Forced to move: criminally intimidating neighbours. Local school closed for 2018 entry. Urgently need to de-stress – but how?

Last Updated on : 26th September 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

It won’t be news to anyone who lives in SW London that many of our local schools are oversubscribed.

And, after publishing our latest Schools Guide, we thought we had a pretty good understanding of the local school application “landscape”.

However, when one local school announced this week that it was 48 hours away fromclosing applications for the 2018 11+ entry, we were surprised. This is four months earlier than last year.

This means current year 5 pupils, if they haven’t already registered, are already too late (click here).

NappyValleyNet will always do it’s best to keep you up-to-date with application deadlines and open days (click here to receive a copy of our schools guide) so if you have little ones in the current year 4, it’s probably a good idea to start planning those secondary school applications.

Here’s is what you’ve been talking about this week:

weekly1-copySome awful news from Balham, a man has been shot just off Bedford Hill. His condition is not thought to be life-threatening (click here). We’ve also reproduced thelatest Balham Ward update from the Metropolitan Police which contains coverage of this event and the recent fatal road accident in SW12 (click here).

I really hope we can help with this request: Gail is a long standing NVN’er and is looking for bereavement counsellor recommendations (click here). Her sister died ten months ago and she’s not sure she’s coping. I am so sorry you’re suffering Gail and I’m delighted that you’ve already had some replies.

We’ve never had this question before, however I can understand why TG might find this distressing: her son is about to start boarding school and she wonders if it’s necessary for a new doctor to check his t*sticles? (click here)

Lalectric urgently needs to de-stress, but how, she asks? It’s affecting her health and she’s looking for some quick solutions: meditation/exercise/visualisation? (click here).

weekly1-copyR. and her partner are weighing up the benefits of private IVF versus NHS IVF. They’d welcome any input on cost/ success rates and ongoing care for both of these routes so they can make an informed decision (click here).

Another question we’ve never had before: F&F is looking for a football team for her male au pair (click here)First person to suggest Millwall get banned!

FP is looking to move urgently due to “criminal intimidation” from her neighbours? Does anyone have experience of quick sale auction sites, she asks? (click here).

You know that lovely row of trees across Tooting Common? Well it looks like they’re coming to the end of the life and the council are planning some replacements (click here)

We’ve had TWO IFA requests this week: Angus is looking for help as to how to deal with rental income in a tax efficient manner (click here) and CTMum is hoping to find a great mortgage advisor (click here).

Millie McCallum are great friends of NappyValleyNet. In a previous life their lovely founder was a huge supporter so I’m delighted to mention her latest fabby t-shirt venture. And she’s offering 10% off for NVN’ers – thanks MM!

weekly1-copyGayville desperately needs brilliant IT support and our go-to-favorite TobyTech is currently away at university. Know of another local Bill Gates? (click here).

From IT support to legal eagles. BTCmum needs a law society solicitor (click here)

Mims is hoping to find a “posh” local restaurant for a 50th birthday? We’ve had some lovely ideas already – thank you everyone. The first person to add Chicken Cottage also gets banned! (click here)

From a 50th to a 1st! LGMama is hosting a first birthday party for her little one and would love entertainment ideas. Too young for Sharkey and George? (click here).

St Barnabas Church have posted details of their Harvest Festival on the 1st of October. Heaps of activities and totally free to attend. Just don’t ask if it’s their first time in a Harvester! (click here)

The lovely Nurturing Mums have published the dates of their next Northcote Road post-natal courses. Lovely people, gorgeous events and a chance to learn, meet and chat with other mums but that’s not all. Follow the link for a chance to win a place on their next SW11 course! (click here).

We LOVE the Skylark and every once in a while they host an evening supper club. It’s a wonderful evening with amazing food, lovely wines and a night time Wandsworth Common as a stunning backdrop. They’ve just announced another couple of dates, see you there (click here)

weekly1-copySFMum needs your help. She’s going back to work but her nursery care isn’t sufficiently “wrap around”. Should she hire a nanny? And if so part-time or full time? (click here)

I mentioned Swimway’s new Balham Pool last week – looks like it’s already very busy! (click here)

Office Space is one of my favourite movies and, by coincidence, Sof is looking for office space for up to seven people (click here)

Rob is our roving food reporter and he’s just trotted down to the Thai Grocer in Earlsfield. Was it more Asda than Waitrose? Or Lidl than Safeway? Only one way to find out!

At this time of year many of us are struggling to settle our little ones into new nurseries and schools. Some lovely advice here from Gateway House: their Top Tips for Settling Your Child

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Jeremy Corbyn has leadership votes

SE are advertising part-time roles in care recruitment (click here). Edible Food Designs is a local investment bank (Ok, they’re not, they’re caterers and party-planners) and they want an office manager (click here). DJ has a vacancy for a PPC and paid social media manager. You’ll need to understand MySpace and FriendsReUnited to make sure you’re down with the kids! (click here). They also need aP/T social media manager (click here). Lastly, HammondCoxCasting are hunting for a real family who can be filmed eating together in harmony for a commercial (click here). Mmmm, good luck with that one!

We have more “House and Garden” questions than the Bridget Jones has diaries! 

Some great “pebble dash removal” advice – thanks everyone! (click here). Fruisli is keen to recommend a painter and decorator (click here). A number of you are still looking for a firm to help with shutter repairs (click here). DSW18er has a fascinating question about basement height – essential reading if you’re thinking of doing yours! (click here) MMB is looking for roofer recommendations (click here). KMC is starting a garden redesign from scratch and would love some advice (click here)Lastly StripyShirt wonders if anyone has worked with Blue Team Gardens? (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: an Emanuel School Blazer (click here), an Aspace desk (click here) and Alecitas is selling a wide range of Pinatas! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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