Husband not doing fair share of work? Meningitis vaccine now available. Am I being ripped off: leasehold charges?

Last Updated on : 4th July 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

How do you “make it work?”

I’m not talking about the recent BREXIT shenanigans or the England World Cup gaggle of players (I can’t call them a “team” as Mr NVN tells me they’re not).

I’m referring to that delicate balance of responsibilities between career mothers and Stay-At-Home-Husbands (SAHH) or, naturally, the other way around.

If you pull in the dosh, should you unload the dishwasher?

If you wrestle with PowerPoints during the day should you be booking family holidays in the evening?

It’s a delicate balance and the subject of a great conversation started here by Petal.

If all was left to the blokes would there be “no clean clothes” as SW1234 claims or, as Seb retorts, is it a case of mums being “uptight” and “micromanaging”?

I think one this might run and run…

And here are the rest of this week’s conversations on NappyValleyNet:

 weekly1“Thank you, Boris you g*t” has been a very popular post. I’m pretty sure Lord Heseltine isn’t a member of NappyValleyNet but maybe he’s hiding behind the username Balhammom? (click here).

Estate agency boards are going to be banned. Four local areas will be first to trial the scheme, do you live in one? An area that’s about to be banned. Not an estate agent board, obvs! (click here)

AM needs a marriage counsellor, please please reply if you can suggest one (click here)

BM is starting out as a legal contractor and would love any advice on how to set up as a limited company and deal with her tax? (click here). Good luck BM! “Legally Blonde” is my very FAVOURITE EVER  movie, I’ve seen it nine times, so shout if I can help.

weekly1Some great news in a post from Wandsworth Council: £820,000 is going to be spent on Battersea Park thanks to the money raised from Formula E and the Friends of Battersea Park. Well done everyone. (click here)

Are you looking for a “pop-up” venue? Nasser has posted details of his unit, which is free, on Hildreth Street. How about a coffee shop, is my suggestion? Even though there seem to be a billion of them already I still can’t get a table. Or a coffee. To be clear, it’s always busy when I’m looking to buy a coffee not a table (click here)

SaskTreep wonders where she might recycle plastic bags? Any ideas for popping away her plastic pouches? (click here)

Ladio was born to British parents in the UK but has mainly lived abroad. How does she vote for the Prime Minister, she asks? With a looming sense of dread is my off-the-cuff and not very helpful response! (click here)

weekly1It’s the Northcote Fete THIS coming Sunday. We’ll be there, the world will be there and we’ve heard that sunshine is guaranteed! It’s going to be amazing. Stop by, say hello and grab a balloon (or seven!) (click here).

LOTS of health related posts: Misskay wondered if her little one had chicken pox? Turns out he did. I hope he’s not suffering too much (click here)MyHealthClinic (Wandsworth) now have meningitis B vaccines available. Thanks for posting! (click here)Some great local dentist reviews – thanks for posting everyone (click here). KJ is searching for the whereabouts of Milly,  the “lovely dentist” who used to be based in Wimbledon Park? (click here)

Last week’s “did you have a bo*b job?” thread was very popular. Turns out many of you have and seem really really pleased with the results. (click here)

First Aid for Life have added another date to their popular Teenage First Aid classes, such has been the demand. The new date is Tuesday the 26th of July, if you have a teenager in your family please do consider sending them along, could be the best decision you ever make (click here).

weekly1AM BM wondered where she might store her bicycle near the Breakfast Club? She’s looking for a wall or fence to chain it to and any advice on the rules of locking it up in public spaces? (click here)

Champs Junior Fitness is run by an ex national champion boxer (and dad of three) and will offer children from 8 to 12 a safe, educational and super-fun fitness environment.  I feel the Rocky theme tune coming on…(click here)

It turns out the waiting list for Bolingbroke DOES move, even if your little one didn’t go to a feeder school (click here)MBK would love your opinions on Graveney? (click here). SB wonders if there is any ever movement on the Furzedown school waiting list? (click here).

Our friends at LGT Vestra have penned an article on how to get your little ones saving early and used to handling money. Thanks LGT and some great advice (click here). Sticking with money, ToddlePass is a new website that lets you discover and pay for children’s classes. It’s just launched, sounds like a great idea and we had a sneak peek last week! (click here).

Is there a reason this nanny agency is so cheap? DDR seems to think so (click here) 

A LOAD of mummy meet-up posts: Balham mums (click here), Danish mums in Wombledon? (click here), new mums (Danish or not!) in Wimbledon (click here)

weekly1PapaT is about to buy a flat but thinks the service charge is REALLY high. He’s asked for advice and Hamptons International in Earlsfield have stepped in. Thanks everyone and hope this helps you PT! (click here)

I REALLY hope we can help with this post: LLM has a seven year old who is a real worrier. It’s getting worse and she asks if anyone can suggest a child psychologist? (click here)

Cyprus’s little one lost her elephant comforter. Then found it. Yay! (click here).

Goti80 is flute teacher. And free to tutor your little one. If you have a budding James Galway or Ron Burgundy (Anchorman is my second favourite movie!) then get in touch! (click here).

Do you have a tech problem? The wonderful “Toby Tech” is an amazing local lad who fixes ANYTHING tech related whilst home from university. iTunes, WiFi, networking, printers… he specialises in turning complicated systems off and then on again. Seriously, he is a wizard! (click here).

weekly1Glastonbury: BM wants to know how to “do it posh”? Can one mix glamping and the Pyramid Stage? Or if you want to see Adel does one have to “go” in a plastic tardis? (click here).

Does Gina Ford have a lot to answer for? Are we wise to even ask? Hmmmm??? (click here)

KH’s lovely hypnobirthing courses are back! Look into my eyes, around my eyes, not into my eyes. Ok, I”m being cheeky but only because I hear GREAT things about her courses! (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Iceland has heart!

The lovely All About The Girl are hoping to hire a beauty therapist. They’re fabby people and the position is permanent (click here). A local firm of chartered surveyors need a part-time PA/office administrator (click here). Saturday morning office coordinators are also needed for a local estate agency (click here). I LOVEHelloFresh and they need home-sale peeps. (click here)Nordic Style are hunting for ashowroom manager (click here)KidsFusion need a qualified nursery nurse (click here)Lastly, we have a ton of nanny vacancies (click here) including a role in East Dulwich (click here).

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Willis has fans!

Our friends at Lifestyle Design and Build are offering their design and build customers 30% off appliances in July. Thank you Sadia! (click here).

MM is one of our most active users and wonders if Crittal doors will date? Are they a trend? (click here). EJ has a ton of questions about underfloor heating (click here). Sonicneeds an Amtico flooring expert (click here). MM also posted a great recommendation if you’re looking for someone to fix/build a wall? (click here). Do you know where PG can buy/have fitted uPVC windows? (click here). FA wonders if you can suggest a brick re-pointer? (click here). Lastly, PK has a wardrobe query. Know someone who can build built-in? Lion and witch not needed! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Duck20 is relocating overseas and has a ton of stuff to sell! (click here), an iCandy double buggy (click here) and ART would love to buy an Islabike (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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