Dying wife: “refused her morphine” and “laughed at”. Advice sought. 20,000 seater stadium coming to Earlsfield. Pizza pilfering pooches sought.

Last Updated on : 1st August 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from two weeks in Greece with Mark Warner.

One of the highlights was a snorkel safari on a beautiful boat, straight out of Mama Mia.

As we chugged towards the dive site, Mr NVN was in full Mary Beard mode attempting to enthuse the children with stories of Golden Fleeces, Sirens and Gorgons.

Suddenly my youngest jumped up, more animated than at any other time of the holiday.

“Look, look,” she shouted, pointing towards the front of the boat.

Mr NVN radiated smugness. I could tell he was already envisaging classics degrees and glittering prizes whose origins would be traced back to this very moment.

“They’ve got KETCHUP PRINGLES on the boat,” she squeaked, “I’ve never seen them before!”

“Can we have some Euros?” continued my eldest, also swept up in the moment, “you’re always telling us to try foreign food.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

A heartbreaking post by SouthLondonJoiner. He is hoping for advice. His wife died of cancer and he feels her end-of-life care, at a major local hospital, was dreadful. She was “refused morphine” and “laughed at” and as a result he is now in the middle of what he feels is an unsatisfactory hospital investigation. Should he contact the media to persuade the authorities to take the issue more seriously? It goes without saying our thoughts are with him and his family and if you can help please do post (click here).

weekly1It looks likely that there will be a new TWENTY THOUSAND seater football stadium in Earlsfield and eight hundred new homes, according to Wandsworth Council. Wow, the words quart and pint pot come to mind! (click here)

Remember last weeks Northcote Road/Kentucky Fried Chicken/Chicken Shop story? Well it turns out that it’s not entirely correct. The new tenant for the Northcote Patisserie spot does have a hint of hen about them but it’s neither of the proffered purveyors of poultry! (click here)

The conman has been spotted again! But does he have a new disguise? (click here)

We don’t usually have posts from children but last week was a first. A young girl was eating pizza on Wandsworth Common when two dogs romped up, ate her food and scratched her phone. She wasn’t hurt, but she is very upset and would love to find the owner of the pizza pilfering pooches so she can make amends. Hear, hear and if you’re the guilty party please do own up, she only wants £20! (click here)

weekly1Superglue in door locks sounds a bit like an urban myth but it’s happened to two houses “Between the Commons”. Know of any others? And more importantly, what does it signify? (click here)

There is an au-pair meet up TOMORROW in All Bar One on Northcote Road. Do please circulate the details to anyone who might want to attend! (click here)

SM is looking for an IFA. I’ve posted two suggestions but if you know of more just post! (click here).

SB is a little confused about the Shaftesbury Park Uniform. She’s ordered most of it but what about sports kit, pencil cases and the like? Any advice gratefully received!(click here)

NotJustaMum is hoping to find a gym with a creche and a pool in SW London. I was about to suggest Virgin Active but she writes they’re closing their creche. Wow, I’m stunned, I thought it was really popular? (click here)

weekly1GTC is searching for an adult dermatologist to deal with a recurrent skin rash around her mouth. Do please post if you know of a good one, she’s been unable to find anyone to help her so far (click here)

FirstTimer would love any 40th birthday gift suggestions. MM replied “a tattoo” :-). Any non-skin-based-art suggestions? (click here)

Seabel wonders where she might donate nearly-new baby clothes? (click here).

Hol78 is looking for a lovely UK holiday destination for four people – can you suggest a brilliant base for a break? (click here)On the same theme, but further away from home, 40Plus is after personal recommendations for a villa near a beach in Barbados? (click here).

I wouldn’t suggest this for a holiday but it’s a great idea for little ones looking for tutoring! Bonas MacFarlane have teamed up with Team Camp offering educational summer camps for 6-12 year olds in London (click here).

Sticking with summer “Whats On”: Little Gym have entered the Space Race. Well obviously not really really but they’re planet-themed summer holiday activities sound perfect for any budding astronauts (click here). On the same theme, Patrick has posted details of a 50% special offer for football courses at Burntwood School (click here). Keep an eye out for our Thursday “Whats On” email of other activity ideas (click here)

BSM wonders if you can recommend a radio control car for her three year old? (click here)Do you know which wheels a budding Button should buy?

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than SW Trains have holes in their timetable!

Travel Designers are looking for a business development executive (click here). An Earlsfield based automotive dealer are searching for a administrator/receptionist (click here)JK needs an after school nanny/cook (click here)Lastly, Little Red Hen are hoping to recruit a P/T administrator (click here).

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Corbyn has leadership challengers!

Both “The Swede” and LMM and hoping to find loft conversion company recommendations (click here). LB has added to the discussion about South London Lofts (click here) MD needs a good heating engineer to replace an entire water system (click here). WM asks what might be the average daily rate for an exterior painter? (click here). Gail wonders if you can know of a great removal firm? (click here). Lastly, PK wants to recommend Ayrton Windows (click here).

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a wooden train set (click here), FOR SALE a dolls house (click here) and a wooden side table (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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