Under the eaves of your home lie valuable square metres ripe for development. There you can create the perfect space for hideaways – from teen dens and quiet study corners to a hotel style master bedroom with en suite. Let your imagination run wild and make the most of this oft-overlooked space.

1. A quiet zone is a must for any busy home and Simply Extend’s cosy corner will ensure study hours are uninterrupted. 2. This split level loft conversion from nuspace exudes luxury while retaining an urban edge. The sunken bathroom is separate enough to ensure privacy, while the balcony doors make the most of the view.


3. If you’re after a room with a view then Landmark has delivered with the floor-to-ceiling doors in this conversion. And with a free standing bath in the room, you can even bathe while surveying your patch. 4. Teenagers need privacy and space, and Simply Extend knows how to create cool places where they’ll love to go.

Part 7 – Bathrooms

Part 8 – Bedrooms

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