Damage from a basement extension? Local click and collect drop offs? Crossrail2 to impact Nappy Valley? Nanny sick pay policy?

Last Updated on : 12th January 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to have my eyes tested.

For three days last week I was woken by (what I thought) was a phone call from one of Mr NVN’s colleagues, who always seemed to ring when he was in the shower.

On Friday I lost my temper.

“Can you tell that idiot who keeps calling to wait until office hours?” I ranted.

“Eh?” was the slightly vacant response from my freshly scrubbed husband.

“Every morning,” I squeaked, whilst waving his phone around my head, ”Alan calls when you’re in the shower!”

He took the phone and after a brief look at the screen handed it back.

When he spoke his diction was slow, like he was explaining something very complicated to a toddler.

“Alarm, “ he sighed, “it says A.L.A.R.M. I keep forgetting to turn it off.”

And that, I promise promise promise, is a true story!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Damage from a basement extensionWheresmyschool is thinking of detoxing. Has anyone done it? What’s the best approach? Does it make you feel better? If you can supply these answers WMS wants to hear from you! I often think about detoxing. Then I stop thinking and eat a biscuit!…click here for details

ExitPursuedByABear would like recommendations for the best place to be measured for a sports bra? It’s for running while breastfeeding, she writes, so it needs to be heavy duty! Wow! That’s hardcore. I’ve never seen anyone run AND breastfeed at the same time, I am slightly in awe! Oh, my mistake, wrong end of the stick…click here for details

Ngcbattersea1 has posted about her amazing driving instructor. We happen to know and love Claire as well so we’re delighted she could help. Claire also does stunt driving, high speed chases and the “wheel of death” on a motorcycle. Some or all of those last statements might not be true but we do know her and she is a brilliant teacher!…click here for details

Jg75 would like recommendations for a car valeting service as their car needs a deep clean. Whenever I say that our car is dirty Mr NVN quips, “it’s outside the house all day, feel free to clean it whenever you want.” I wonder if that constitutes incitement if I stabbed him with a Dyson crevice tool?…click here for details

2009Kat wonders if you have a policy regarding sick pay for your nanny?…click here for details

Every couple of weeks String’s daughter has a major tantrum. She screams, lashes out and behaves like a “possessed thing”. Can anyone recommend a book to help her understand the workings of a four year old mind?…click here for details

Damage from a basement extensionDanwatkins100 has posted about a public meeting for Crossrail2 and the Springfields Hospital…click here for details

Bodders1 asks if anyone has noticed that the traffic on Bellevue Road is getting worse?…click here for details

Tooposhtopush’s Christmas shopping was transformed by “Click & Collect” and now she wants to know of any other “C&C” drop-offs in Nappy Valley? My credit card bill was transformed by C&C but not in a good way…click here for details

We have a TON of “meet up” posts! MCF1983 wonders if there are any au pairs out there looking for friends? (click here) Funny you should say that as MtF has a lovely German au pair who is looking to arrange playdates with other young au pairs (click here). Katen is new (ish) to the area and has a seven week old baby. She is looking to get out the house, have a walk round Battersea Park and grab a coffee. Anyone interested? (click here). BSM tells us about two lovely baby groups for those looking looking for something local (click here).  Lastly, the Baby and Toddler Group “Minies and Minders” is now meeting three times a week (click here).

Pepper is looking to buy a single duvet for her daughter and was close to using the White Company but after reading some poor reviews she is in two minds. Do you know where she might buy a nice single duvet?…click here for details

Sticking with nightwear (see what I did there) The Pyjama Store are offering their exclusive Dishabille pyjamas for only £40! The sale finishes at the end of January so if you want gorgeous jim-jams, whatever your duvet, then grab them now!…click here for details

LaLadie needs a Chinese supermarket (or similar) which sells 5L containers of white vinegar…click here for details

Everyone Bikes have exciting news! They are an official finalist for FEMALE SPECIFIC RETAILER OF THE YEAR. This is a huge deal for them and they’re really chuffed! Well done EB and good luck!…click here for details

