Friend in private school “fee fraud”. How do I sue my builders? Police cordon Almeric Road? Fallen while pregnant, advice please.

Last Updated on : 1st September 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from a week’s holiday in the Lakes.

It’s a big affair, over 30 members of my extended family descend on Ambleside for seven days of sailing, BBQs and walking.

One afternoon the teenage boys in our group wanted to watch the new Inbetweeners movie (rated 15). It didn’t take much persuading for Mr NVN to volunteer to drive them into town and tag along, even though I was a little worried it might be too highbrow for him.

Somehow my cheeky eleven year old nephew also snuck along although Mr NVN didn’t realize he had an under age guest until he was actually buying the tickets.

“How old?” asked the ticket lady pointing at my nephew.

“Fifteen,” replied Mr NVN a little unsure if he could brazen this out.

“Really?”, she raised her eyebrows.

“Honestly,” he said and as a diversionary tactic tried to order snacks.

“Who wants something to eat or drink?” he asked. The first response was from my nephew who suddenly morphed into “Polite Schoolboy from Central Casting” in an attempt to appear older.

“A box of wine gums and a small Fanta please Uncle Chris,” came a lone voice from the back.

“So how was it?” I asked after listening to him recount this story later that evening.

“Dunno, I had to watch Frozen with your bl**dy nephew.”

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 Audrey is wondering if she can tap into the NVN collective for recommendations on some lovely holiday places for the October half-term break? (click here). Twice_as_nice is wondering what people would suggest for an ideal family holiday, they’d like a min of 3 bedrooms, a living room, access to kids clubs / activities and babysitting plus somewhere nice to go out to eat etc.… click here for more details

We’ve a satchel full of “back-to-school” and nursery questions!

Petal is looking for any good nurseries towards Balham/Clapham South (click here) and also asks how do young children cope with the loo when at school? (click here). Toddlerputneymum wants to hear your views or experiences of Noddy’s nursery in Putney or Gwendolen House? (click here).  New-to-Earlsfield needs to get her daughter school shoes and is not sure how to do this well and cost effectively? (click here)  Shopper is planning to take her 10 year old for a haircut and seeks recommendations for somewhere that is not going to cost a fortune. So Nicky Clark and a booster seat isn’t an option, right? (click here)  Jon_events makes a plea. Please give our young people who are cycling for the first some space (click here) and staying with cycling BWM was wondering if anybody knew of any instructors in London who could help her son learn to ride a bike? He can balance for a few seconds but then comes off!…click here for more details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Our house and garden is busier than a school uniform supplier!

Gardenerg has a kitchen bar stool and the metal stand needs re-welding (click here). HoneyB has scaffolding on their house which means that Sky TV is no longer working, who can reposition their dish? (click here). Cyprus19 needs some help with the redesign of their master suite, they needs to reconfigure a bedroom, bathroom and separate dressing room (click here). AJ2012 has just discovered that their loft is (or appears to be) uninsulated, can anyone recommend a good local handy person(click here). Bexsouth needs suggestions for a good/honest/affordable builder in SW11 – they have a roof that needs patching and a damp wall that needs rendering(click here) Mizcloud has just got back from holidays to find that the washing machine broke down…plus one of the power showers is going crazy with the water temperature, do you know a good plumber? (click here)  JDMummy has rain water leaking into the kitchen, can anybody advise who they should call to have it checked up? Gutter specialists? Or builders? (click here) and Aliciavicedo is looking for a 1 bed flat to rent in Clapham-Battersea-Wandsworth…click here for more details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A Lindam metal playpen in great condition ONLY £45 (click here),  A nearly new Kids Car Booster Seat for £10 (click here) and a John Lewis Anna Drop-Side Cot bedmade from birchwood for £50 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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