Healthy eating for new mums

Last Updated on : 10th March 2014
Healthy eating for new mums

Having a spare five minutes to do your make-up or clean the house can be tricky enough when you have a new baby, so we understand eating healthily can be quite a feat! Fear not, we have some quick tips that will boost your diet plan and have your family eating better in no time.

Get advice
Don’t jump the gun and be too hard on yourself when trying to lose weight or eat healthily after a having a baby. Your body will have gone through significant changes so give yourself time to heal and feel comfortable before thinking of a new diet plan. If you are sure that you need to lose weight, speak to your GP and look at reducing your fat and sugar intake. Whatever you do, don’t crash diet. This is not a long-term solution and while it might be a quick-fix, you’ll see the weight pile back on when you slip into old habits. We follow NHS guidelines which recommend a healthy weight loss of 1-2lbs per week – no faddy diet approaches on our watch!

Breastfeeding burns extra calories so we wouldn’t recommend doing anything consciously to lose weight until after the second month. This gives her body enough time to successfully establish a healthy milk supply that is less likely to be adversely affected if calorie intake is restricted. Breastfeeding actually burns on average of 200-500 calories per day so you are losing calories without even realising.

Healthy eating for new mums

Make small changes to the way you are snacking or look at what you are buying at the shops. Focus on stocking up on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and crudités. If you are then forced to eat on the go you have a stack of healthy food choices in the kitchen. Say goodbye to calorie ridden carbohydrates or sugary snacks.

Stock your pantry and freezer and fridge
Frozen fruit and vegetables are so handy when you’re pressed for time or are feeling too tired to make a creative meal. Just pop them on the hob to steam or boil and they will count as one of your five fruit and vegetables portions a day. Another low calorie, quick meal is to prepare a tasty salad. We advise buying rocket or mixed lettuce, cucumber, pomegranate, tomatoes, tuna, chickpeas or lentils and get enjoy putting combinations together.

Plan ahead
So you’ve grabbed an hour to cook a meal? Why not cook a double the portion and freeze the leftovers? Some meals like chilli con carne and curries taste better the next day as flavours infuse so happy cooking!


Lean on others
If a friend or your family wants to cook for you or invite you over for a meal, take them up on it! You will need extra support at this busy and challenging time, plus a home-cooked meal always tastes so much better when you are the guest right?


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