Did my daughter’s friend steal a mobile? Phantom dry clean drop off! I don’t want my daughter to sleep over. 96% of Wandsworth primaries rated “good” or higher. First NVN meet-up of 2015!

Last Updated on : 9th February 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Guess what?” I said to Mr NappyValleyNet, “I’m quoted in both the Evening Standard AND The Times!”

OK, maybe I was being a little boastful, but its always nice to see yourself in print and both newspapers had picked up my comments on the suitability of taking babies into “Fifty Shades of Grey” (click here).

“Yeah, we were talking about that in the pub,” he replied.

“Oh really,” I trilled, fishing for compliments, “were you dreadfully proud?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “until someone pointed out it was just my luck to have a wife who was such an expert on “Fifty Shades” that she was in the papers but because of her knowledge of the childcare arrangements as opposed to how good she was in…”

“And I think we’ll leave it there,” I butted in, “I don’t want to become too big for my boots.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

It’s MEET-UP time! Our first of 2015 is THIS Wednesday. We’ll be at The Althorp on Bellevue Road overlooking Wandsworth Common. Join us for some caffeine if you’re old enough or some juice if you’re not, plus some tasty treats to get the day off to a good start! All are welcome; first time mummies, old hands, international moms and, of course, nannies too. Do book as although it’s FREE numbers are limited…click here for details

“Can my daughter’s friend be trusted?” An interesting question and it’s prompted by an incident involving a mobile phone!…click here for details

Fionag had a weird dry cleaning experience and I mean weird! Curtains picked up without her asking and now she’s being chased for payment…click here for details

Marysmungo is trying to book a makeup/hair/nails party for her daughter’s 7th birthday – any recommendations? Whatever you do DON’T suggest a shared present if Mylene Klass’s daughter is on the guest list!…click here for details

Did my daughter's friend steal a mobileTalking about Class-less people (see what I did there?) does “Myleene-gate” represent a sensible reproach to pushy parents or shocking manners on behalf of the Hearsay chanteuse breaching the privacy of her fellow school-gate mums?…click here for details

Hhirst wants to tell us all about an amazing Acupuncturist. Thank you, I think we all get the “point” of that post!…click here for details

OAB is looking for a good place to get a massage, any suggestions? Mr NVN once dreadfully offended a neighbour of ours by introducing him (at a party) as a masseuse. Turns out he was an Osteopath and didn’t agree it was the “same difference”…click here for details

Nightmonkey was given a lovely leather changing bag but the zip needs to be replaced. Where can she go to fix her fastener?…click here for details

Soriano is thinking about getting a dog. I can sympathise as my children SO want a dog! However the big question, she asks, is what to do with the dog when they go away? And in a nutshell you’ve just summed up MY argument as to why WE shouldn’t get a dog. That and carrying around bags of……click here for details

Felicity0204 would like to know of a bank that rents out large storage spaces? I’ve seen the Thomas Crown Affair! So THAT’S how you get into the bank in the first place!…click here for details

Did my daughter's friend steal a mobileWandsworth Council have posted that almost every child in a Wandsworth school is attending a good or an outstanding institution. Wow, well done everyone!…click here for details

Zaza107 asks if anyone has advice on how to make life easier for her husband whose mother, she suspects, is very ill. A very sad situation and I really really hope we can help…click here for details

Now THIS question divided opinion! Petal’s mother in law has recently retired and is pushing to have her granddaughter sleep over. Petal feels her daughter is not yet ready for this so how does she say no without causing offence?…click here for details

Newmum247 is constantly tired and wonders if you have any suggestions as to how she can increase her energy levels?…click here for details

Futuremaman asks if anyone is settling their baby into nursery and willing to share how to adapt to a new routine?…click here for details

Jamali’s health insurance premiums have gone up by nearly a third! They are claiming it’s because she lives in the South East but now she’s claiming for an issue she thinks it’s a trick to claw back their costs. Has anyone else had a similar experience?…click here for details

4MTC has a 7 month old boy who has started solids, how can she be sure he’s taking enough iron in his diet?…click here for details

Tibby is hoping to get some advice on childcare! She works full time and is expecting another (yay!). Does she keep her nanny, use a nursery or an au-pair or form a nanny share? I hope we can help as she’s SO confused!…click here for details

Ckar17 is looking for a childminder in the Clapham Junction area. Has anyone has used Muddy Wellies?…click here for details

Shaneleone wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a local photographer who specialises in newborn shoots?…click here for details

NewExPatMom has recently moved to the area from the US. Welcome! She’d love recommendations for places to get hair cut and colored, restaurants that are ok with a 2 year old, recommendations of how to find a trusted babysitter, places to buy really great produce and a pediatrician…click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these vacancies!

