Denied access to sick daughter. Katie Hopkins to visit local schools? Cyclist forced off bike in Balham: video.

Last Updated on : 2nd October 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘L'”.

Hoping to catch the last of the summer sun we were driving to the seaside and, as usual, the I-Spy game had started before we’d pulled out of our road.

“Elbow,” said my youngest looking immediately embarrassed, all too aware of her mistake.

“Liar,” replied my son pointing at my youngest, “AND I’M RIGHT,” he shouted whilst beaming at his own cleverness, “as that’s what she is for saying elbow!”

“Well this is nice,” said Mr NVN as our friendly word game descended into a WWE prize fight across the back seats, “it’ll be so lovely to have our family arguments by the sea for a change.”


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

Star has a friend in an awful situation. Denied access to his new daughter he now hears she is very ill. What are his rights, asks Star? (read more)

Two awful cycling stories this week: a 36-year-old woman was killed cycling when she was hit by a lorry on Chelsea Bridge (read more) and some horrifying footage of a Balham cyclist being deliberately shoved off his bike by a motorist  (read more).

The £1bn Northern Line extension may be under threat. Well that didn’t take long. Can we blame it on BREXIT? (read more).

We spotted news of Katie Hopkins’ new school tour. Could she be coming to a school near here..?! That is one permission slip I wouldn’t sign! (read more)

Do you know how many complaints a DAY there are about partying neighbours in Wandsworth? Actually one of those was me returning from the Four Thieves. Oops! (read more)

Lots of questions about the Trinity Fields firework display. When, where and how to get in? If you can’t get a ticket don’t worry – book a table at Indian Ocean and stand outside! (read more).

The news of a lady and her cats living in a tent outside Waitrose has generated lots of response, mostly sympathetic. But should the council remove her stuff? Wow – that’s hardcore! (read more).

M’s mother-in-law is selling her house. Is it dodgy for the agents to ask her to sign a contract in their office without a chance for anyone to proofread it? (read more).

Three medical requests: J asks where you can get the flu vaccination as a nasal sprayin the area? (read more) S asks if anyone have any experience of a CVS?  She’d love your advice and calming tips (read more). Lastly, D asks whether anyone else has experienced a wrong ASD diagnosis? (read more)

L asks about your experiences of children sleeping at nursery.  Her daughter is about to start at Bright Horizons. They sleep??? (read more).

LF asks if there would be interest in legal talks at lunchtime covering areas including employment, start-ups, pre-nups and wills? Wow – pre-nups – I can’t work out if people would want to be seen attending that sort of talk – do let us know!   (read more).

A is thinking of holding a Caribbean Lunch Club for mums and has a few questions for you (read more). You had me at lunch!

E is writing a book about differences between cultures and countries when it comes to raising a baby and would love your anonymous opinions in her quick survey, please! (read more).

N is looking for a local IT guru who can help them find their lost iTunes catalogue (read more).  Is that the Lost Chord but for Generation X?

EM says if you’re relocating to Frankfurt she can help you establish your new life in Germany (read more).

S would love some ideas for successful food stalls at a school fair.  What’s been gobbled up at yours? And the first person to say “chips” gets a stern stare from Jamie Oliver! (read more).

C’s little one turns two soon and is looking for party venues away from their house?Whisky Mist? (read more)  On the same theme, B wants to know whether she has to invite the whole class to a Year 1 birthday party or if fewer is better. Hmm better for whom? (read more).

We got a healthy dose of our 5-a-day (with gin) at The Four Thieves thanks to your suggestions. Actually I love this approach – keep those ideas coming!  (read more)

J asks if you would sign the petition against the closure of the Ridgway stables in Wimbledon? (read more).

And we have a LOAD of meet-up posts: G is new to Putney from NZ via NY and would love to meet some other local mums with her two year old. Welcome to SW15! (read more)M is a French mum with a 6 month old who wants to hook up with French mums or find a Clapham/Balham french-speaking playgroup (read more). I is a Spanish mum in Balham and is pleased to have found a Spanish-speaking meet-up group in Wandsworth.  Ooh, we’re so international – love it! (read more). A’s German au pair has just arrived and would love to meet others in the Clapham Common area (read more).

