Husband won’t pay niece/nephew school fees. Local park to become flats. Wife using children against me.

Last Updated on : 31st October 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Why isn’t anyone called Romeo anymore?”

My youngest had been learning about Shakespeare at school and the world’s greatest love story as a result.

She liked the name Juliette but realised she’d never met anyone called Romeo.

“Well,” condescended Mr NVN in his best amateur teacher voice, “there are some names which are so closely linked to a person or story that they don’t really work for anyone else.”

“What, like Santa Claus?”

“Well…sort of,” he continued, “but can you think of a name from your Horrible Histories where a man did such terrible things that no-one would ever want to use his name?”

She looked a bit blank and he looked a bit hopeful and then they both gave up.

“How about the name Adolf?” he ventured.

There was a pause, I could almost hear her brain working.

“That’s stupid, Adolf is a reindeer and never upset anyone.”


Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copy“HelpPlease” needs advice. Her husband refuses to pay her niece and nephew’s school fees and she feels this might cost her either her relationship with her sister or her marriage. Do please help if you can but please remember this is a real person with a real problem (click here).

Castaway feels his wife, post split, is using his children against him. Can anyone recommend a good family lawyer, he asks? (click here).

This post is pretty incredible but it does check out: a local park is due to be replaced with a block of flats (click here). Please do register your concerns, if you have any, but there are only 24 hours left in which to take action.

weekly1-copyThe third runway at Heathrow decision has been described as “deeply distressing” by the leader of Wandsworth Council (click here).

Awful news from Battersea: a cyclist was killed last Monday morning on Lavender Hill. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with her family and friend (click here).

This post feels a little cryptic…Zaza107 is trying to track down a Sinead McIntyre. If you’re on NVN and want to be traced then please click here!

Be@1 in Balham is in the middle of a refurbishment, writes Reb. Does anyone know what it’s going to Be@? See what I did there! (click here)

weekly1-copySticking with Balham cafes and bars, BD popped into Brother Marcus and feels he was rather rudely received (click here). Jen66 is not sure that Hildreth Street is any better, is a 20 minute wait for a coffee acceptable, she wonders? (click here)

SS is thinking of joining an NCT Class. Is the Wimbledon chapter suitable for a hypo-birthing fan, she asks? Look into my eyes, not around my eyes but into my eyes… (click here).

PPE needs help writing a will. Can you suggest who might help do the deed? (click here)

This week is National Fertility Awareness Week and to mark the occasion our friends at BUD are launching a campaign to get people talking openly about fertility by sharing their stories. Check out more by clicking here.

weekly1-copyMrsMac is hoping to find a dog walker: know who can take her pooch for a prowl? (click here).

Tooting Market is threatened by the CrossRail shaft. There is a petition to sign if you want to help (click here).

Fancy tickets for the Spirit of Christmas? We know someone who might be able to help you with that! No it’s not Santa Claus! (click here).

NG would love your local baby swim lesson suggestions (click here).

JP has posted in our “how do I get rid of my mummy tummy” thread? She might just have a solution! (click here)

weekly1-copyMW would love a “French English” conversation exchange. Parlez Vous Franglais? (click here)

Anna is hoping for some nursery advice, she’s based around Riverside/Plough Road and is struggling with the morning drop off. Do you know where she might drop at 7.30am? (click here). Sticking with nurseries, Alexa wonders if you can give her feedback on the Grovehall Nursery in Balham? (click here). Lastly, Belmont House are two minutes from Wandsworth Common and have posted that they have vacancies (click here).


We have an assembly hall full of school posts!

Last week, SQ wrote that she had just been rejected from Broomwood Hall but was keen to join their wait list. Was it worth it, she asked? Some great advice, thank you everyone! (click here). DS is considering St John Bosco, can you shed any light on the school she asks? (click here). HMP wonders if anyone has any feedback on Clapham Manor, Macaulay C of E, Heathbrook, Wix, John Burns or Shaftesbury Park? (click here).  Mumof2M is torn between Graveney and Kingsdale for her little one, can you help her make her decision? (click here). LucklyMummy is hoping to find a maths tutor for her son who is in year 3 (click here).

The Independent Schools Show is almost upon us! It’s the biggest forum for parents to meet heads, schools and teachers and it’s happening in Battersea Park! (click here)


Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Hillary Clinton has email issues

Box Smart is a fascinating  local business which specialise in helping small businesses buy high quality luxury boxes. And they need sales people! (click here)Kula Yoga need a marketing manager. We know the team there and they’re ace! (click here)Stella and Dot have an opportunity for those looking to work in the sparkly jewellery market in the run up to Christmas (click here)Lastly, we have a vacancy for a part-time housekeeper/mothers help (click here) 


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Mary Berry has cupcake recipes!

Has anyone used Upad, asks IndyB? (click here). On a similar theme, MM wonders if anyone has appointed these architects: Giles Pike, Ade or RDA? (click here). Indy needed an emergency plumber, think we might be a bit late but can you suggest one for next year? (click here). T&R HAVE found a solution about what to do when planning permission expires – thanks for all your help everyone! (click here). Hjpm wonders if you’d like to use their key holding service? (click here).  AB needs a carpenter to put in wood flooring! (click here). Those conveyancing solicitor recommendations just keep coming (click here). Lastly, Anett is looking for a cot gravity latch (click here)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

WANTED: AJ would love a Stokee Handysit (click here), FOR SALE a Merino Kids Go Go sleeping bag (click here) and FOR SALE a Lascal buggy board (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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