When your house and lifestyle are crying out for extra space but you don’t want to leave the home you love, a loft conversion is the ideal solution.

Space is a precious commodity in London. When your home becomes too small for your family you have a choice: move out or increase the size of your property. Converting your loft into living space is  Converting your loft into living space is one of the smartest, most cost-effective ways to gain extra rooms without having to move. Adding a loft conversion can also be extremely financially rewarding as Lisa and her husband, Alex, from Balham discovered. They first approached Landmark Lofts when they were in need of more room for their growing family.

“It really became a priority when our second child, Milly was on the way,” Lisa says. “We love the area but there’s no way we could have bought a larger house here for the amount it cost us to stay and have the loft converted.”

They took some advice from an estate agent who encouraged them to consider a loft conversion over a ground floor extension. More bedrooms will always add more value than similar square footage on the ground floor.


A recent Dataloft  typically, loft conversions can increase the value of your property by 20%. On top of gaining an extra 240 sq ft of living space, the value of Lisa and Alex’s property has risen by an impressive £120,000. It was all completed quickly and efficiently as Alex tells us. “Knowing Landmark Lofts were there to manage everything meant we could  relax. Once planning permission came through, our Project Manager called immediately to say they had a team ready to start. This was just seven weeks before Christmas.”

loft3Their loft was finished on schedule the day before Christmas Eve and two months before Milly arrived, giving Alex plenty of time to put the finishing touches to the new rooms.

Homeowners like Lisa and Alex are at a great advantage as they can get even more space from their lofts without planning permission. Owners of a detached house can now expand their loft by 50 sq m, and all other house types can enjoy an extra 40 sqm of living space.

Lisa and Alex were able to utilise every inch of space in their previously unused loft. Not only do they now have a spacious new bedroom and ensuite, but they also have an extra room for baby Milly’s gorgeous new nursery. Landmark Lofts is proud  Landmark Lofts is proud to be London’s premier loft-conversion company. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure your project is completed stress free and with minimum disruption to your home.

“Our strong design focus places form and functionality at the heart of every loft conversion, giving you a loft space that maximises space, light and storage,” says James Gold, CEO of Landmark Lofts.

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