Husband secretly not paying mortgage. Should my nanny leave in the evenings? Summer activity ideas

Last Updated on : 4th August 2013
Dear South West London Mum,
“Hun Baget Sea View Play.”
A little part of me was delighted that my youngest was ordering our daily bread in French.
After all it was her one “chore” of our recent holiday and one that she had been happily fulfilling every morning for a fortnight, usually with her elder brother in tow.
On the last day, however, I had accompanied her to the bakery to buy some extras for a barbecue that evening, so I witnessed first-hand her attempts at communicating with the locals.
“Errr have you spoken French every morning?” I asked as we wandered back to our villa.
“Yes,” was her smug retort.
“Errr you do realise this year we’ve come on holiday to Portugal?” I replied, wondering how she’d actually managed to bring back any bread over the last two weeks and not spark plugs or perhaps a handbag.
“Doesn’t matter, it’s what we always speak when we’re on holiday and we’ve got the bread haven’t we?”
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Have a wonderful week.
Annabel and the Team

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