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Last Updated on : 5th December 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Every once in a while we publish a post which is a little controversial.

Ok, a LOT controversial.

And last week was one such week.

Regular user Seb wondered why his wife and her friends were upset that one of their teenage daughters wanted to join a law firm as a PA and find a wealthy husband (click here).

If Seb didn’t understand why his wife was upset when he posted, I think he may be a little more aware right now.

And if you want to join the educating Seb discussion please do remember that these are real people with real feelings so please do bear that in mind when replying.

Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyNappyValleyNet is about to start a crowdfunding campaign. We’re selling shares (equity) in the business to fund our exciting expansion – if you’d like to hear more please (click here)!

Last week we had TWO meet-ups. So a massive thank you to Bills for hosting our mums Christmas party and The Lemon Tree for the gorgeous goody bags (click here). A lot of you had a lot of fun (I sound a bit like Cilla Black there) and whilst I’m on thank yous – a big one to Ayrton for sponsoring our Au Pair meet up, also last Thursday night. Those cocktails went down very well!

I LOVE these stories. Mo2 found a wallet and wanted to return it to it’s rightful owner. The octogenarian who dropped his purse has been reunited with the contents including a bungee jumping loyalty card and a NetJet subscription! Ok, I made that last bit up (click here).

weekly1-copyGetting into the Christmas spirit – Steffie is looking for a goose supplier for Christmas dinner. Can you suggest a brilliant butcher? (click here).

I REALLY hope we can help with this post: EPAB is one of our longstanding users and, sadly, now needs to find a Central or South London convalescence home for a Great Aunt after a fall. Any ideas? (click here)

M2M is hoping you can tell her how to book the Spaghetti Bar on Hildreth Street? I didn’t know we had one. That’s a Spaghetti Bar, not a Hildreth Street (click here).

MJEL has just bought an electric breast pump but what else might she need to make it work? (click here).

Three health questions: Rock’s nine week old has an inguinal herniae, can you recommend a consultant? (click here)Popstar is looking for an NHS dentist in Earlsfield (click here).  LuLuBear hopes you can help with gynecologist recommendations – she needs help with post-birth complications (click here).

SWDad’s little one suffers from nighttime wetness. He’s wearing a nappy but it doesn’t seem to help (click here)

weekly1-copyAprilmama has posted detailed of a TFL consultation which will see a reduction in the number of buses if it goes ahead. Death of the 319? (click here).

Dmbhoyes wonders if there are any summer programmes (similar to the ones they run in the US) for music/history/arts in London or England? (click here).

We LOVE the Skylark and they’ve just launched two brilliant events! First out of their nest is the Christmas Crafts Club. It’s for pre-schoolers and adults: cards, crafts, coffee and cake are all involved! My four favourite C’s! (click here). To top that they’re holding a sushi at Skylark event on the 19th of January – I’ll see you there! (click here).

Sticking with great events, Rutherford House Christmas Fair is this coming Saturday. They’ll be carols, a raffle, a petting zoo, Santa’s Grotto and much much more! (click here).

Most of you will already be familiar with LikeMinders. Set-up by two local mums it’s an amazing childcare and babysitting service and they’ve just launched a new service – nanny for a granny! Does what it says on the tin! Good luck LM! (click here).

We have an art apron full of nursery and education posts…

The Dolphin School on Northcote Road has made it into the Sunday Times Top 50 Prep. Schools (click here). Wow – what an amazing achievement! Incredibly well done everyone in the Dolphin School family.

The Wix School is to become part of Belleville. We only heard about his on Friday so we don’t have any more news on the details (click here). Looking for language lessons for your au-pair? The language Web have just posted details of their classes in SW London – thank you TlW! (click here). Ravenstone School has had quite an interesting time over the last few years but it looks like it’s really turned a corner. Our education editor Gillian recently popped in to see what had changed (click here). Looking for primary schools in Clapham? Heathbrook is getting some amazing feedback (click here).

Searching for a new challenge? We have more than reindeer have carrots!

The lovely Battersea Flower Station are looking to recruit a florist. We love the owner Lisa and wish she were our boss! (click here). DH is to fill a P/T payroll/HR vacancy (click here). LD is looking for a PA to the managing partner of a private equity firm (click here) HC needs an accountant (click here). Shopper is hoping to find a piano player for a Christmas party (click here) Engloos is recruiting a researcher for her Clapham Old Town based executive search firm (click here) and we have a nappy full of other nanny and au pair vacancies (click here).

We have more “House and Garden” questions than pantomimes have silly songs!

Becs 3 is considering a mansard loft extension – can you recommend anyone? (click here). Our friends at ClaraBee want to tell you all about the Ugandan school project – spreading a little Christmas joy to those less fortunate (click here). SB would love suggestions for a firm to restore Victorian tiles (click here). EmmaB is trying to choose between Avian and PVA – can you help? (click here). Hol78 wonders if you know of an attractive and useful bike shed? No plastic eyesores please! (click here). IB is hoping to find a cost-effective kitchen fitter (click here). KK would love any suggestions for someone to hang pictures (click here). LHO is after someone to make a kids teepee (click here). Hol78 is hoping to find a stove supplier (click here). Lastly, B3 is looking for a decorator (click here).

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: 6-12 month Christmas PJ’s! (click here), FOR SALE a Bulldog Balance Bike (click here) and FOR SALE red CNOC Isla bike (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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