Help: inappropriate pics on husband’s phone. Children “pooping” on the Common. Harrisons is closing. Local schoolboy cycles around the world.

Last Updated on : 10th August 2015


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Your mother called, can you Facetime her back when you have a moment?”

Mr NappyValleyNet wandered into the living room holding out an iPad.

It’s taken ages to get my parents onto the “web” and I was delighted my mother was finally Facetiming and Skyping.

I was just about to call her back when he continued, “actually you might want to give her a few moments to calm down.”

“Okayyyy,” I said, sensing there was a little more to their exchange but also sensing I was about to find out.

“Yeah, I was on the loo reading about the cricket when she called, I accidentally answered her call.”

Then he handed me the iPad.

“Don’t worry I washed my hands.”

And with that he wandered out and, not for the first time, I was left wondering if men are not from Mars but from a totally different solar system all together.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

inappropriate pics on husband's phoneGiggles is in a pretty awful situation and would like our advice. She’s found inappropriate photos on her husband’s phone. Please be sensitive when replying as this is a real issue that a member of our community is having to deal with. Thank you.…click here for details

Duck20 saw a child pooing on the Common. And it wasn’t cleaned up. Fairplay or should parents scoop if their children poop?…click here for details

Local boy and ex-Hornsby Houser Tom Davies has cycled EIGHTEEN THOUSAND MILES around the world in eight months. Wow! Just. Wow! Well done Tom …click here for details

A lovely post from new-to-the-area Claire. She wants to support local businesses and needs ideas for a romantic meal and a kitchen extension company. The two aren’t connected! She’s not waiting for the kitchen to be built to cook the meal! here for details

inappropriate pics on husband's phoneKK would like to buy a paleo birthday cake around Earlsfield for his wife. I have no idea but hope we can help! *whispers* did cavemen celebrate birthdays?…click here for details

DHV needs a child passport. Urgently. How long might she have to wait?…click here for details

Ljones is worried that she’s lost all her baby pics by leaving them at Image2Image which recently closed on Northcote Road. We’ve had a ton of responses, thanks everyone, and fingers crossed for you LJ!…click here for details

Cocoloco wonders if, as a self-employed contractor, she is entitled to any maternity leave?click here for details

3Harrisons is closing! Noooooo! I’ve had so many fabby fabby evenings thereclick here for details

Two wonderful Skylark posts! Firstly, they’ve posted to say they’re open during renovations. Yay! (click here) and DC will be pleased as she’s posted how much she loves it!…click here for details

OAB is looking for 1-2-1 adult swimming classes? Do you know who might teach her to make like Phelps?…click here for details

Alabaster is searching for brilliant wedding/engagement present ideas. After the last few posts, how about Skylark vouchers? Seriously, if you’ve recently recevied a great gift please do share!…click here for details

4Ashlingo would like help with bed-wetting. Her five year old has never been dry and is desperate to get out of pull-ups before year 1. Any advice greatly appreciated! here for details

Hhirst is looking for a home visiting physio/chiropractor to help with back-pain. Fingers crossed we can help HH!…click here for details

Toblerone would love to find a person who can point her bricks?…click here for details

Bizzielizzie wonders where she might park a bike on St Johns Hill?…click here for details

CM is looking for a great Montessori book! Do you know of one?…click here for details

Last week I mentioned a local IT whizz who is an ex-Kings School pupil and future Mark Zuckerberg. Well he’s already had his first customer from NappyValleyNet and he was delighted! The customer that is, not just the future Zuck!…click here for details

Isfz would love to find a dentist who will administer general anaesthetic to a child…click here for details

5SW11 has a five year old who would like to try horseriding on a Saturday morning. Do you know any local friendly stables?…click here for details

MissyB would love your feedback on Stepping Stones on Plato Road (click here) and, on the same theme, a number of you are looking for information on the Mouse Hole…click here for details

Battersea Park has a train. Yay! But it’s not working. Boo! Does anyone know why, asks Ckar, or is it just a plan to gently introduce our little ones to the misery of commuting?…click here for details

A ton of sits vac posts! Any Roche mums looking for a nannyshare? (click here), a Clapham Old Town IT recruitment firm needs an office manager (click here), Rupert from Redbox is hoping to find a part-time administrator in SW6 (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than we’ve ever had before!

Adubs would like her garden decking repaired, any suggestions? (click here). MealsonWheels is clamouring for a cleaning agency (click here). Pixi would love your removal boxes (click here). SamT is searching for suggestions for a burglar alarm company (click here). CT wonders if cost-effective cabinets with bespoke doors are a sensible approach to build her kitchen? (click here). CMFT asks if anyone else has had a torrid time with an online kitchen worktop firm? (click here) MumofSam wonders whether she should just tile the splash backs or go for the majority of her bathroom? (click here) 2015 wonders if tanking a basement might cost £20k? (click here) Elizad needs her oven repaired, do you know who might make that happen? (click here). Lastly PG needs an ash tree removed! (click here)!

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: a John Lewis toddler bed (click here) a Buggyboard Maxi (click here) and a Silver Cross stroller (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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