s party (click here), and SM for party ideas for a six year old girl (click here).

Door-to-door salespeople. Do they have a new approach, asks FLOH3? It’s not based around customer service and a 90 day return policy if they do (click here)

Saffamum would like her husband to have a full health check including a scan. Any suggestions as to where might help? (click here).

4aTwo Christmas advice posts. GW is looking for a purveyor of Christmas trees, any ideas? Try the Battersea Flower Station (click here), and Bobby wonders if you can recommend a Christmas Grotto? (click here).

Sticking with Christmas, when is the new John Lewis advert out, asks TPTP? I suspect most of us will have seen it by now. Although if it were me in the advert I’d only get a “Sorry You Were Out” card when the presents were delivered by balloon (click here)

MiE would love your suggestions for a pool party venue. It’s for her little one, not her, so a mansion in LA with One Direction isn’t going to cut the mustard! (click here).

T&R are looking for advice on capital gains for a property they no longer live in. Can they deduct the cost of loft conversions, multi-car basements and James Bond baddy lairs with submarine docks from the sale proceeds? (OK, I made the last few up!) (click here)

Now I REALLY hope we can help answer this question: JulianTennisCoach would love your champion Chinese take-away recommendations? (click here)

From a question about a quarter of crispy duck to a query about a quarter dog (it’s a yoga position, see what I did there!): MiE would love your suggestions for yoga clothes? Well, my first suggestion is to wear them and lots of comfy elastic is probably a good idea but maybe someone else can actually give you useful feedback! (click here).

Battersea Police have issued a request for information relating to violent disorder last week (click here)

Battersea Builders posted last week about sponsoring a local sports team (click here) and this week they are looking for a bookkeeper (click here)They’re not the only one, DBC (the happy brand people) are looking for a part-time marketing and communications person to build their brand (click here).

We have more travel questions that Peter Andre has “Strictly” points!

Pie81 wonders where to holiday in April May with young children? (click here) SW17mum is thinking of a summer stopover in the Alps, can you suggest anywhere? (click here)MS ishunting for child friendly hotels in Doha (click here)  OSC is looking for a country house to rent for NYE? (click here). RM wonders if she should go for Mark Warner of Neilson for next summer? (click here). I’ve just published a review of Levante in Rhodes with Mark Warner, that might help! (click here).

We have more schools posts than Chelsea FC have motivational problems

Your discussion about Balham primary schools keep running, thank you everyone! (click here)

Ecole de Petits, Battersea, do you know it well? LB would love to hear from you if you do (click here).

Our friends at the Independent Schools Show are counting down to their November event and their schedule of talks is now live. With presentations on mental health, scholarships and persuading girls to take more risks, among many many more, it’s shaping up to be a very interesting agenda. Thank you ISS and don’t forget to keep the 14th and 15th of November free for their show! (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Trinity Fields had fireworks!

SbSW is considering using Avian builders, good idea? (click here), CM has questions about insurance WHILST building works are ongoing – I hope we can help! (click here). ST has a large sycamore tree in her back garden but it’s stunting their pear tree. Keep or remove? (click here) AM is thinking about bi-folding doors for an extension – good idea or should they plump for sliding? (click here). ST is also looking for a garden vacumn machine/hedge cutters/trimmers – is there one that you love? (click here). BB needs someone with great experience of Apple Photos (click here). Orange Tree needs roofer recommendations (click here) ST needs some 1920’s wooden chairs repaired (click here) ST needs ideas for builders to fit her kitchen (click here)Lastly, LA needs professional movers and packers (click here).

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a pine cot bed (click here) puzzles and books (click here) and a Feather and Black bedroom set (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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