Earlsfield jeweller fronts drugs ring. ONE local school to lose £750k in funding. Private school cut off date?

Last Updated on : 5th June 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

I was pretty determined not to mention Saturday night’s awful events in this email.

Not because I wanted to pretend they didn’t happen, or to stick my head in the sand, but because I felt they were much better covered elsewhere.

And then late yesterday evening, Superdad posted the awful news that a familiar and friendly face, Dr Marine Vincent (who used to work at the Battersea Pharmacy on Northcote Road) was caught up in the London Bridge atrocity (read more).

It goes without saying that the thoughts of the NappyValleyNet team are with everyone involved, that we’re wishing all those injured a swift recovery and that we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who helped prevent a tragedy turning into something much much worse.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

YAH has posted about a jeweller on Garratt Lane who has been busted for a drugs ring. You could knock her down with a feather – she’s been going there for years! (read more)

Sticking with crime, a man threatened to shoot police in a four-hour Wandsworth stand-off last week. (read more)

Two questions about funding: the NUT have released a handy tracker so one can see how much funding your local school might lose. One Nappy Valley school could lose over £750k! And on nursery funding: J14 is worried that the free 15 hours are over?  (read more)

Still on politics: the week has arrived and the debate is hotting up and bubbling over, both on the streets, on the screen and here on NappyValleyNet! (read more)

And GG wonders what you thought of May and Corbyn’s performance in the Channel 4 debate last week? (read more)

SW would like to hear about your experience of going through vasectomy as a couple.  She assumes it’s quite common but nobody ever talks about it. MR NVN once had to take a call in an open plan office about “the snip”. He didn’t realise everyone could hear him discuss the very intimate details! (read more)

A discussion about how to get rid of foxes has tips including wee and lion poo. My first thought is where does one get lion poo? My second is I bet it works as there are NO foxes in The Lion King! (read more)

LGL could do with some help: what to do about her terrible PMT? (read more)

RF is new to the area and would love to know the best playgrounds around? (read more)

Essential Local are planning this years Ritherdon Road Street Party and wonder what you thought of last years? (read more)

Next week is Child Safety Week and our friends at First Aid for Life have posted details about their new book, Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls which can be yours for just 99p when you download it. (read more)

T is after recommendations for puppy day care in SW19 or SW20? (read more)

Balham Literary Festival starts next week. This is your last chance to win pairs of tickets to Thomasina Miers and two fabulous children’s sessions. You’ve got until 10am! (read more)

Jumble Trail is back in the ‘hood’ on the streets of Wandsworth in mid-July.  Time to start gathering your bric-a-brac – ooh, I love a good clear out! (read more)

S is looking for a semi-private small room for dinner for eight. Love how this has branched out beyond our Nappy Valley bubble! (read more)

Sweat Session Bootcamp on Wandsworth Common is a one hour, Thursday evening session for a full body workout – sweat guaranteed! (read more)

M23 is looking for outdoor boxing during the summer. Great form of exercise with anger management thrown in! Maybe she should try the Sweat Session! (read more)

Julian asks who knows where to get logos printed on t-shirts and more? (read more)

The fake locksmith scam goes on. Still more stickers being stuck – beware! (read more)

MSWL’s post about finding diamonds in London and Brigthon is sparkling again (read more)

Belleville Brewery on Jaggard Way is offering a lovely 15% off all their cans in the run up to Father’s Day. Apparently dads prefer beer to socks?! Really!!? And in other obvious news bears like honey! (read more)

WM has asked what she should pay a holiday au-pair? I’m free if you take me with you…! (read more)

Let’s Act have posted details of free trials of their musical theatre sessions for children in July to whet the appetite for the September term. (read more)

Our roving foodie Rob has been out and about: find out what he thought of Osteria Antica Bologna & The Walrus Room, Clapham Junction (read more)

Would you like a copy of our totally free and totally brilliant Design and Build Guide? Email me your address by clicking here if you do!


We have more travel posts than British Airways have IT nightmares!

Luxury Family Hotels would love your thoughts on what is important to you on your baby’s first holiday. Just six quick questions to help them get their offering spot on, and the chance to win a spa treatment! (read more)  JT asks where to go for November sun, ideally without man-eating sharks?! (read more)  A has posted details of a holiday rental in Northern France which can sleep up to 20!  Mega holiday time! (read more). H still has availability for very baby friendly holidays in the South of France (read more).  Holidaying Italian-style has got you talking (I want to go to Puglia NOW) and LG has asked where might be toddler friendly? (read more)  PS’s post about Cape Verde is still running – trashy or not? (read more)  You’ve still got the chance to make the most of a fantastic offer to stay at Gitcombe in Devon this month with its luxury cottages, indoor and outdoor pool and foodie pubs within walking distance…oh to still have pre-schoolers. (read more)


Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Pippa has thank you cards to write!

Burke & Wills are looking for an experienced removalist (sounds like something out of a movie – The Removalist!). (read more)  Trinity Global have posted about a position in executive search (read more)  SWL would love to hear from medical or biological science graduates looking for some flexible work (read more)  An Earlsfield company is looking for an experienced photo editor with experience in homes and interiors. (read more)  P is a friendly and reliable dog-walker who would love to keep your four-legged friends company (read more).  BB is looking for after school care plus full time in the summer holidays in the Balham/Hyde Farm area. (read more). Mrs.T. (any relation to Mr. T? Don’t make me mad!) is looking for a nanny share in Abbeville Village for her 8 month old. (read more). And from nannys to clowns (hmm I just can’t link these two!): W is looking for a clown to entertain children at a party? Have you READ “IT” by Stephen King? (read more)


We have more schools questions than Waitrose has free cups of coffee!

H has posted details of a new nursery opening on Nightingale Lane (read more)  The discussion on Primary School waiting lists goes on with the suggestion that those planning on turning down places to go private should be given a cut-off date to give their answer. (read more)  C has just got a place (or her child has!) at the Meteor Street site of Belleville and has some questions for those in the know (click here)  Your experiences of Eveline Day School are plentiful! (read more)  CM is looking for a tutor who can help with getting ready for 7+ assessments (read more)


We have more House & Garden queries than we had thunder on Friday!

T asks if anyone has any experience of right of light issues? (read more)  L wants to know how to scaffold for a loft conversion when you have a side return in the way? (read more)  CM is looking for a builder to do a garden wall and decking so she can make the most of the sunshine! (read more)  A has had enough of creaking floorboards – who can help? Ghostbusters!? (read more)  ES would like a window cleaner recommendation (read more)  And CM needs somebody to repair her dishwasher urgently (the washing up pile is growing by the minute…). (read more)  WK is looking for an affordable curtain cleaning service. (read more)  M is looking for a self-contained studio flat in Wandsworth (read more)  O has two large double rooms to rent in Wandsworth. Maybe M should meet O..! (read more)  WL was looking for a B&B close by. Seems there’s quite an Airbnb scene going on! (read more)  A is hoping for recommendations to build a rear extension (read more)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

A is after a buyer for her black Jaguar X-type – ooh, sporty! (read more)  P is selling her electric tricycle with room for 4 children! Pretend you’re in Amsterdam! (read more)  JD is looking for a new passenger for her Disney Light ‘n Comfy Luxe infant car seat (read more)



Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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