Open Plan Living


Side returns and the space that flows isn’t just for kitchens and dining tables.

Now the laid-back family room is moving in too. Replace a garden door and small window with expansive glass doors, be it bifold, Critall or sliding, and you’ll open up your house to the outdoor room beyond. Even heat sources and media hubs can create focal points.


1. Because Landmark have aligned the table across the doors which fully open, there is no need for a garden table. 2. An unusual fireplace or free standing stove, such as this one from Places & Spaces, creates a cosy space in a large area.


3. Classic French windows by Ayrton add a stylish, clean look for this kitchen-cum-family space. 4. Upsher Harrison completely removed the internal walls in the ground floor of this house to create free-flowing space.

Part 4 – Basements

Part 5 – Storage

Part 6 – Lofts

Part 7 – Bathrooms

Part 8 – Bedrooms

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