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Last Updated on : 6th April 2016

Recently the delightful dining companion (DDC) came into a possession of a Tastecard.  
For those of you who’ve not come across this service, it is a subscription scheme which allows users to get discounts on food at a variety of chain and local restaurants.



For reasons of economy I was keen to try this out, and had been badgering the DDC to go on something I’d for some unknown reason taken to calling a Tastecard safari for some time.

One fairly dismal Wednesday night she relented and agreed that we could go for the curry that I so hoped would alleviate a particularly persistent cold I’d been suffering from for over a week. We decided we’d try the Gaylord on Battersea Rise, as despite the fact I’ve lived in the area for about a million years, I’d somehow neglected to ever go inside.

baBattersea Rise is one of the most popular locations in the Clapham Junction for eateries, with many of the well-established ones such as Pizza Metro seemingly in situ since the dawn of time. The Gaylord it has to be said has been there for about as long as I can remember, out lasting other many other long established local favourites such as La Bouchon (for which the DDC probably still has some free meal vouchers) & La Pampa.

When dining out on the Tastecard, it’s best to check with the restaurant exactly what restrictions they have before booking. The information on the website can be only part of the truth or wildly out of date. When looking to see what the local offers were I noticed several at places that I knew to be out of business, and when calling one I was told yes they did accept the Tastecard, but all payments would have to be in cash.


beerTravelling in style I took the bus up the road, probably annoying the DDC with my every three minute updates as to what my ETA was looking like. She bore
this with fortitude and ordered a couple of beers (one for me I might add) and some poppadums with which to while away the time between texts.

I arrived finally about 20 minutes after the DDC and having joined her, taken a healing sip of Indian lager, I had a good look around. The restaurant might have been around for a number of years, but it seemed like it must have had a makeover fairly recently.

The interior does seem a bit like something beamed down from the USS Balti, a slightly futuristic looking mixture of white walls, light brown (but comfortable) seating and a smattering of blue ambient lighting. This space age feel was rather let down by a menu which was pretty much standard British curry house fare, heavy with a wide range of selections and a large number of house specials.


dNot being that hungry, the DDC and I went straight in for the mains, both ordering a Karahi, lamb for me and chicken for the DDC. Neither of us are big fans of rice, and both ordered a Naan bread. You probably guessed we’d go for something different, yep garlic for me and keema for her.

The food was good, competent but not stand out. Pretty much superior Indian food. The bill with discount though was just £34.08 and they added the service after the discount had been applied. As to the service it was warm and welcoming, and I’d have to say I’d be happy to eat there again. This was a place which pretty much did what it says on the tin.

A word to the wise however, if you do fancy treading in mine and the DDC’s footprints but find yourself without a Tastecard (what an omission!) you can still get a 30% discount Monday to Thursday by booking online. Well that about wraps it up so until the next time, happy dining.


gThe Gaylord
44 Battersea Rise
SW11 1EE

T: 020 7228 3981
T: 020 7924 4756
E: info@thegaylordbattersea.com


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