Get LBD in December

Last Updated on : 27th November 2013

Get LBD in DecemberWith summer long gone, we’ve all been languishing in our warm winter woollies. However, before we know it, we are going to have to be red carpet ready, the LBD season is almost upon us.  Here are my five favourite ways to get LBD ready, while there’s still time. 

  • GET THAT DRESS OUT. Whether it’s an old favourite or something new, try it on, scrutinize carefully, then imagine how it will look when you’re a few pounds lighter. Think of the occasion when you’re going to wear it – picture your red carpet moment, as you enter the office party, or Christmas drinks with friends, and hold that thought. Every time you are tempted to nibble on something naughty, remind yourself of your LBD.


  • WRITE IT DOWN. Writing down everything you eat and drink will help you become aware of what, when and why you are eating. You will feel more in control and it will help you cut calories where you need to.
  • AVOID PORTION DISTORTION . Cutting portions is vital! Even ‘healthy’ foods need to be limited if you’re serious about dropping a few pounds before the party season. Follow my 1/3 rule and eat 1/3 less of everything and you’ll soon see the difference .
  • NO MORE WINE OCLOCK – Come December you’ll  be drinking most nights, so try and abstain in November, it’s only for a few weeks. You’ll be amazed the difference it makes to your waistline, your face and your eyes!


  • SAY NO TO FOOD PORN Thankfully the Great British Bakeoff is over! The plethora of foodie ads on TV and pre Christmas cookery programmes means that food is everywhere, which makes it very hard to hold back. Resist the temptation to leaf through Nigellisma or Delia’s Christmas just for a few weeks. You can start cooking tempting treats in December.  Instead start oggling Net A Porter and Assos, to get you in the Christmas spirit and take your mind off the mince pies.

Coming soon..  jane Plan’s Top Tips on how to Get Waisted this Christmas – enjoy the party season and not put on pounds. Watch this space.   Get LBD in December

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