I have a favourite child: help! Builders mess up: husband too tall for extension! Low self-esteem: advice?

Last Updated on : 30th January 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,


 I wasn’t sure if it was an invitation or an exclamation but Mr NVN seemed in a chipper mood as he banged a rather battered box containing the classic word game onto our living room table.

 “Just picked it up,” he said “the kids will love it plus it’ll help with their English and stuff.”

 The children, who were sat on the sofa next to me did not look convinced.

 “Did you find it in a skip?” I asked, it was a very very tatty box.

 Bought it in a charity shop.” he replied, then I noticed the price sticker on the side of the box.

 “Did you really pay £10?” I said, “it can’t be much more brand new.”

 “Actually,” he paused before going a bit quiet, “I paid £20”.

 Three sets of eyebrows were raised in unison, although I’m not sure my youngest knew why she was raising hers.

 “I asked the old lady in the shop if she could do a discount because it was battered and actually cheaper in Peter Jones.

 “She then shouted into the back of the shop that a man wanted to know if the prices were negotiable because it wasn’t worth it and everyone in the shop started staring and tutting so I put twenty quid on the counter, grabbed it and walked out.”

 “Well its a good cause” I countered, “shall we play?”

 He opened the box and went quiet.

 “We can’t, two of the letters are missing.”

Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyDo you have a favourite child? It’s not something any of us might like to consider but FQ has admitted she does and would welcome your advice to minimise any hurt (read more). Please bear in mind when replying that this is a real person with a very real problem.

Two related questions: M2M needs your help. Her builders have created a “Hobbit Hole” and their new extension is too small for her tall husband (read more). The first user to mention Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf in their reply gets a life-ban! Slightly related, CD would love to know if anyone has managed to raise the ceiling in a first floor bedroom? (read more).

Homebase in Wandsworth is going to be turned into…any guesses … yup flats! Not everyone agrees this is a good thing (read here). Sticking with developments, the car park behind Wandsworth Prep looks like it’s getting some new buildings too (read more).

weekly1-copyAdele was in Battersea Park! I wonder if she was “Rolling in the Deep” end of the duck pond? Or if she said “Hello” or if…OK, I’ll stop! (read more).

WM wonders if you can recommend an accountant for a small business?   No suggestions for BT’s Italian finance department please, although I suspect they’re all available! (read more).

Beck3 would love your suggestions for dinner in Balham? Low key and suitable for grandparents is the brief, so a kebab after the Bedford comedy night is probably off the cards (read more)

Will Movers and Shapers help work off that kebab and comedy night? BB would love to know (read more).

Last week’s thread on unusual museum recommendations has been fascinating! From The Clink to the Hunterian Museum and even the Northcote Road 4×4 Gallery (Ok, I made that last one up) but there are some truly fascinating suggestions (read more)

weekly1-copyWM wonders if you’ve ever gone to arbitration with the Tenant Deposit Scheme? If so, what happened? (read more).

AG would love your personal training recommendations – can you suggest a PT who gets results? (read more).

From personal trainers to…puppy trainers! VS would love your recommendations for someone to call her dog to heel! (read more).

Do you remember those lost pregnancy notes? Well it turns out, according to Mr T, that you don’t need your notes to give birth and all’s well that ends well. Yay! Congratulations! (read more).

We LOVE Julian Tennis Coach and he’s just posted details of his holiday camps. A wonderful person running wonderful activities – check them out! (read more)

weekly1-copySWLover is sick of the way she feels and 2017 is the year she’s going to do something about it. Yay! Can you recommend a low-self-esteem therapist, she asks? (read more)

Parkside Hospital have two events which they’ve posted on our calendar: first, a weight loss surgery talk with Professor Marcus Reddy (read more). Second, details of their clinical and non-clinical recruitment days this coming Saturday (read more).

We have a pencil case full of school posts!

Broomwood Hall Pre-Prep. on Ramsden Road tell us details of their open morning– thank you! (read more)  LT would love your opinions on the Hurlingham School(read more) NB’s little one is due to turn three this year, what do you think of Shaftesbury Park, Chesterton Primary School, Sacred Heart and also Christchurch? (read more). HB wonders if it’s a problem that Emanuel don’t offer football? Might the rest of their sport offering make up for that, she wonders? (read more).

There are FOUR education articles that I really want to mention: firstly, Tutormapper look at the GCSE grade band revisions and what might they mean for your child? (read more). Secondly, Falcon School for Girls have just finished up an extremely successful STEM week – a brilliant initiative – well done! (read more) Thirdly, Finton House have announced details of their brand new all-weather hockey pitch on Tooting Common. It’s the result of a great partnership with All Stars – another big well done! (read more)Lastly, and sticking with hockey, Woldingham have been chosen an an England Hockey Performance Centre – yet another well done! (read more)

We have luggage carousel full of travel posts…

Ski Famille have published details of their last minute ski offers – including a chalet still available over Feb half term (read more). Sauasages1234 is considering Mark Warner Levante or Mark Warner Lakitira – any preferences? (read more). Turquoise Holidays have released details of their May half-term special offer: Oman’s Six Senses in Zighy Bay. Two free nights, 10% off and kids stay for free!  (read more). AKS’s little one is finally ready to travel, they want some winter sun, any ideas? (read more). Nightingale wonders if anyone can help with details of skiing in Scotland? (read more)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than China Town has celebrations! 

Do you have room for any more New Year Resolutions? If so, check out Portico’s Top Five resolutions for 2017 (read more). Treep needs a washing machine fitter asap! (read more). MB wonders who might board a loft? (read more). ML wonders who/how much might it cost to replace a front wall? (read more). TF needs someone to flush radiators (read more). Kitty asks if she can rent a flat on a low income if she has a guarantor? (read more). VH wonders if you can recommend someone to paint an entire house? (read more). Lastly, Tinkerbell can bring your furniture back to life! (read more)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Recaro baby seat (read more) FOR SALE a baby kit bundle: cot, sling, changing table and more (read more) and FOR SALE Dutailier nursing chair (read more)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!Love,

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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