We LOVE Hamptons and they need a new office administrator. Pick me, pick me! (click here).  Octopus Investments are struggling to find great receptionists for their trendy new offices at Chancery Lane (click here).  Open Air Fit, a local based sports company, are looking for a young, energetic and above all enthusiastic person (click here).  and AbbevilleMummy is looking for a nanny to start in March/April, on a live-in basis. Excellent level of English is essential as help with homework is required! (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

Soriano asks what is everyone doing with kids this half term? She has an 8 and 6 yr old and is curious to hear what camps and activities others have planned for the week (click here).  Oldschoolclub asks ‘would you like to learn how to sew, make dresses, new cushion covers, curtains or Roman blinds for your home?’ (click here).  Looking for innovative party ideas? Why not star in your own pop video? Mr NVN loves “Addicted To Love” by Robert Palmer but I’m not making that for him! (click here).  Minies and Minders have fun activities for toddlers and babies on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (click here).  Mumtoafew asks if anyone sends their children to Youngsters holiday clubs? Are they any good? (click here).

We LOVE this idea! The lovely Nick is organising a Dads “Walk & Talk” and the inaugural event is in March!…click here for details

When it’s this cold you HAVE to dream of holidays!

PP asks if Eurocamp Holidays are a good idea? She has great memories of them as a child but wonders if they are too “holiday campish” can you help “peg down” an answer to this before we need to (guy) rope someone else in to help? (click here)  JuJu has some last minute holiday and is looking for beach holidays in March with children. Any ideas? (click here) and Travel Designers have responded to a question about Da Balaia, thanks guys!…click here for details

Don’t run in the corridors, otherwise you’ll miss our education questions!

Mum_of_two_boys wonders what’s the difference between Newton Prep and Thomas’s Battersea? (click here).  Rosebud_twinkletoes asks which primary school catchment area does the Dover House Conservation Area fall into? (click here).  Claphamchick requests if anyone has any experience with the Sparkies and Alphabet nurseries(click here).  Hellokittyerw has been offered a morning place at Mouse House and an afternoon place at Marmalade Cat. Which should she choose? (click here).  MGMidget is weighing up these two nurseries: Kids Unlimited and The Baby Room, can you help her decide? (click here).

Our House and Garden section is busier than the rugby celebrations in Wales on Friday evening. Not!

Annieo wonders if anyone knows of a local firm that makes replica traditional Victorian banisters? (click here).  Ramdays recently moved into a terraced house BTC and hates the sight of bins in front of the house. Is a “bin shed” a good idea? (click here).  SMB01 posted a few months ago looking for a carpenter and someone recommended Billy …. so glad! It was me AND he’s gorgeous! (click here). Dansk1234dance just had a loft converted and decided to put in a flat dome roof light, can you ILLUMINATE her on the best one to choose?!! (click here). Hirst needs suggestions for a garden designer! Who is Wandsworth’s Capability Brown? (click here)  Swan158 needs to get the exterior of their house re-painted, who is Wandsworth’s Leonardo Da Vinci? (click here).  Chantal2011 needs Nappy Valley’s best double glazing person! (click here).  Cuqui03 would like to hear of anyone who does small delivery jobs? Have you tried House Elf? They sound small! (click here).  Mrsbfrombalham is looking to replace a drafty back door with a new uPVC once. Any recommendations? (click here).  Coolclapham needs suggestions for a seamstress(click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Phil and Teds Sport double buggy for sale £30 (click here), bath seat for £5 (click here) Maxi Cosi Cariofix car seat and “Family Fix” isofix base all for sale for £40 (click here)  and Bloom Fresco highchair for sale, Black and Cream for £150 …click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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