One local firm believes strongly that replacing beautiful Victorian windows and doors, beautifully, will enhance any home.


When you enter a house, do you notice the windows and doors? If designed appropriately and installed well, you shouldn’t. They’ll quietly add to the flow and soul of a home – unobtrusive, efficient and inconspicuous. Unlike a fashionable kitchen or a luxe bathroom, windows and doors don’t have the same wow factor, but they are the nuts and bolts of a home and warrant time and investment. “A well-designed, well-fitted product will enhance a property,” explains Robert Ditcham, Managing Director of Ayrton Bespoke. “They’ll keep heat in and noise out, and criminals out too!”


Ayrton Windows and Doors Bespoke make and fit replacement timber doors and period windows, offer specialist advice and an in-house fitting service to ensure their product remains the long-lasting investment you signed up for. Part of Robert’s drive to start his company was from experience in the construction industry, witnessing the ad hoc approach commonly used to install off-the-peg, poor quality products. “We were once a building company and felt frustrated with the way chippies and decorators were coming together to do windows and doors. It was a badly managed process. Today our qualified designers work with your ideas to design windows and doors for your home, and our fitters install with great care and minimum disruption. Seventy percent of our business is direct to home owners and we are sympathetic in our approach, minimising disruption through a carefully managed installation by our operations team.”

“Replacing beautiful windows and doors, beautifully” is Ayrton Bespoke’s mission and celebrating what the Victorians achieved in terms of quality and design is central to that vision. “They had so many ideas in this area – shapes and curves, interesting glazing bars, lead work and stained glass – they had wonderful imagination,” reflects Robert. Working closely with local artisans to replicate stained glass is just one area in which Ayrton Bespoke celebrate London’s rich architectural history. “If you walk these streets and look up, you’ll notice many different styles of sash and casement windows. There are hundreds of original window designs in the capital.”

Deciding to install bespoke windows is a once-in-a-lifetime expense that requires the right supplier. “It’s not a cheap outlay, but I believe we charge the right price for our products, so they are built to last, are good quality and do their job perfectly.” And it may save you money in the long term – most home owners are aware that multiple locks will deter break-ins, but did you know that double-glazed windows actually discourage criminals? “Laminated glass is a good deterrent as it’s very hard to break,” he says. All sash windows are sold with restrictor bolts and lockable fitch fasteners, and French and multi-fold doors all have single lever multi-locking bolts.

2To truly understand the extent and quality of Ayrton Bespoke’s range, it’s worth the short trip to their showroom on Merton Road, where the in-house experts are on hand to answer your questions and design your bespoke windows and doors. “We are a modern British company, based in London, using the best materials and skills from around the world. We source our wood from northern Europe. It’s a slow-growing, engineered redwood from Latvian forests, which means it’s stable, strong and resilient – having grown so close to the Arctic Circle, it’s more resistant to the cold and damp than pine grown in the UK. We use hardwood for the sill as that’s the area most vulnerable to water damage. It also means we can minimise our use of endangered hardwood. This is how the Victorians made their windows originally, and it remains the best industry practice.” Importantly, glass and paint are carefully selected from the leading manufacturers; glass from Saint-Gobain and Pilkington, paint from Sikkens and Teknos, locks and mechanisms from ERA, GU and Centor, among many others.

“You can always find cheaper products,” Robert admits. “But they are not the same: young timber, badly treated; cheap glazing; poor workmanship; and often designs that are an inaccurate version of what you are replacing, potentially devaluing your property.” So sure is Robert of his price point, if you can find the same like-for-like product cheaper, he will match it in price.

All Ayrton windows and doors are guaranteed for up to 30 years. “We’re proud of our aftercare service. With over ten teams travelling all around London fitting everyday, should you have a problem we can pop by and rectify it easily,” assures Robert. But with thousands of windows and doors out there – and plenty of satisfied customers to boot – he can safely predict that is unlikely.

From carefully replacing an Edwardian bay, to replicating a grand sash bay, or installing stunning multi-fold doors, Robert and his team will meet the challenge with precision, accuracy and with the Ayrton Windows and Doors quality guarantee.

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