Young at heart asks if anyone knows of a local optician that undertakes home visits? I might ask them to pop around after my “Alan” incident!…click here for details

Oab is pregnant for the second time and needs to choose between going private at Chelsea & Westminster or St Thomas’s?…click here for details

Helpneededplease has sadly discovered that she has a blighted ovum and needs to decide whether to let her miscarriage happen naturally or have a D and C. She is completely unsure of how to proceed, if anyone is willing to share their experiences or has any advice please please help. I REALLY hope we can help…click here for details

KathrynLuB is looking for a dentist for her 2 and 3 year olds, it will need to be someone who is skilled in dealing with little ones since her son is not the most chilled out little dude in the world! Suggestions?…click here for details

From sympathetic dental surgeons to places for puppies! Sarahjlevans needs a boarding kennel for her 8 month puppy?…click here for details

r1Sticking with the cute doggy theme, AbbevilleMummy is looking for somewhere to groom her puppy!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? HappyinSW18 are recruiting a property manager to join a small local team…click here for details

Still looking for a new challenge but perhaps somewhere slightly warmer? Bibi is with the wonderful Amanda’s Action Club and she is looking for contacts in Dubai that could run her Amanda’s Action Club franchise over there? Pick me, pick me! (click here). 

From sun kissed sands, to sun kissed slopes: YOLO has a modern four bedroom chalet for rent in the middle of Nendaz, part of the Verbier ski system (click here). Alconmum is looking to do an actives short break holiday in April: walking/hiking, swimming, cookery classes, wine tasting are more appealing than skiing or extreme sports. Any ideas? (click here).  

The Eleven Plus Exams are in full swing and your school questions keep coming!

Wheresmyschool? tells us that Whitgift is no longer served by a direct train from Balham or Wandsworth Common. However, plans are in progress to have the “Whitgift Rocket” reinstated (click here).  Ngulra is in the catchment for both Henry Cavendish School (Balham) and Telferscot School. Which would you choose? (click here).  JessFitzgerald knows Wix is a feeder for Bolingbroke Academy but is Shaftesbury Park? (click here). Pepper has a question, how to prove a child’s home address for the school applications? (click here). Whirlwind asks ‘how do most people get to Newton Prep?” (click here). NorthcoteRoad est Francais and their daughter has a place at l’Ecole des Petits in Fulham. They live locally but should they choose l’Ecole des petits? Do many local children attend? (click here).  Liz Sole’s daughter has been offered a free nursery school place at short notice but her private nursery wants to keep their deposit AND some! Does she have to pay? (click here).  Shaftesbury Park primary has an open day on Wednesday 14th January 2015 from 9.30-11.00…click here for details

Our “House and Garden” section is back and it’s bigger than ever for 2015!

Mamamaria is looking for someone to lay reclaimed Parquet flooring (click here).  MamanMummy is looking for a local company that could re-upholster an inherited large armchair (click here).  Pud1 asks has anyone installed a gas fireplace? (click here).   Ruthw would like a recommendation for a good handyman / joiner (click here).  JessFitzgerald is about to instruct Open Space London for their side return kitchen extension. Does anyone else have any experience of them? (click here). Claphamchick is thinking of installing Schuco sliding or bi-fold doors in their house. Suggestions? (click here). Runningmummy is about to dig out her cellar and do a side return. Can anyone make a recommendation for a local basement company? (click here).  LP73 would be very grateful if anyone is able to suggest basement and loft conversion companies? (click here).  Lho is having an existing basement modified and wonders if it will damage the rest of the house? Hairline cracks, movement etc etc?…click here for details

Our friends at AyrtonWindows are giving back!  For every window or door you order they’ll make donate one hundred pounds to a temporary shelter in London for people who have lost the safety and security of their own home. Great stuff guys! (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

2xLittle White Company sleeping bags 0-3 months, £6 each or £10 for both (click here)  Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair plus baby set, £100 (click here)  Angel Care monitor new, in box, £60 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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