Husband has no friends – advice please! Is my flat too big? Tactical voting – who and where?

Last Updated on : 2nd May 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Over the last week or so Nappy Valley hasn’t been out of the news.

And for all the wrong reasons.

In addition to last Tuesday’s Earlsfield stabbing (read more) another incident on Wednesday, outside Wandsworth Prep, ended with a fatality (read more).

It goes without saying that our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected.

Crime is always going to be present in any large city, and the Met Police have confirmed that our part of London is safer than most (read more), but please do take a little extra care out there.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

WW is worried that her husband has no friends (read more) is that normal, she asks?

The ‘snap’ General Election has got you all talking (oooh do we have an election, I hadn’t noticed!). Locally, who should we vote for to STOP BREXIT, a few of you ask? (read more). Sticking with the election, TLS wants to share news of a book that will explain the election to children. Thanks TLS, I think I’ll buy that for Mr NVN! (read more)

The proposed development of Jaggard Way is not affecting all the firms in the business units. One local gym is definitely staying! Yay! I LOVE The Train Station! (read more)

And over in Battersea, plans for developing the old Homebase site into over 300 flats have been rejected (read more). And if we were the Daily Mail that last post would have read “Planners quash project for 300 flats near Prince Georges new school!”

The Wandsworth Fringe is hosting all sorts of creative types with free drop-in art and music workshops for children and young performers alike (read more). And sticking with the stage, Little Voices are running a brilliant Matilda half term camp with £10 off if you book by 19th May! read more

 DH is feeling bamboozled by the choice of kitchens out there – can you help unboozle her? (read more)

Uncker1 is looking for a party venue for her 4-year-old’s celebrations? (read more)

Happy44 is looking for a weekend job for her son. Does HE know you’re looking for a job for him?!! (read more)

JG75 has a close family member about to start chemo. Should she immunise her children to cut down the risk of infection, she wonders? (read more)

Our discussion on great local restaurants rumbles on (like Mr NVN’s tummy) but with a lovely sounding 25% off midweek lunch at one SW11 eaterie. I’ll give you a clue – j’ai faim! read more

GP is looking for a venue to celebrate her wedding AND her 50th. Any ideas? I don’t have an idea but I do have a question: do you get two cakes and, if so, is the birthday cake just for you? (read more)

LuLuDaffodil’s daughter will only poo at night – any ideas how she might persuade her to nix her nocturnal number twos? (read more)

Two medical questions: 3LM is looking for a paediatric urologist (read more) and LLD would love your suggestions for a paediatric optometrist (read more).

SW11 would love your recommendations for a career and life coach (read more).

X. wonders whether salons mind you bringing along your children when you’re having a haircut? IMBS gets a lovely recommendation – thanks GH! (read more)

Sticking with IMBS, they’ve had a computer meltdown and lost their data so REALLY need people to get in touch if they have an appointment booked but… in happier news it’s their TWELFTH birthday and they’re celebrating with twelve treats! Congratulations! (read more)

Margotlondres is a native French speaker offering language tuition in SW London. Tres bon! (read more)

From French to, errr, Taekwon-Do, we have classes for any little Karate Kids out there (read more)

Open Air Fit are looking for school leavers and gap y’ah students to come and join the team (read more)

Petrolhead2015 asks how one should address a letter to a Colonel? I’d ask Mr NVN but the only Colonel he’s ever heard of has bargain buckets not boots and braids! (read more).

There are just a few tickets left for the annual Ickle Pickles Incubator Ball, raising funds for sick and premature babies across London. It’s a brilliant cause and a brilliant evening! (read more)


We have more health and fitness posts than we’ve all had recent bank holidays!

Tinkerbell might be good at flying but she’s looking for Zumba/Dance classes! (read more). LatitudeWellbeing are so in awe of London Marathon runners that they’re offering a free yoga session to any medal-bearers (read more). Beginners in yoga should wend their way to Clapham Junction for a new six week course (read more). And we have mixed level Pilates in Battersea and Clapham and a lovely 2 for 1 offer (read more)


We have more travel posts than Ed Sheeran has hit guitars!

Star2014 is looking for recommendations for a spa hotel an hour from London. Take me, take me! (read more). Our very own social media whizz Daniella is hoping to find honeymoon inspiration – any ideas? (read more). Asouth is thinking about Easter skiing holidays – any recommendations? (read more). SamT is considering a Mark Warner holiday – any top tips for best destinations for a family with two little ones? (read more)


We have more schools questions than Europe has forthcoming elections!

Honeywell Schools have posted about a teacher training recruitment event – perfect if you’ve ever considered teaching as a career (read moreFircroft Primary School Summer Fair are looking for stalls: roll up, roll up (read more). The SW11 school run for Newton Prep looks like it’s getting busy – we’ll need a mini bus soon! (read more) and a new Montessori Bilingual nursery has opened in Marble Hill (read more)


We have more House & Garden queries than Wembley has boxing fans!

LoCa is looking to replace her kitchen unit doors.  Any recommendations? (read more). Haggic needs a structural engineer (read more). Mummy Bear wants to tell you all about a temporary kitchen hire life saver! (read more). LO is looking for a handy man (read more) and Lily36 would like to find a cleaner (read more). EB is looking for recommendations for firms to build her house extension (read more). K1LF is considering a move from Fulham to Cambridge (read more). LilyJessica on the search for brick cleaning (read more). Bluebird27 is looking for a friendly gardener for some small jobs (read more) and Nell200 wonders if his flat is too big!? read more


Looking for a new role? We have a ton of “sits. vac.”

SAT0709 is in Balham and looking for a part time nanny. She says HELP! so I guess it’s quite urgent (read more). Calling all accountants! (read more) A bespoke kitchen and furniture business in Wimbledon Park need a part-time Business Development Executive (read more). A local charity is on the hunt for marketing skills (read more). Lastly a tech-start up is hoping to hire a part time Finance Administrator (read more)


It’s totally free to post your Wanted, For Sale and Recycling adverts

Lady Ly has a Go Chef – 8 in 1 Cooker for sale (read more). Bubbles06 is selling an almost brand new compact travel buggy (read more) and Jdubs has two unwanted radiator covers (poor radiator covers) (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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