Husband finds God but I’m atheist. Christmas booze planner. Best local takeaway?

Last Updated on : 14th November 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,


It was my birthday last week and the first thing I had to do on my special day was intervene in a heated discussion between my daughter and Mr NVN.

In practice this was quite difficult because they were getting the kitchen ready for a surprise breakfast and I wasn’t allowed in whilst they “set-up”.

However did I try to whisper calming words through the door.

Their chant of “COME IN” was a little muted and once in the kitchen I could see why.

“HE HAD ONE JOB,” scowled my daughter, “ONE JOB! HOW CAN YOU GET THAT WRONG?”

The table looked lovely, the cake delicious and there may have a few too too many candles on the cake but that was my fault for getting older.

But it was the banner strung across the kitchen which my daughter was referring to and she kept staring at it, then back at Mr NVN and shaking her head.


The evidence is below and, like my daughter, I have absolutely no idea how he managed to get it so wrong, and no, it wasn’t a deliberate mistake!


Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

HFG’s husband has found God and it’s causing problems. She’s not at all religious and he’s now talking about  faith and Sunday schools. She’d welcome your advice but please remember when replying this is a real person with a real problem (click here).

You know that naked restaurant that SJ mentioned last week? Well she’s only gone and been (if that makes sense!) and she’s reported back from her private booth. I’m still not going! (click here).

weekly1-copyWe’ve had a new addition to our thread of favourite takeaways. And it’s Deliveroo, hmmm not entirely sure that’s helpful! (click here). But then more of you suggested a Lebanese, a Thai and two Indians which was VERY helpful – thank you!

Papinian is extremely unhappy with recent adverts from the Department of Transport and British Transport police which he believe are inherently racist. He’s not the only one (click here)

The new John Lewis Christmas advert has everyone in a tizz. I meant to post a link to the real one but my helpful children gave me a link for a spoof – apologies if anyone is offended! (click here)

Here’s a date for your diary.  It’s the Northcote Road Christmas Lights & Market soon! Twinkly lights and Santa’s Grotto at Hamptons International on the Friday and stalls galore on the Sunday. Carol singing, mince pie eating and festive merriment – come along and join us! (click here)

weekly1-copyWhy is Wandsworth so opposed to Heathrow expansions, asks NC? Surely a night flight ban is a good thing, she ponders? (click here).

Newma has a question about setting up a French business in the UK. I’m not entirely sure I understand the question but if you can help please do! Merci! (click here)

Planning a Christmas party? We love Forkful Foods (we used them for a friend’s birthday) and they’ve just posted how to have a stress-free Christmas: booze planners and menus are just some of the goodies that are totally free to download! Thank you! (click here)

GTF is hoping to find a good therapist in the Wandsworth area – can you help? (click here).

We LOVE CocoMama and she’s asked where she might book Christmas lunch for Christmas day? Know where might she find a turkey with all the trimmings? (click here).

Two language posts: B76 is a qualified Russian tutor looking for pupils (click here) and ML is about to launch immersive Spanish language classes (click here).

weekly1-copyThose lovely people at Open Air Fit are organising a fitness and yoga retreat in Cyprus next April. Warm sunshine, wonderful people, a spa, wine and a bit of exercise – what’s not to love! (click here).

Stacks Property Search London are holding free surgeries in their office on Nightingale Lane. Ideal if you’re in the market for a move (or want to understand the current property market a little more thoroughly) book your spot here (click here)

And now lets fly over to your travel posts…

Some great suggestions for a campsite in Nice – thanks everyone! (click here). AA is taking her little ones on a ski trip for the first time to Alpach in Austria. Any advice for her, she asks? I’ve posted about my laminate “kit lists” and if you can also help please do too! (click here)Sticking with snow, Ski Famille have posted details of their special offers on Premier Select Chalets – now I REALLY want to go skiing! (click here). BSH is off to the European Centre Parks next year and would love to hear from anyone whose been? She’s struggling with which one to choose! (click here).

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that interest rates are rock bottom and investment yields pretty rubbish. If this is affecting you, Vestra may be able to help.

Our lovely friends at Likeminders have posted details about their brand new service: “Nanny for a Granny”. Its a wonderful idea to supply care and companionship for the older generation – good luck! (click here)

We have a satchel full of school posts!

Bertrum House have posted a link to their new website and video. Looks great BH and thanks for posting! (click here). LM needs a tutor for year 3 maths (click here). SV is trying to choose between Thomas’s and Newton Prep. but KW has helped with her feedback – thanks KW! (click here). Sticking with Thomas’s, DJ is stuck deciding between Streatham and Clapham and Thomas’s (click here). Back to Newton Prep, HK wonders if they stream? (click here). TLS wants you to vote for Highview School in the local Tesco store fundraising initiative (click here)Lastly, don’t forget to check out our list of upcoming school open days! (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have more job roles than Trump has pansticks!

Westbridge are a property development company based in Earlsfield and they need a PA (click here)Boxsmart is looking for salespeople – ideal they say for mummies returning to work (click here)A bandleader (yes bandleader!) needs a P/T PA (click here). Highfield Partners need a P/T payroll person (click here)Lastly, we have a stack of nanny and au pair vacancies right here! (click here) 

We have more “House and Garden” questions than the USA has shocked citizens!

Last week I asked what you’d like to see in our next Design and Build Guide. Do please let me know! (click here). CL needs help: her shower tray is leaking and she has a number of other house issues (click here). VH has a freezing loft, any idea how to make their conversion more cozy? (click here). DW is hoping to find a good window and conservatory cleaner – ukulele optional! (click here). Simply Extensions gets some nice feedback – thanks MB! (click here).  SJ’s garden has honey fungus – is that bad? (click here). Saak needs someone to assemble IKEA furniture (click here)Lastly, CF has inherited some concrete kitchen surfaces but they’re a nightmare to clean – any ideas? (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

WANTED: an Uppababy Vista Snugseat (click here), FOR SALE a complete set of Disney’s Out and About with Winnie the Pooh books (click here) and WANTED an Isla Rothan Balance bike (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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