R is a qualified primary school teacher based in Battersea and available for evening and weekend babysitting (read more). and M is looking for a flexible daytime babysitterto help out a couple of times a week just off Kings Avenue in SW2 (read more).

Sydenham High School Senior School have an open morning tomorrow (read more) and a Sixth Form Open Evening tomorrow evening! (read more).


We have more Travel questions than Big Brother has people who should get out more!

Ski Famille has posted details of their early season family skiing offers to tempt you to the slopes (read more). Lots of lovely inspiration in response to a post from V looking for ideas for next summer’s holiday (read more). E is off to Paphos in half term and would love any recommendations of where to eat and activities for the children (read more).Ferrywind has some ideas for your Rome vacation – thanks FW! (read more)


We have more Situations Vacant than the X Factor has personal “journeys”

All Star Tennis are looking for a Weekend Tennis Centre Receptionist. We LOVE All Stars! (read more). Sticking with tennis: there is a live-in nanny position in Wimbledon. Ok it’s not actually in Centre Court but it might suit a Mary Poppins with a mean forehand! (read more).  E is an Oxford graduate available to tutor English (read more). Looking to head over the river? Live-in au pair needed in NW4 (read more). Lastly, calling all childminders: you’re needed in the Clapham South/Balham area (read more). And our ‘Nanny & Au Pair vacancies – offered and wanted’ pages are busier than ever (read more).


We have more Activities posts than “I’m a Celebrity” has grubby grubs!

There’s an informal talk at Fresh Ground this morning on Interior Design through Art and how pictures give a fantastic overview of  interiors over the centuries. So no pool playing dogs then? (read more). We have an amazing deal on five classes if Spin’s your thing (read more). Northcote Baby Classes with yoga and massage are running in the heart of Nappy Valley (read more). JG is looking for someone who teaches Suzuki method violin to children (read more). The Language Web has a few more spaces in Balham for any recently arrived au pairs (read more) If you’re looking for a German playgroup and pre-school, there’s one in Clapham (read more) The Trinity Bake Off gets underway in October with bake sales to coffee mornings and all in aid of Royal Trinity Hospice in Clapham (read more). Funky Moves have posted details of their high-octane half term holiday courses in Balham, Dulwich and Wimbledon (read more). D writes about their home visit piano lessons (read more). There’s a free Bootcamp – Ladies Firm & Tone class on offer in Bishops Park with free outdoor creche service  (read more).


We have more Schools posts than the Apprentice has people who don’t appear to be very successful in business

The Independent Schools Show will be in Battersea Park in November with over 200 schools in one place at the world’s biggest open day! It’s free – just book your tickets in advance (read more). P’s post about travel to St Paul’s Girls’ School has shown lots of you to be whizzes on going West! (read more) Yellowbird Education is offering a special 20% discount on their October Battersea mock for 7, 9, 10 and 11+ mock exams (read more). Lots of first-hand Balham primary school experiences in response to R’s post (read more). U is new to the country and interested to know more about The Roche School (read more). Shaftesbury Park has posted details of the open mornings en Francais! (read more) K tells us her thoughts following her visit to the Oasis Academy Putney (read more). The Alton Primary School near Richmond Park has an Open Daysoon (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than TOWIE has spray tans!

Would you like a free copy of our Design and Build Magazine  – drop me an email by clicking here!

T is thinking of converting the under hall coal cellar into a utility room and would love any advice on builders and budgets (read more). Sakura needs a project manager for a Magdalen Estate redevelopment! (read more) Are you a Lambeth leaseholder? Have you had a whopping bill? Well you wouldn’t be alone! (read more)V would like to know where to get a leather sofa cleaned? (read more) Ovenfix have posted. Can you guess what they do??? (read more) If you’re looking for a good tree surgeon, C has one to recommend (read more). EB’s post about holiday home insights has received some good advice (read more). R has posted details of a newly refurbished 5-bedroom house to rent in Clapham Old Town (read more). GW Cabinetry has been busy crafting a stunning desk (read more).


And here are your for sale and wanted posts!

For Sale: A WeeRide Classic Kangaroo Bike Seat (read more). A Baby Bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier (read more). A MacLaren Mark II Silver pushchair (read more). A Baby Dan travel cot (read more).

Wanted: A Babyzen buggy (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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