Frequently Asked Questions About Posting Your Event Details

We want everyone in Nappy Valley to know about your event so please take the time to post it carefully. A few minutes now will make a huge difference to its success!


  • QUESTION: my event is not a one off but it repeats. How do I make it repeat?

You cannot make your event repeat but we can!
Simply post the event as a “one-off” and then email the event name and repetition details to and we will sort it out for you!

  • QUESTION: which details should I post?

Please tell our users as MUCH as possible!

Where? When? How much?

IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A WEB ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER then NappyValleyNetters who want to ask you a question won’t be able to.

This could cost you business so please fill in these spaces on the form!

There is an option to add a Google map, please tick that and we will automatically add one for you! Do you have an image? Please add that as well. It will look lovely in the calendar overview.

  • QUESTION: what are categories and tags?

These enable our users to sort by type of activity, child’s age, area and more. Click as many of them as you can, they will really help our users to drill down to the right activity!

  • QUESTION: I have posted details of my event and now want to change it, what can I do? This could be because my event is cancelled or has moved.

Please email and we will delete event. Please repost the correct details. We rely on YOU the event organiser to tell us an event is not going ahead, please make sure you do send that email!

  • QUESTION: I have my own calendar and want to link it to yours, can I do that?

Yes, we would love you to!

We believe this calendar will be a huge part of NappyValleyNet and we want to make it as easy as possible to work with you.

There are a number of ways you can do this:-

1) If your event is in Facebook push out a “like” request to Annabel ( ). We can then “like” the pages and events and these will be AUTOMATICALLY fed into this calendar. You MUST tell us you want us to like the events though. Do this by emailing and write “Please can you like my events so they appear in your lovely calendar! 🙂 ” If you don’t put the smiley face in there we might not copy them over!

2) We can take ICS feeds and ICAL feeds. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this means. Ask your friendly techie or  contact for more details

3) If you’re REALLY serious about displaying events please check out the wonderful calendar whizzes we use: (click here).

They are very very good at what they do. It took us TWO years to find a firm we were happy to work with and think their calendar software is amazing.

Depending on the type of firm you are it’s probably free (yes, really!) and if you work with them events you create in your own calendar can be automatically sent into ours!

QUESTION: if you have any other questions please email

Click here to get back to the calendar!

LASTLY, don’t forget to TWEET AND FACEBOOK your event! There are buttons to do so on the page! If you tweet me at @nappyvalleynet I’ll do my best to give it a retweet



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