High court blocks Wandsworth nursery. Favourite SW12 cafe to close. Best summer beach reads?

Last Updated on : 7th August 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter

“Is this your Pop?”

We currently have a house full of cousins, visiting for the summer holidays.

On Saturday my youngest niece went out with Mr NVN to buy some ice creams and soft drinks for the rest of the gang who’d stayed back at the house.

As they plonked their purchases down on the counter the shop assistant asked the question again.

“Is this your Pop?”

At this point my niece, who it has to be said is one of the politest and most well behaved children I’ve ever met (can you tell she’s not mine!) looked a bit awkward and, after a quick glance at Mr NVN replied,

“No, my Dad is younger and a bit thinner.”

There was an awkward pause before the shop assistant motioned towards a stray can of Pepsi perched on top of some newspapers,

“No, I meant are you buying this can of pop?”


Here’s the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

Camp Suisse is an ace summer camp in the Swiss alps and we are hosting an exclusive 24 hour flash sale with them starting at 5.30am today. My youngest went last year (read the review here) and loved it. There are only 10 spaces available at hugely discounted prices so fastest finger first! To get to the flash sale click here.

TPTP writes about an awful tragedy reported in the news last week. A family ignored a red flag and went swimming off a beach in Portugal. A father and a beach worker died. She wants to remind everyone to pay attention to those warnings (read more).

PSW11 has posted anonymously explaining that her 16 year old son has started using cannabis and wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation and would like to join a support group? (read more)

PHi asks if anyone can recommend a marriage guidance counsellor? (read more).

In happier news, TPTP wonders if you can recommend some great holiday reads? I’m still on The Davinci Code and 50 Shades but I hear Jilly Cooper is rather good too! (read more)

This story made the midweek papers: plans for a new nursery on Wandsworth Common have been blocked by a high court judge (read more).

Some very sad news: those lovely sisters who run Lavish Habit in Balham are flying the nest. So long and thanks for the coffee and cakes! (read more)

From closures to openings: the new pizza place on Bellevue Road is going down well! (read more). Sticking with food, our roving reporter Rob tried out Macellaio, a recent newcomer to Northcote Road (read more).

Stll sticking with food, Scotch Egg Supremos (otherwise known as Ben’s Canteen) are offering us all free fizz with a main or burger for August. Give your late summer some bubbles! (read more)

B. wonders where one might be able to learn sign language? (read more)

F. needs to make a new will and would love any local recommendations to help her do so?  (read more).

M. is looking for a local First Aid course for her au-pair and others. Try our friends at First Aid for Life in Balham that’s what they do! (read more).

Plans are afoot for an al fresco au-pair get together tomorrow evening (read more).

This is a great idea: an old friend of mine has launched a mobile phone network for old people. Fantastic if your elderly friends and relatives need to stay connected but a little tech unsavvy (read more)


We have more travel posts than Prince Philip has retirement presents!

NYE is off to Mallorca soon and a bit worried about the long queues and delays.  True or ‘fake news’!? (read more) L. is stuck for UK-based holiday ideas and they’re off on 21st!  Any bright ideas to share? (read more)  C is after inspiration for a September break with their 20-month-old (read more).  Amelies Follies summer sale is on so go grab a bargain bikini or a sizzling swimsuit! (read more)



Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than, errr, Trump!

Travel Designers in Balham is looking for a new part time (or full time) travel consultant – happy to fit around your childcare arrangements too! (read more)  A start-up retail company is after a whizz with social media, marketing and admin (read more).  A creative company is looking for a New Business Manager (read more).  Polka Theatre in Wimbledon is looking for a full time experienced café manager and also a part time cook/assistant (read more).  There’s a full time, live-in au-pair vacancy in Clapham (read more). Battersea Arts Centre need a communications manager (read more)



We have more activities SW London had thunderstorms over the weekend!

Our friends at Battersea Power Station have posted details of a fabby competition to win a family ticket to The Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups (read more). Thanks BPS!  Monkey Music has new classes starting in Battersea Reach with a free trial session for you to try (read more).  And there might be one or two spaces left for their summer holiday session this morning on Trinity Road! (read more)  Little Voices has the last of their summer camps coming up soon and they’ll be working on and performing Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – oompa loompa doompety doo! (read more)   E is looking for a roller-blading club for her 7-year-old to get her wheels on (read more).  Dusty’s Wildlife Rangers are in full swing at the WWT London Wetland Centre this summer so let your budding explorers loose! (read more) Billy & Jack’s Summer Supper Club is underway at the Southbank Centre.  Soak up some good food good culture and good views in one hit! (read more)  Flip Out Wandsworth is open for its Action Sports Holiday Camp as well as their usual trampolining fun. Bounce and boooinnng your way through August (read more).


We have more schools questions than Europe has heatwaves!

A. has posted a petition about the closing down of Lochinvar Preschool Playhouse(read more). Falconbrook Primary is planning its Christmas Fair and has space for stall holders (read more).  There’s some discussion about state schools and pupils’ additional needs (read more).  CC has a babe in arms and has discovered she’s too late to register him for Thomas’s Clapham. Is it the Prince George effect, you wonder? (read more) The question of excessive settling in time has still got you talking (read more).   P needs to observe a baby with his or her parents as part of her Postgrad in Child Counselling. Are you willing? (read more)


We have more House & Garden queries than England has brilliant women footballers!

Those wonderful people at Roundhouse are hosting a sale. Fantastic (and surely irresistible) offers on state-of-the-art and stylish kitchens, and to celebrate there’s dinner for two at Marcus Wareing at The Berkley up for grabs! (read more)  Quite a few of you are on the move (don’t go!) so if you’re looking for recommendations for removal companies, here’s the word on the street (read more). LJ is hoping to hire a crack team of decorators to come in and take on her 2,400 sq ft property (read more)  D wants to tile a garden with 9mm ceramic tiles – can you help or know someone who could?  My knees hurt just thinking about it (read more).  N asks if you own land and would be interested in selling to help with the housing shortage and demand for older living? (read more)  N is doing a whole house renovation in Wimbledon. Who to use? (read more).  And HD is about to refurb a whole house in Clapham and would like recommendations for a builder (read more).  D. is looking for your loft conversion ideas endorsements. Who do you rate? (read more).  Help!  LL needs a two bedroom house to rent in the area, like, yesterday!! (read more)  The dreaded moths are flapping their papery wings again – any ideas? (read more)  L is looking for a peaceful room to rent over the summer (read more)  VA is Airbnbing their home and asks whether they should sort out insurance? If so, with whom? (read more)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

LLearners has a Yamaha electric organ with stool which they are happy to give away (read more).  A BabyStyle Oyster Max Pushchair (read more).  A Tri-ang vintage baby walker (think I used one of these!) (read more)  DV is looking for a high chair for a 6 month old – do you have one? (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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