Husband visited escort, advice please. Potential fraud: “we didn’t apply for planning”? Teenagers on Wandsworth Common: up to no good? Art gallery opens on Battersea Rise

Last Updated on : 22nd June 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We have TWO events this week that I want to shout about.

First, we have our summer party with our good friends at Eddie Catz.

All the places are taken but there is a wait list so do please sign up if you’d like to go, people do occasionally drop out at the last minute! (click here)

Second, we have an aupair meet up THIS Thursday night on Northcote Road, if you know of anyone who may like to attend please do point them in our direction (click here)!

And now we can move on to your posts!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

This must have been a very difficult post to write. U&C has just discovered that her husband has visited an escort and she’s understandbly extremely upset and confused. When responding please bear in mind that this is a member of our community with very real concerns…click here for details

Husband visited escortTeenagers on Wandsworth Common. Up to no good or a safe place to hang out? A variety of opinions here!…click here for details

U2 had a hit with the Joshua Tree. Sadly this post is not about that, it’s about the wee-wee tree. As opposed to a tree that inspires aging Irish rockers to sing, this inspires young toddlers to, ahem, go to the bathroom. Not everyone is happy and I suspect the tree isn’t totally bowled over with the situation either! here for details

Have we reached “Peak Pram”? A pram and a skateboard combined says we have!…click here for details

This is a very odd situation. A developer has applied for planning permission to extend a NappyValleyNetter’s house. But the homeowner hasn’t asked for it nor wants it. Fraud?…click here for details

Sticking with nightmare building issues: Evergreen needs a lawyer as her builders are over-running and over-charging…click here for details

Husband visited escortYou will never believe which famous celebrity lives in Balham! I’ve never seen the “pocket chanteuse” in Waitrose but one NVN’er has inside info!…click here for details

What are the best “App games” for toddlers? The first person to suggest Call of Duty gets banned!…click here for details

A new life in London? NML is moving from Hong Kong to the capital, is not a local and has no idea where to live. She wants suggestions for cool neighbourhoods within commuting distance of Canary Wharf. Why don’t we ALL get together and suggest Basildon! Seriously, I hope we can help…click here for details

A mystery about a locked room mystery! If you have no idea what I’m talking about just read this post!…click here for details

14Balham based swimming lessons? Mummybear wants her cub to swim like a fish and isn’t sure where to go!…click here for details

The Chicken Shop has just opened in Balham. Can you guess what they sell? If you’ve visited please do tell us what you thought!click here for details

Tilly needs moving boxes. Can you help her with storage for her stuff?…click here for details

Two jewellery posts! LostinSW12 needs jewellery repaired, where might she go? (click here). Daisydaisy needs her necklace restringing. Do you know someone who can fix it?…click here for details

Total change of subject, LMD needs a maternity nurse, for here for details

A suppose this is a little like a maternity nurse, but for dogs! PP needs a holiday dog sitter, do you know someone who can look after her pets whilst she’s on holiday?…click here for details

16Receding gum and a soft tissue graft, Trifit wants to know if you’ve had this procedure?…click here for details

From gnashers to nannys, what’s an acceptable fee for an agency, asks ML? here for more details

There is a new art gallery in town! And it’s on the rise. Literally! It’s on Battersea Rise and we’re going to the opening this week!…click here for details

Three lost and found posts, one with a happy ending! Chickchick found a wallet in a bin and after a post on NVN the owner got in touch! (click here). Amicroscooter has been found on Clapham Common Northside (click here) and I REALLY hope we can help with this one: Sarsfeld’s husband had a seizure and lost his glasses by Wandsworth Common station, might you have found them?…click here for details

Looking for a new job? Check out these vacancies!

The Bank of England (sports club) needs a membership administrator (click here). If NVN helps fill this vacancy they might use us for the next Governor post! From rate setters to code crushers: Freshpies are a fabby web agency and they need a new developer who can be home based (click here)There are more jobs in our Sits Vac section  (click here).

If you’re looking for activity ideas, check out our regular Thursday email packed full of things-to-do (click here).

On that note, the fete season is in full swing. Don’t forget the Abbeville fete on Saturday the 27th June and the Northcote Road Summer Fete is on Sunday the 12th of July! To celebrate we’ve released the second part of our Tempting Fete article (click here).

Now we’ve had sun, rain, sun and more rain it’s the PERFECT time to plan your garden and outside space. We’ve got together with our friends at The Battersea Flower Station, The Capital Garden Company, The Gorgeous Garden Company, The London Front Garden Company, Muddy Wellies and Lords of Notting Hill to help you get your garden summer ready! Thanks guys!…click here for details

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Ascot has hats!

S. wants to ask you about building etiquette. If a neighbour was about to embark on a build, would you pop round to remind them of their responsibilities to their neighbours? (click here). Sparkletiger wants to know how much a rear extension might cost(click here).  DB would like side return and loft company recommendations (click here). Sagittarius needs a few cracked tiles replaced, who might help? (click here). J123 is looking for a good quality wooden Wendy house that she can have built and then paint (click here). Row wonders who might fix an external pipe, a plumber or a builder? (click here)  Pepper asks if anyone has bought a bathroom from BathEmpire? (click here)  Balham Mum wonders how big cracks in a wall have to be to be abnormal? (click here) Ckar would love cleaner recommendations (click here) 

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: a KitchenAid Mixer (click here) a Silvercross stroller (click here) and a John Lewis cotbed (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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