Digging down is the only way to add square metres to your home once a loft and kitchen extension have been done.

Remember that adding a basement takes the longest time of all renovations – up to a year – and costs anything between £180,000 to a staggering £400,000.

Important considerations are your light source – you’d be amazed how bright and airy a well-designed basement can be – and ceiling height (2.4m is standard so don’t go lower). The biggest issue will be the budget because this is an excavation project which requires specialists (if you don’t want your house to collapse!), so don’t cut corners.


1. A basement extension is by its nature a blank canvas, lending itself to modern furniture, clean lines and interesting lighting. Leave period decoration to other parts of your home and embrace the freedom to do something cool and contemporary, as in this stylish room from The Oxford & London Building Company.


2. A basement gives you the opportunity to surrender space to rooms that don’t need natural light, such as a gym or cinema room. 3. Make a feature of your staircase like Qualitas has, with a glass panel, backlit handrail and spotlights.


4. All-glass walls flood this basement from The Oxford & London Building Company with light and allow direct access to the garden. 5 & 6. By adding mirrors to one half of this space, Estbury Basements have created a workout area to co exist with the TV chill-out zone.


Part 5 – Storage

Part 6 – Lofts

Part 7 – Bathrooms

Part 8 – Bedrooms

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