Gorgeous and Easy Fuss-Free Food!

Last Updated on : 3rd February 2013

The first thing my husband says to me as he walks through the front door at the end of the day is: “Hi honey, what’s for supper?”

Easy Fuss-Free Food

“Poached salmon with a citrus sauce and celeriac gratin”, I respond. I notice a big grin on his face as he goes about settling into the sofa for the evening.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your supper magically appeared on the dinner table at the end of a long day?

Neither my husband nor my kids have any idea what it takes to get such an imaginative dish to the table. I wander around the supermarket for hours looking for inspiration for the evening meals (despite the fact that they carry over 40,000 products, I’m still frequently stunned by my lack of creativity)!

I used to love browsing my now very dusty set of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson cookery books and would happily spend hours in the kitchen slaving away on a magnificent feast. Now though I struggle to make myself a cup of tea half the time, let alone plan, shop, prepare and cook!

That was until I discovered Jessica’s Recipe Bag. Quite literally it has revolutionised supper time in our house. Jessica and her lovely team take a chunk of stress out by managing the meal planning and food shopping, allowing you to focus on and enjoy the cooking.

Having ordered a ‘family bag’ from www.jessicasrecipebag.co.uk (they also now do ‘couples bags’), I wasn’t too sure what to expect (but had already given the service a big tick for free delivery). Was it going to be a bit like online shopping when they don’t have something they replace it with something else, what would the quality of ingredients be like, how simple and easy to follow would the recipes be? These questions were racing around my head when there was a knock at the door.

A bag bursting with fresh ingredients and

four tasty recipes gree

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ted me. I was like a kid in a sweet shop as I excitedly unpacked the bag – the vegetables looked like they had been handpicked that morning, the salmon fillets (supplied by Simsons fishmongers) were twice the size of the ones you get from the supermarket and the meat (from family-run British butchers, Billfields) was conveniently vacuum packed for ultimate freshness.

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I then set about cooking my first recipe ‘pesto and mozzarella pasta bake’ – it couldn’t have been simpler or tastier. The recipe leaflet was easy to follow and though I probably spent longer cooking than usual, I’d saved hours by not having to compose a shopping list and walk the supermarket aisles!

That week I worked my way through the recipe leaflet to include lamb with parsnip mash and chicken tagine with herby couscous – reclaiming precious time and reigniting my love for cooking (as well as extending my repertoire of 5 dishes!). The family couldn’t believe the variety of yummy food I was so easily rustling up, but what they didn’t realise was the nutritional value of it too – each meal is packed full of freshly cooked ingredients so you can be sure you and your family are eating a nutritionally balanced diet – another tick for Jessica!

So, if like me, your new years resolution is ‘eat more healthily, lose weight and do more exercise’, then I suggest give Jessica’s Recipe Bag a

Salmon-in-citrus-sauce-with-celeriac-gratin-2012-10-18go – the huge variety of healthy recipes will be the best kick-start you can have to a healthier you in 2013 – you might just have to do a few extra laps of the park as you won’t be running around the supermarket that’s for sure!


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