Grandmother cuts grandchildren’s hair against mother’s wishes. Don’t have BOTOX without reading this. Which Wandsworth state schools are selective? *200* new homes for Wandsworth burial ground.

Last Updated on : 15th August 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

I’ve got a new idea for a TV game show and it’s based on my own experiences of the last seven days.

It’s called “Go Away for a Week Leaving Your Husband in Charge of the House and See If He Can Not Ask a Silly Question Every Day” Show.

Ok, the title needs work but I’m convinced I’m onto a winner.

It would be like that old quiz “Mr and Mrs” but with a slightly darker undertone of irritation (on my part) and desperation (on Mr NappyValleyNets).

I knew he would struggle whilst I visited my parents so to help him navigate the treacherous waters of a week alone in his own home I booked two days worth of cleaning through the wonderful Done and Dusted.

But that still wasn’t enough.

In the middle of Liverpool’s John Lewis I had to take a call to explain (and I’m not joking) that the sheets hadn’t shrunk and he was probably trying to fit a single sheet to a double bed.

I’m away again in October and I’m seriously wondering if I need to book a “husband sitter” for the duration.

Actually forget the TV show, maybe I’ll launch that as a new venture.

Here is the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1I can understand why DHV found this upsetting. Whilst babysitting, her own mother cut DHV’s children’s hair expressly against her wishes (click here).

Oooh the celebrity thread just keeps going! Giles Coren last week and, errrr, Andrew Castle this week! *whispers – is he a celeb?* (click here)

Might house prices be actually going up? Mtate certainly seems to think so! (click here).

weekly1Do you remember Dog-Gate? Well it looks like those pizza-pilfering-pooches might be serial snack snafflers! Really! (click here)

I hope this is a just a coincidence and not a trend but…we’ve had another request for a great employment lawyer. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time EM and good luck with the tons of suggestions that have been posted – thanks everyone! (click here). Whilst we are on legal-eagles, CP is looking for a trademark lawyer (click here)

Nothing to do with the law so I’m struggling for a link but…Rose would love you suggestions for where she can have her car’s bodywork fixed? (click here) And still with cars, JT wonders where you take your Audi for servicing? (click here)

weekly1THREE dentist requests: first out the chair (see what I did there!) is JTC looking for a great cosmetic dentist (click here)then comes Mummag wondering if there is anywhere that can fit a white crown for less than £500? (click here).  HG asks for the name of a great children’s dentist (click here).

And two beauty requests: first off the epilator (see what I did there too!) is BL looking for a hair removal clinic in Fulham? (click here).   And on the same(ish) theme a great post on what to look for when considering Botox and where to go. Dentists figuring in this thread too! (click here)

You know those lovely people at Lords of London? Well they’ve posted details of a gorgeous range of Artisan kitchen accessories that can only be described as wearing full metal jackets! Sounds weird but they look lovely. I want them all! (click here)

I LOVE this thread. It looks like NML who is coming to London might choose Nappy Valley over Kensington or Notting Hill. Wow, the next logical step is for them to remake the movie Notting Hill but starring me. Maybe. (click here)

MJEL would like an elective casearian on the NHS. However she’s been told she’ll need to go private. Really? (click here)

weekly1Two hundred new homes are coming to Wandsworth town centre, write Wandsworth Council. Thanks for posting although the news that they’ll make use of the old burial ground is interesting. Haven’t they seen Buffy?!! (click here)

MTC is after gift ideas for an eight year old? A small horse? That’s what I always wanted. OK, so other people have posted more constructive answers! (click here)

2CM wonders how much you pay a nanny or housekeeper for working full time? (click here)

Now this is a VERY interesting schools question: what happens if your child doesn’t do so well in the Wandsworth Test, asks WM? And if schools are non-selective, why does anyone have to sit it at all?  It looks like some Wandsworth state schools ARE selective (click here)And with almost perfect timing, YellowBird have posted details of their tuition courses (click here) 

weekly1Dreynette is hoping to find someone to help with a nursery drop-off/pick-up in Earlsfield (click here).

I LOVE this article. Our wonderful writer Georgie has interviewed local businesses run by couples. Check out “It’s Takes Two” and I bet you’ve bounced/eaten/holidayed/lived-in courtesy of at least ONE of these firms! (click here).

FLM is hoping to find swimming classes for her three year old? (click here)

And on to your travel posts…

Some sunshine in October recommendations (click here). HDM has posted details of last minute half-price availability for a gite in Languedoc (click here). Forte Village gets abig big-up for May half term breaks – thanks for posting Pelican! (click here).

Speaking of travel, our friends at Turquoise have written up a piece on whether long haul and school holidays can work? Thanks guys! (click here).

We have more “House and Garden” questions than the Team GB has Olympic medals!

Rose has scraped the side of her car – know anywhere that might be able to do a cost effective repair? (click here). Anon123 is keen to hear from you if you can recommendsomeone to fit a kitchen? (click here) JaneyB makes lovely curtains and blinds. Her daughter said she should post on NVN and she has! Welcome! (click here). CM would like torecommend a party-wall surveyor – thank you CM! (click here) KH has a wasps nest in her garden – know anyone who can get buzzy and remove it? (See what I did there???) (click here). Lastly AS would love your ideas for someone to do a pre-baby deep clean! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a shabby chic dressing table (click here), FREE baby walkers and Fisher Price Bouncy Chair (click here) FOR SALE a steam iron (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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