Female private detective wanted. Local mother drives 4×4 at cyclist. Pupils watching TV during school? Doorknockers: new approach? Foxlow comes to SW12!

Last Updated on : 12th October 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last week there was another nasty accident on Balham High Road, just opposite the Tesco Express petrol station and outside Rutherford House school.

It’s a really horrible piece of tarmac. Cars not only whizz up and down the High Road but also cross four carriages to get to the petrol station, slow down to turn left into Tooting Park Road and I haven’t even mentioned those vehicles using the BP garage or speeding out of Ritherdon Road.

So when Seb posted a few weeks ago (click here) that he’d just witnessed a nasty smash I wasn’t too surprised and when it happened *again* last week I’m afraid I just made a mental note to be extra careful.

Thankfully, however, the parents at Rutherford House have been more pro-active and set-up an e-petition to get something done about this dangerous stretch of SW London. So please do check out their petition (click here) and sign if you agree that something should be done.

On a separate note, we’ve had a ton of requests for print copies of the NappyValleyNet Schools Guide. Most of you should have received your issues by now but it’s still not too late to order a copy, simply ping schools@www.nappyvalleynet.com and we’ll pop one in the post.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Female private detective wantedFLOH3 is looking for a female private detective. Shout if you know who might be able to help…click here for details

Abbeville77 wants to know if raspberry leaf capsules work? Raspberry leaf capsules? Is that “a thing”? Turns out it is and they work!…click here for details

An unfortunate lady had her car “scrummed” by some well refreshed rugby revelers last weekend. Shame England couldn’t devote as much energy into their rucking…click here for details

E Computing shared a disturbing picture of a car and motorbike crash in Balham. Please do be careful with your car doors everyone and I hope the rider is OK…click here for details

On the same theme, a SW London mother drove her 4×4 at a cyclist and ended up inside a shop in Kingston…click here for details

CN asks if it is “OK” that her children seem to watch a lot of TV at school? I guess if it’s not Game of Thrones then it’s not tooo bad?click here for details

FJJ is thinking of having an eye test at Bellemores but it’s very very expensive. Worth it?…click here for details

1Foxlow is an amazingly fabby restaurant AND IT’S COMING TO BALHAM. All shall eat foxes. Or lows…click here for details

Sticking with food, NappyValleyNet has a brand new roving food reporter. He’s already visited Pernella (click here) and if you have any suggestions for restaurants to review then please email rob@www.nappyvalleynet.com.

Two IVF posts: firstly, MummyABC asks if you’d recommend Dr Nikolaou based at C&W ACU? (click here). Secondly, some great advice if you’re looking at the NHS for IVF in Wandsworth…click here for details

Julian Tennis Coach warns us all to be careful. He witnessed a nasty accident after building materials were left on a pavement. Thanks for the warning!…click here for details

FLOH3 has had a few doorknockers recently and wonders if they’re trying a new approach?…click here for details

1Keeping on a crime theme, following last week’s seven burglaries in one day, Police Sergeant Shickle has posted that things have calmed down. There is however some bad news, he is leaving us..click here for details

It was The Inside Man’s last day of trading yesterday. Good luck with finding a new venue Robert!..click here for details

Stonylee had some curtains. Then she had them dry cleaned. Now she has small(er) curtains! She’d love some advice on what her rights might be?…click here for details

Wandsworth Council have posted that the mini-golf in Battersea Park is now open, it’s 12 holes and perfect for any fledgling Faldos!..click here for details

HHirst is looking for a nanny payroll provider…click here for details

R14 is desperately searching for an “In the Night Garden” character mascot for her own birthday party. Ok, I made that last bit up, it’s for her daughter, but if you can help please shout…click here for details

On a similar theme, AM is looking for male aupairs to help at her own birthday party (click here). Ok, Ok, it’s also for her little one!

1DD asks if you’ve ever thought of having a Tarot reading? She can read your cards if you have. I LOVED the movie  “Live and Let Die” but I’m think thats like saying I loved Jaws to someone who works with fish! (click here).

THREE TRAVEL posts…Cosmo is looking for ski holiday recommendations? Take me, take me, that’s my recommendation! (click here), CMR would love you family friendly accommodation suggestions for Cape Town? (click here) 

INMH would like to recommend Meriski. Nannies, drivers, an outdoor hot tub AND she’s looking for another family to join them on one of their winter holidays next year. Also take me, also take me! (click here). We also have a Meriski special offer as part of our September Competitions: free place in their creche anyone? (click here).

JP Art are hosting an evening to raise money for Medicin Sans Frontiers and their work in the Syrian crisis. It’s THIS week and is a fantastic initiative. Good luck Joanne, I know you’ll have an amazing evening…click here for details

Paint the Town Green are great friends of NappyValleyNet and it seems we’re not the only ones that love them! BDB wants to recommend them and I couldn’t agree more, they decorated my daughters room…click here for details

We have more school posts than Jeremy Clarkson has had meetings with HR!

LocalLass is confused about the Lambeth school system. She has her heart set on Henry Cavendish but it’s looking unlikely (click here).

Wandsworth Council would like to remind parents that secondary school selections must be made by the end of THIS month (click here).

A Wandsworth School has just won a RIBA Award. Wow, well done!.click here for details

Our open day calendar is full of, well, open days. Broomwood, Hornsby and Northcote Lodge all coming up (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Waitrose has sold “bags for life”

CT is looking for a roofing specialist (click here), NMIL has just moved to the area and needs help with utlities, whom should she use? (click here). S. asks if anyone has used Doran Brothers recently? They’ve “gone a bit quiet” (click here) LP73M would cherish your carpet shop suggestions (click here).  BH3 would like to recommend her interior designer (click here). Alice would love a quote for her sash windows to be restored (click here). We’ve had a TON of architect recommendations – thanks everyone! (click here) Lastly, E4E is hunting for a removals firm (click here).

OLD :Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a Bugaboo Chameleon (click here) a JoJo Maman maternity coat (click here) and a lots of lovely Gro-Bags (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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