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Last Updated on : 24th November 2017

Taking care of what belongs to you is always your priority, but that doesn’t just apply to your family, your home and your belongings. It should apply to your online life as well

Mother and baby sitting at table and using laptopDid you know every time you browse and buy, interact and input online, you leave a digital footprint that can be tracked? That’s why you can be happily looking at a pair of new-season ankle boots on a shopping website one minute, open a totally new web page to find out something else, like local playgroups for example, and find an advert winking at you, enticing you to buy the ankle boots you were just looking at. Is it magic? Is your laptop telepathic? No, it’s companies tracking your movements through your data to follow you around the web and target you with unwanted ads – and that’s just one side effect of being online.

Thankfully, there is a new way to look after your personal data that puts you back in control, offering solutions that actually aim to protect you and your loved ones, and help you get your data back where it belongs, with you. New EU regulations will soon mean companies have to give you your data back, for free – and there are newly developed tools to enable you to collect your data easily, have it at your fingertips and allow you to share it with who you want, on your terms.

Sounds too good to be true? Meet digi.me, the personal data app that runs on your phone and enables you to store your social media and financial information privately and safely, so that you can decide what to do with it. So how does it work. You use the digi.me app to gather your data in your own safe and secure library. You then choose where this lives, for example, on your Dropbox or Google Drive, then digi.me protects your library with military-grade security so no-one else can access it. Best of all, digi.me doesn’t see, hold or touch an individual’s data. It can’t and it doesn’t store anything, anywhere – it simply enables complete privacy and security.


The best bit is that you can then choose to exchange slices of your online life through the app in exchange for discounts and services. So, you could share what you want in exchange for services you would like, such as a clever app showing you the savings on your groceries compared to last month. In addition, you will be able to add other data streams including health information – imagine having your health and vaccinations data with you on tap everywhere you go; it could literally be a lifeline if you or your little one are taken ill. We all know how time-consuming it can be to fill out multiple online forms which essentially require the same information for different organisations. In the future you will be able to use your digi.me account instead.

Digi.me is the quick and easy way to get back in control of what is shared about you, while enjoying personal insight in to your data and how it’s used. Download digi.me now to start taking control of your online life, your privacy and that of your loved ones.



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