Earlsfield Gastropub stabbing. ‘Wealthy Balham residents targeted for being rich’. Help me sell Catholic school to husband!

Last Updated on : 6th March 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Wow, you’ve pushed the boat out for World Book Day!”

I love World Book Day but in spite of Mr NVN’s little joke, I hadn’t made an effort, we were about to disappear on a Turquoise holiday (oooh get us!) and I’d simply given myself a spray tan.

Maybe a little light on the spray and a little heavy on the tan, but it was nothing to do with World Book Day.

Then my eldest came into the kitchen, she’d overheard our exchange.

“Is that really for World Book Day?”, she asked, “I didn’t think it was a grown-up thing?”

“I DID MY OWN SPRAY TAN THIS IS NOT FOR WORLD BOOK DAY,” I replied, just as my youngest walked through the door.

“What are you meant to be?”


Then Mr NVN almost uninvited himself from the holiday…

“Well if you ever DO want to celebrate World Book Day,” he said looking me up and down, “that’s the best Dr Seuss Lorax I’ve ever seen.”


Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copySome awful news from Earlsfield: a stabbing outside the Earlsfield pub on Friday night has left a man, in his thirties, in a serious condition (read more).

Help me sell a Catholic school to my husband!” That’s the request from CD – can you assist in her persuasive project?  (read more).

Last week’s story about a spate of broken windows in SW12 has reached the wider press – The Standard are claiming ‘Wealthy Balham Residents are targeted for being rich’ (read more)

Do you remember the “Battle of the Councils” over the SW4 Music Festival?  “Sensible big sister” Wandsworth took on “Stay Out All Night and Never Do My Homework” Lambeth and after much sulky door slamming it looks like the noisy sibling has had her iPod confiscated. The music WILL be turned off at 10pm (read more). Next week Wandsworth is going to make Lambeth tidy up their council chamber.

​On to happier news, a fairy house is opening up on Webbs Road. Yup, you read that right! (read more)

weekly1-copyLast week’s thread asking for suitable chemo. gifts had a wonderful response – thank you to everyone who took part, some really lovely suggestions (read more).

Seb wonders if the advert for VIP Poo is for real? I actually think it is. A poo spray. It really is a poo spray. (read more)

If you are worried you may be about to get divorced, JJ has recently set up as a divorce accountant (read more).

The Teletubbies used to be a smash hit but I bet you’ll be surprised by how long ago it first aired. Do you remember the beaming baby? She’s all grown up (read more)

Jenwaken is very keen for you to become involved with saving Northcote Library and Chatham Hall. Thanks for posting JW (read more)

weekly1-copyMG is hoping to find a great nutritionist – she needs advice about St Johns Wort as the side effects don’t sound great (read more). On the same theme, CM is looking for assistance testing for adult food allergies/intolerances (read more)

Last week the secondary school admission results were released. I hope all of you involved in this stressful process received the offers you were looking for and unsurprisingly, we’ve had quite a few posts on the subject…

Windmill got her 4th choice, how did you do, she asks? (read more). Helene also received her fourth choice: The Harris Academy – any opinions on the school, she wonders? (read more). FlowersSw11 is gunning for either Bolingbroke or Graveney, is she being realistic? (read more).


And onto your primary school posts…

Allfarthing gets a nice write up (read more). It looks like the council aren’t sending out the reception place confirmation letters any more (read more). Lastly, PKB asks for any experiences of Ravenstone or Trinity St Marys? (read here)

And sticking with education, or at least learning, R4T wonders if anyone can recommend a violin tutor? (read more)

The Evening Standard are looking for families (and couples) to feature in their budget coverage. If you fancy having your personal finances splashed over London’s largest newspaper, then you know what to do! (read more).

BM would love your suggestions for an ed. psych. for her son? (read more).

And PFB is hoping to find a ‘kind vet’ (read more).

Elna wonders if you know of a reflexologist? With two children already and one on the way, she hopes it might reduce her stress levels? (read more).

Kmini needs advice about her start-up, how might she work out if it’s a great idea? I’ve recommended an ace book and, on second thoughts, just as long as it’s not a poo spray! (read more)

The Third Battersea Piano Festival is on it’s way. It’s this weekend! I bet you can’t guess what instruments they play? Or where it’s held? (read more)

Supergirl’s little one has been referred to a paediatric cardiologist and they’re going to the Portland. Can you recommend whom they should see? (read more)

HTM’s nanny is setting up as a sleep consultant. The service can be kicked off with a Skype call and it does sound very interesting! (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than The Oscars are having post-envelope-crisis meetings!

Mummag would love your recommendations for someone to damp proof a cellar (read more). Mo2 wonders if you’ve ever run a company that manages your own block of flats? How did it work? (read more). Mum2000 is after your architect and builder recommendations (read more). The windows/noise reduction thread has thrown up some interesting options (read more). Which is great timing as it really does look like the rail noise in Balham has increased – but we’re not entirely sure why (read more). ClaireM is hoping to find someone who can take over the maintenance of her AV system – Digicast are fully booked (read more). SJellie wonders who might remove a chimney breast? (read more).

Later this week Stacks Property Search London will be holding a free surgery in their Nightingale Lane office. Ideal if you’re in the market for a move, or want to understand the current property market a little more thoroughly (book here).


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: White Company cot bumper (read more), WANTED a play pen (read more) and SELLING Stokke day bed (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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